A Washi Whatnot– Fixing Up A Dull Door Mirror

“BEN STOP!  This is sooo boring!  It’s like listening to a TED talk about the color beige.”  — Tom Haverford, NBC’s Parks & Rec.

Back-Of-the-Door Mirror

Back-Of-the-Door Mirror

Tape, Up Close; And Bed, Far Away

Tape, Up Close; And Bed, Far Away

I don’t get beige.  I really don’t.  I feel like between the dirty walls in this place and the matted carpet, I battle the beige constantly.  I get it from the landlord perspective, it’s as basic as they come, but ugh, it is so uninspiring, so vanilla, so bland, so… beige.   I guess the thing I don’t get is why people intentionally live with it everywhere.

Now, in our case, we have a nice landlord that lets us paint, which changes it up a whole lot.  But still that leaves us with trims, ceilings, carpets, copious amounts of the beige blandness.  I like to battle it however I can, reasonably speaking, of course….  I’m not willing to take on all of the trim in the house or anything, and as much as I want to paint the ceilings that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.  (Have you ever painted a ceiling?  That junk is hard.)

On the back of our master bedroom’s bathroom door (that would be the side of the door that is facing into the master bedroom) we have one of those cheapo, long, skinny mirrors.  You know the ones.  It is all fine, I use the mirror, but at one time long, long ago, before we lived here, the door got painted (you’ll never guess what color), and they just painted over the frame of the mirror along with the door, making this uninterrupted creaminess with a mirror centered on it.  It’s just not pretty, I guess.

Or it wasn’t.  I added a couple of different washi tapes, which is just about as easy as you can possibly get.  One patterned tape on the inside of the frame straight on the mirror, and then a couple more layered on the outside of the frame on the door, and even a skinny one in the grooves of the frame.  Cute, eh?  It sure looks a whole lot better than straight beige with a mirror on it.

Four Different Washi Tapes-- That's All!

Four Different Washi Tapes– That’s All!

Washi tape is a really beneficial product from the renter’s standpoint.  It’s super-cute and colorful; it’s usually inexpensive; and it’s easy to use.  You can find it at a myriad of stores from the box retailers to crafty outlets, and it’s available in practically any pattern or style you can think of.  Best of all, it is fairly easily removed, without leaving behind a bunch of gunky residue like duct tape or the like.  It really is some great stuff.

I mean, how great did my door come out?!  At leas the mirror looks like a design feature now, instead of some place it was stuck in a last-minute decision.  Much better!  Embrace some color, ya’ll!  It’s fun, and it’s easy to commit to this way.  This took me less than fifteen minutes to achieve, and all with tapes I already had on hand.  If I ever decide to completely rethink our master bedroom– hey, it’s happened– all I have to do is peel it off and begin again!  Loooove it!

I really like how it’s turned the mirror into a decor feature, and given that dull corner a little bit of punch.

When in doubt, go with the advice of Miss Maggie Prescott from my favorite film, Funny Face,
“Banish the black, Burn the blue, and bury the beige!”

(But mostly just the beige!)


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