Kiddo And His Kite

Kite String Theory

I know that there are a lot of platitudes about kindness, and I’m going to try really hard to not say them all in this post.  (I’d like to think that I’m capable of a little more originality than that.  I’m likely *wrong,* but hey, we all like to have these illusions of ourselves.)  But […]

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See the Giant Pine, Straight Ahead?

Random Kindness

Whenever the weather is nice enough, I take my exercise outside, in the form of a walk around my block or four.  There is a short stretch of road that I walk the entire length of, and it is rare that I see another person or even car along this very private stretch.  Today as […]

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Kitty-Boo In My Plant

Outsmarted By a 12 Pound Furball.

Most of the time, I believe– like most of us functioning adult humans do– that I am smarter than my cat.  And then things like this happen.  Here I thought I was clever, situating my hearty little houseplant (a form of epipremnum) in its clay pot deep in this heavier ornate one.  Then I balanced […]

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Cosmo Models the Clean Stairs

Tiny Tip– Cleaning Carpeted Stairs

Holy wow, ya’ll, I hate-hate carpeted stairs!  Like, the language I feel tempted to use when describing how much I loathe them is inappropriate for this public forum, it is that level of hatred.  I don’t think they should exist.  I don’t find them to be visually appealing, and the cleaning.  THE CLEANING! When we […]

Pinwheel Bouquet

One Hundred Day Challenge

I haven’t been around lately, and as always, I’m really sorry about that.  I feel terrible whenever I’m not posting regularly here, and for a myriad of reasons.  So it definitely needs to be something I work on, blogging needs to be an action I do, and do regularly. So in that spirit, I am […]

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Auspicious, Confucius

Boys Are Weird.

I am forty years old.  At least once a day, I think, “Boys are weird.”  When I have this phrase ride through my head like a worn, cliched bumper sticker, as it has for the last twenty-five-plus years, I am not thinking of my eight-year old son, nay– I am thinking of adult men.  My […]

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On My Bed

Cuddle Buddy

A few nights ago, I was involved with a lengthy conversation with an old guy friend of mine which covered a variety of topics, from coffee to jazz to kung fu.  Somewhere in there, I divulged that about a quarter of my sexual fantasies aren’t really sexual at all, but about– I wince typing this, […]

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My New Look

Out Of the Closet

For about a year now I’ve been making little lifestyle changes in order to feel better.  I had been in a state of digestive discomfort for coming on a decade, and I was over it.  Docs tests had shown that it was nothing major, but I suspected that it was time to get it under […]

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Finished Shoes And Bag

The Glitterings

As my little cousin Jessie said, “Sparkle is my favorite color!” I’m apparently going through my “glitter phase” as an artist.  It began out of necessity, as crafty things often do with me, then I discovered it is so very fun and easy.  And it looks so fancy, and yet whimsical in the end– I […]

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Miniature Glassware

Mini Madness– Or, How I Made Tiny Glasses From Crayons

Aside from a handful of sweet little-girl pals of my son, none of the people I hang out with in real-life are into dollhouses.  In our friend group, this is a realm that is completely unique to me and my hobbies, and that is fine– I have a large, like-minded bank of online buddies that […]

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