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I have a confession to make.  Don’t hate me, ‘kay?  I am something like four seasons behind on Mad Men.  I literally haven’t seen an episode since Don and Betty were still married.  I *hate* that this is true.

Fox's Ad*

Fox’s Ad*

The problem is, I typically work while we watch TV.  I look for decor inspiration in magazines and online; I sketch stuff; I close up seams  and stitch on buttons with a needle and thread;  I fold laundry; I mod podge any unknown number of whoozywhatsits; and I write this blog.  If I miss something, my husband kindly rewinds it for me so I can watch a 30 second snippet here or a 2 minute scene there… this method generally works for me.

But with Mad Men, this is a no-go.  I want to actually see the sets, costumes, and styling, and I put off watching them in deference to my task.  I put off watching them for so long I got horribly behind and now I’m ashamed of myself.  There– I said it.  Maybe I can catch up somehow while I’m recouping from surgery.  Hey… that’s not a bad idea!  Dreamy Draper in his dapper duds done during dozing, dazed on drugs….

The other night I was up horribly late, finishing up my gorgeous pillow made from panels by the talented Laurie Wisbrun, and watching a very odd episode of Who’s The Boss?  I never realized that Angela was an advertising executive.  I guess I realized she had a career of some sort, since she had a live-in housekeeper, but I hadn’t retained that she’d been in advertising.

This got me thinking of my very favorite of TV ad execs, D-D-D-Darrin Stephens, of Bewitched.  That show always left me with the impression that anyone could be an ad executive, really, since Darrin didn’t seem to be particularly great at it, and managed to pull it out of his hat on the regulars.   I mean, what would that dude have done without Samantha?  I guarandamntee you that even if he buckled down and really tried, he would never have the moments of Don Draper.  Poor Darrin.  He was a big dumbhead.  As a young girl, I had such a crush… but only on one of the Dicks (Sargent), so my Bewitched watching could have been kinda picky, but I always loved Sam.  She made up for any Yorkiness going on….

I remember that Jesse and Joey had a brief stint as admen on Full House.  (Why did that show stay on for so long?  It seems that they could barely figure out who was supposed to be doing what on that show.)  And Charlie Harper on Three and a Half Men wasn’t an advertising exec, but a jingle writer for ads, which in a lot of ways sounds like the same thing to me.  Who am I missing?  Are there more advertising execs in TV past that I’m blanking on?  Did you have a favorite Derrin?


(((*As for Fox’s Ad, it says, “You are osme” (awesome).  He has been designing his own video game, which he draws out on paper and tapes up around the den in chronological order, screen-by-screen, in a row.  This little orange post-it was stuck in between two regular pages.  I asked, “What’s this?”  He told me, “It’s a pop-up ad, trying to get your attention, don’t click it.”  Word.  I wouldn’t want to get clickjacked.  He’s so funny.)))


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