Mac Attack

Mom’s Homemade Mac’N’Cheese

Not a cooking blog, yeah, I remember.  It’s just that when people ask me for a recipe, I have to write it all out anyway– why *wouldn’t* I make it a blog post?  It doesn’t have to be for just one person this way, I can share with everybody.  My friend Julie requested the instructions […]

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Rusty-Boo And the Doormat

In Which I Issue A Challenge–

Challenge One:  I buy a lot of singular bedding pieces– like a lone fitted sheet, or a duo of pillowcases– rather than complete bed sets.  Sometimes I buy them to actually go onto to the beds of this house, and sometimes I buy them with the explicit intention of cutting them up for sewing projects.  […]

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My Green Basecoated Canvases

Amber’s Art School: Basecoats, Method 1– Paint

Hi, ya’ll!  Welcome to my new series on making your own wall art!  For our first few installments, we will be discussing how to put a nice, solid basecoat on your canvas, to give you a more-interesting background for your artwork.  In the coming weeks, I will expand on ideas for layering interest on top […]

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All Of My Wet 'N' Wild Megalast Nail Polishes

Product Review– Wet ‘N’ Wild Megalast Nail Polish

***I just want to say, right upfront, that as of the writing of this post in April ’14, I am in no way being compensated for my opinion, I am simply writing this out of the love of a good product, and that is all.  (However, Wet ‘n’ Wild, if you WANT to pay me, […]

Crazy-Candy Striped Table

Tiny-Shiny Table Makeover

Two Saturdays ago, I purchased this simplistic wee side table for less than three bucks.  It’s really small, about two and a half feet square.  Now, I realize that this is not a chippendale or hepplewhite piece; it is not the most elaborate or finest craftsmanship available.  But let’s face it– for that amount, I […]

The Column In the Last Two Issues

High And Low Project? Get Out!!!

No seriously, Sabrina Soto, get out!  What audience are you making this list for?! Okay, so if ya’ll don’t know what I’m talking about:  HGTV.  They *used to* have a show called The High / Low Project– I say “used to” because HGTV no longer airs programs that aren’t about real estate sales– and now […]

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"Summer Breeze" by Amber Walker (me)

Welcome to Amber’s Art School!

Ya’ll, I have always loved art– making it, looking at it, talking about it.  I was always the girl that would turn to crayons and a coloring book before I would play a board game, or even go outside and play.  I remember at age eleven or so, my stellar parents took my sister and […]

Napkin Rings In Use

The Napkin Ring Update.

Dum- dum- DUUUUM!  That sound’s very dramatic, doesn’t it?!  “Quick, doctor– give me the napkin ring update!  Will– will they *make* it?! Can they ((gasp)) go on to HOLD NAPKINS?!” If you read yesterday’s “Score Of the Week!” post, you will already know that I managed to get a set of six plastic napkin rings […]

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My New Mat-- Isn't It the Cutest?

Score Of the Week! (#23)

Whoo-hoo, welcome to my second annual “Score Of the Week” TVUUC Rummage Sale edition!  I will admit, we may have been members of this wonderful church for only a couple-few years, but I have been a fan of this specific sale for more than a decade.  They always have such magnificent stuff, and it goes […]

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The Collection

The Downstairs Bath Is DONE(ish)!

Soooo, I promised myself that I would show you guys the downstairs bathroom after I got “five more plastic wall hangings,” and I got six.  That means it’s time to finally do as I say, and sally forth with those promised pictures!  (Remember, if you’d like to see any of the photos up close, click […]