Me And My Cousins

Memories, Like the Corners Of My Mind

(WARNING:  This post contains information of a highly personal and upsetting matter.  If you are only here for the crafts, decor, and recipes, I suggest you skip this one.) I found a picture of me with my abuser yesterday. I’ve been cleaning out all of the corners of my home for weeks and months now, […]

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Kiddo's Door

Door Sign For A Kid’s Room

Or any room, come to think of it!  We live in one of those houses with a long hallway with a bunch of doors off of each side of it, and I decided that in the efforts of clarity, I’d make a nice little sign reflective of the room for all of the doors.  The […]

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Sweet Muffy

Intoducing Blueberry Muffin, Also Known As “Muffy”

I’m so excited to reveal the first of my series of doll customs that are teenaged versions of my beloved girlhood favorites, Strawberry Shortcake and her cutie-pie group of friends.  I’ve been slowly working on them one-by-one, and I’m near done enough now that I can begin with showing you all the dollies that are […]

Muffy And Berry, Best Friends Forever!

My Dolly Obsession, And An Introduction Of Ensuing Customs

I have really tried.  For a year and a half, I have been pretty mum on the doll business over here on the blog.  There was the occasional thrifted score that I had the chance to coo over, like my vintage Darci and the armless Blueberry Muffin, but in general, I have kept as quiet […]


Bloggy Vacay

Apologies on my apparent absence, I have taken a brief blogging break in order to focus on the house.  Kiddo has gone to his grandparents’ farm over this short period of time, giving Pan and I the opportunity to have a bit of a staycation, if only one where we get to avoid the usual […]

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Looking Toward the Closet

I Have Some Before Pics For You.

These pictures, they will require some imagination.  Not because there aren’t actual before pics, but because the pictures I’m about to show you aren’t exactly the most *honest* truth of it.  They are the empty-room-before-we-moved-in truth of things, and they DO show you one extreme of the room… the bones of the place with no […]

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About To Be Devoured

Southwestern Spiced Summer Squash

About a year ago, I posted the recipe for my *famous* (as much fame as a non-celebrity can have, anyway) “Walker Brand Can of Scratch” Taco Seasoning blend. It has been– to say the least– very well received.  My addicted friends have gotten off my back about refills, and I have managed to hook […]

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Tape, Up Close; And Bed, Far Away

A Washi Whatnot– Fixing Up A Dull Door Mirror

“BEN STOP!  This is sooo boring!  It’s like listening to a TED talk about the color beige.”  — Tom Haverford, NBC’s Parks & Rec. I don’t get beige.  I really don’t.  I feel like between the dirty walls in this place and the matted carpet, I battle the beige constantly.  I get it from the […]

Chair In the Greenhouse

Outdoor Throw Pillows From Throwaway Materials

It seems that it is on the verge of Summertime here in the South, and my plants are finally, finally feeling free after all of the crazy of our Winter (and Spring!) to give it their all, and are ratcheting up to full bloom.  In fact, the weather has been nice enough these last few […]

Rose Wants To Go Too

Art School– Cancelled This Week!

I have the post for the third basecoat idea for my Art School series about halfway done, but I’m afraid that I will have to postpone it for early next week.  It needs a bit more time than I can dedicate to it for it to be up to my usual instructional standards, and I’m […]

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