2013, The Year In Review

The last year was a great one for us here at the love nest.  Sure, we’ve had the flu twice in the 14 months that we’ve lived here, and I’m a lot more behind on decorating that I’d like, but overall it’s been good.  There have been accomplishments!

*I’ve fully decorated four spaces on the cheap, and in a way that I can be proud of, with many more currently in the works.  (Sorry, I have not shown you all of them yet.  I will be all up on that as soon as I get a working camera again.)

My Victorian iron and brass bed in the finished guest room

My Victorian iron and brass bed in the finished guest room

*I’ve chosen wall colors so lovely that not one, not two, but three MALES have asked me for the names of the paint colors.  I don’t want to discredit men as a whole or anything, and please don’t take that as some sort of sexist “only women and gay men know how to do ___ properly” kind of a deal, because I honestly believe all types are capable of using color or decorating, or whatever….  It’s just– it’s the specific three males in question.  They are a diverse group, all straight, and all but one of them (a hip, fashionable younger dude) are not the type to strike me as hugely observant of color.  Let’s just say:  I know this asking to be a compliment.  That is all I’m trying to say, really.

Oh, and the paint colors in question– Crocus Petal Purple, Pike’s Peak Gray, and Wales Green, all by Benjamin Moore.  They are GREAT colors to have in my life!  I have literally used all three of these colors in at least two times each in different areas of my home.  (The Wales Green is the lighter, paler color in the wall diamonds seen in the guest room, above.  It’s also featured in my entryway, seen below.)

Fox, Bein' Silly While Modeling a Pintested Apron by the Front Door

Fox, Bein’ Silly While Modeling a Pintested Apron by the Front Door

*I have participated in all four Pintester Movements, and they are hugely fun.  I will do so again, I’m sure.  And, because I have been following the pintester blog (to be found simply at pintester.com/), I also learned of, and participated in, a bit of a holiday swap for *another* blog, written by the amazingly fun Jodee Rose.  That girl is so sweet, she even mailed me an old-school thank you note!  Her mother has so much to be proud of, as I am still *terrible* about that.  I want to be better– maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution?  Not a bad idea.  That and flossing.

Anyway, I know that’s two plugs for two blogs in a row; but if you’d check out Jodee’s hilarious blog, visit cheeseblarg.blogspot.com/

Unimpressive-looking Christmas Appetizer (But Still Delicious!) Of Cream Cheese With Red Pepper Jelly

Unimpressive-looking Christmas Appetizer (But Still Delicious!) Of Cream Cheese With Red Pepper Jelly and Chive Ornaments– Serve With Crackers

*I’ve had several successful parties.  I used to host a lot of parties, especially ten or so years ago, as a single woman living alone.  I loved hosting some sort of event, it was my THING!  Then Fox happened (I still wouldn’t trade that kiddo for the *world*), and the partying slowed to a real halt.  If it didn’t involve a cartoony theme and singing “Happy Birthday,” it was not a party we were having, I’m sorry to say.  Well– true, we DID have one of those this year (and it was *fabulous*), we also had several others.  One event– the Valentine’s dinner– involved champagne served in etched flutes, and this most recent Christmasy bash involved spontaneous dancing.  I always find spontaneous dancing to be the mark of a truly great party.

Oh, and speaking of that Valentine’s dinner…  I have been using that recipe for shallot vinaigrette since that party, I LOVE it.  www.lovenestdesign.com/my-valentines-day-dinner-menu/
The only real change I’ve made to the recipe is that instead of honey, I will often use a spoonful of marmalade or jam, a brilliant tip I learned from my friend Amber.  It’s turned into a real go-to vinaigrette, I even served it on our salad at Christmas dinner, using the tiny bit of remaining pepper jelly.  (That might have been my favorite version EVER!)  My sister seriously ate more salad than anything else, AND she asked me for the recipe!

*My camera died.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted much in the last month.  Frankly, I’ll be recycling older pics for this post.  We’ve shopped around for a new camera, and as it turns out, I am incredibly fussy.  I MUST have a point-and-shoot– as I am not DSLR material, I’m afraid– and that PNS I finally choose *must* have a great macro lens, because about half of what I take pictures of is miniature in nature.  My powershot was perfect for me, and dontchaknowit, Canon doesn’t make them the same way anymore…. they’ve dropped the 3 features I really rely upon.  Soooo…. now we’re in the process of trying to find a new-model camera that has the focus length I desperately require, OR a “new” (as in, mostly unused) and affordable one of the *exact* camera I have now.  Stressful challenge, really.

Ya’ll, I didn’t realize how much I rely on that camera, I grab it and use it at least twice a day for this little thing here or there.  I knew the end for it was coming, the little door that holds the batteries in was malfunctioning, but with *holdingittherightway* I could get it to work.  No more, it is a goner.  I still use a stoopid phone, so no options in that arena, either.  I feel like an appendage of mine has been lopped off….

*Oh, and speaking of which, my beloved 16 year-old kitty, Ozzie, died.  I miss him like crazy.

My Beloved Kitty (With Crocus Petal Purple Bedroom In The Background)

My Beloved Kitty (With Crocus Petal Purple Bedroom In The Background)

Hair Looove!

Hair Looove!

*I fulfilled a hair-dream this last Summer, I went with (as my son says) an awwwwwsome teal blue, just on the lower half.  Not ombre, but blended, where the top layer of hair looked like my normal reddish brown color, but from my ears down was deep teal.  I *loved* it, and I will be doing it again!

*Speaking of teal, I also painted our front door this deep color, to help distinguish us from our neighbors on either side.  If you were a friend coming to visit, you previously had to double-check the mailbox numbers, our house was practically camouflaged amongst the street.  Now– you just look for the one with the blue door!  (See a pic, above, with my kid acting goofy in front of said door.)

*I’ve received some positive marks on this blog, and I hope to up my game here this coming year.  I’d like to be working even harder (and more frequently) at it, and I’m thinking now in terms of advertising, reformatting, all kinds of good stuff.  You guys be sure and speak up about any changes that you’re loving or hating, as well as ideas you think can make your experience better… I do this for me, but in the end, it’s pointless if no one else enjoys reading it.  I really do value your opinion!  Thanks for playing along!


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