Ugh.  I’m sorry ya’ll, I’m a horrible blogger.  It’s not just that I compose posts in my head that I never make (I do, and *constantly*), it’s also that I can’t seem to figure out what type of blogger I am, and what my aims are for this page….

The Sky Makes Me Think.

The Sky Makes Me Think.

If I was SMART, this blog would be used to shamelessly promote my style business, because I do have one, and advertising is good, regardless of the source.  And you know, since this source is entirely controlled by me, it wouldn’t be the poorest idea for me to put some focus into saying what I’ve been up to, and showing all the pics I’m proud of.

But here’s the thing– I need to talk about stuff process it.  And that means either acting all gossipy with my friends,  acquiring a therapist (those of you that actually know me will find that one funny), or journaling.  And while I have no problem with pen-and ink writing out my thoughts and feelings, sometimes typing is faster, easier.  Also, knowing it will be published to a public that may actually read it makes me focus on being coherent and creating complete thoughts.  Which is opposed to something I wrote in my journal just hours ago,  “Weird/ Nice– You can be both.”  True, maybe, but later I’ll look at that and think, “WHY did I write that?  Could you have expounded on that thought a wee bit, Amber?”  Paper journal entries tend to be little more than doodles, I guess.  I can’t so much play with the way my felt-tip pen moves across the page here.  The words matter more.

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