I’ve decided that that’s my new renovatin’ name, since I’ve been goin’ absolutely crazypants on my house’s ugly, disgusting old wallpaper.

Tuesday is my day for scrubbing the bathrooms, and I was well on my way to done, I had already completely finished the master bath, and I had done all of the important parts of Fox’s bath, when I started cleaning some of the tile walls in there.  That’s not something that I do every time, but every so often, you gotta give it a go to keep it looking nice. I completely sprayed down a big chunk of the tile, not really caring that I was saturating the bare paper backing from the old wallpaper above it.  (I had already pulled the bulk of the metallic, floral, vinyl top-part of the paper off of the walls, leaving that fuzzy part.)  When I wiped that top of the tile ridge with my sponge, every part of that paper that had been moistened flaked completely off!  It was Ah. Mazing.

Corner In F's Bath, Stripped Of Wallpaper

Corner In F’s Bath, Stripped Of Wallpaper

I must say, the person that did the wallpapering for this joint in the early eighties is on my personal hero list, because they used some great primer or something.  They seem to have known their shiz.  Every time I have tackled the wallpaper in this house it has positively JUMPED off of the walls.  After that I just went nuts.  I used some more of my ‘special mix’  (blue dawn, vinegar, water) and I ended up stripping the entire bathroom, except for the area behind the wall-mounted mirrors (tomorrow, I need hands!) all in the space of time between Fox coming home from school and before making dinner.  It was UNBELIEVABLE!

During kiddo’s bath time I then turned my attention to the kitchen wallpaper, you know, just to check it out.  A little peely-peel here, just to see where it’s at on the ease scale, maybe get started on removing the vinyl layer?  Turns out, it’s like the stuff in the master bath was, where the whole shebang, backing and all is peeling right up…  Insane.  As of this writing, I’m about 90% the way done in there, as in all of the wallpaper in the room– it’s that kind of simple to remove.  No tools, no water or chemicals or anything other than my fingernails, it has peeled up *that* simply.  Holy crap!  How can you not just keep doing it and doing it (and doing it well) when its like that?!  I almost hate to admit that it’s FUN, because I know that sooo many people have been haunted by terrible wallpapers of the past, but dudes, it is.  It’s like peeling beer bottle labels or elmer’s glue from your grade-school palm.  It’s FUN.

Remember This Shot From A Couple Of Weeks Ago?

Remember This Shot From A Couple Of Weeks Ago?

I’m thinking today I can get out the step ladder and do those tiny li’l bits over the doors and above the cabinets….  How am I going to get to that area behind the fridge?!  AMBERZERKER!


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