A Tip For Your Chips

Double-Dinged Spoonrest

Double-Dinged Spoonrest

No, I’m not talking about the salty potatoey kind, nor am I speaking of the teensy tinsey ones embedded in the computer I’m using right this very now, but the little dings you get in the glaze layer of ceramic doohickeys.  THAT kind of chip!  Sorry to disappoint you if you had thoughts of creamy dips dancing through your head!  (Maybe on my *other* blog….)

I know that a good many of you out there that would deem a ceramic item as “ruined” when it gets a tiny chip or ding, and I can get that, kinda.  I mean, if coffee mug gets a chip on the lip, yes, that is dead and trash bin fodder, because there is no need to risk hurting yourself or loved ones over a sip of their beverage.   But if the chip isn’t going to cause anyone pain, if its just *ugly,* don’t give up on it just yet!

The Double-Dings

The Double-Dings

I don’t know about you guys, but I get attached to stuff.  If I like it, I want it to stay around, its as simple as that….  For instance, not only does this chocolate double-dipped cone spoon rest look cute with the sweets theme in my kitchen; not only does it keep spaghetti sauce from pooling on my stovetop; but it reminds me of the first place I lived outside of my parent’s house or dorm room– it reminds me of the first home I got to help decorate.  My roommate M and I shared one of these double-dipped cones in pink/ strawberry– and what’s better– I think she STILL uses it, fifteen years later.

So when I found this one at the thrift store, in fab condition and for cheap, of course I got it… and then I bonded with it.  It does its job well, and makes me happy, what’s better than that?  Yeah, it’s been put in the dishwasher, and banged with cookie sheets too many times, and it has a couple of chips now.  I still love it!

But… I also see the dings.  Just because a supermodel has a canker sore, you still know she’s pretty…. but it doesn’t mean you don’t see the boo-boo, you know?  You forgive it, you understand it, but still, you SEE it.  You notice that one little blip in the otherwise perfect finish.  This– this is why I think a lot of people stop loving their ceramic thingamabobs when they get a little chip.

One Ding Down

One Ding Down

Well, if you will bear with me on the complexion references, perhaps it will do to think of the chip in your ceramics as a pimple, rather than a straight-up scar.  What you want to do is give that zit a dab of tinted oxy, and let it visually go away.  Like a real blemish, you aren’t removing the pimple, you are just treating it and covering it with concealer!

Now, before I go on, let me stress to you that this is “for personal use only,” meaning that I cannot abide by this being done to an item that will be immediately listed for sale online… we are not trying to defraud, we are just trying to visually improve so that we can keep on keepin’ on….  I just feel that this is something that should be up to the true owner’s discretion, and not used as trickery or an attempt at restoration.  It’s more about keeping a family heirloom or favorite item on the display shelf and enjoyed, we’re not creating value.

Okay, public service announcement segment is over.  This is actually all really, really, easy.  All you need to perform this little fix-up is a permanent marker.  (Those chocolate chip cookie stickers just wandered into the shot, they are not in any way useful to this project.)  You simply choose a marker as close as possible to the original shade and carefully color the white area of the chip, where the ceramic has been exposed beneath the paints and glazes.  I actually pulled two shades of brown Bic Permanent markers from my pen bucket, because I was unsure which would be a closer match.  In these situations, start with the lighter color first, and if that doesn’t do the job, then go to the next darkest.  “Honey Brown”– the color you see me using above– was perfect for my project.

That is all.  That was crazy-easy, right?  And now look at my spoon rest, you can’t even see the dings when you glance at it, and it goes back to ‘looking’ perfect.  Seriously, those chips are still there, but they would require close inspection to be found, and that is good enough for me.  I get to keep on loving– and using– my spoon rest, and that’s all I wanted.  (Okay, not ALL– would someone be kind enough to bring me a *real* double-dipped chocolate cone?  Please?  I’ll be your best friend….)

Done!  Dings Disguised!

Done! Dings Disguised!

(Are you the opposite?  Do you STILL have trouble getting rid of that dead coffee cup after the lip is chipped?  Break it, and use the shards in the bottom of a pot of herbs, great for creating drainage without losing your soil!  Or plant the herbs IN it, if its particularly good-looking, despite its chip.  I know how it is.)

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  1. I love those multicolored Sharpies! They come in handy for so many things. Gorgeous spoonrest, btw. I can see why you would want to give it a little complexion lift. :-)

  2. Amber

    Oh, I know, I have a little marker hoard, and it must be hereditary, kiddo has one of his own, too! And yeah, I cannot part with that spoonrest, even with a few dings!

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