Attack On the Sewing Projects, Day 2

Okay, ya’ll, I’m the worst, I’ll admit it.

Rusty Says, "So Glad You're Feeling Better, Man."

Rusty Says, “So Glad You’re Feeling Better, Man.”

Yesterday I mentioned that I we had taken Ozzie kitty to the vet, and that we had gotten him some treatments to help him out and extend his life with us for a bit.  What I *didn’t* mention was that I also got some heavy-duty prescription flea treatments to help US out, as we are itchy humans with surly personalities due to restless, scratchy sleep.  Somehow here at the very end of the hot season, we have had what feels to be an incredible tidal wave of fleas, and they are HUGE.  Like the biggest mutant buggers ever.  It’s interesting how *I* can be itchy and grumpy about it, but all it takes is pulling your kid’s shirt off at bath time and having the mistaken thought that the poor child has come down with the chicken pox, he looks so welty and bad– you take action immediately.  Turns out, kitties have been covertly sleeping in the kid’s top bunk while he’s at school all day, and he’s just been climbing into a big nest of them…  My weekly sheet change is no fight in the face of that!  It gives me the heebies just thinking about it.

I have taken the advice of some favorite smart friends, and I’m implementing the distribution of borax into all of the carpeting of the house; I will do this in two 72-hour phases, twice over the course of two weeks.  Unfortunately, we all have allergies which require regular vacuuming, so I feel very required to get the carpet as clean as possible before applying a powder that has to stay on for a three-day span.  Today I focused solely on the upstairs portion of the house, trying to do the most thorough job possible.  I moved everything off of the carpets (including the furniture), vac’d, sprinkled stuff, washed all linens…  I also had my usual Tuesday bathroom scrubbin’ to do, AND today was our parent-teacher conference, so I was busy all.  Day.  Long.  I will admit, I sewed nothing.  When I devised this plan to do this push of sewing last week, I was not aware that I would also be battling a insect invasion today…  I’m sorry, guys.  Not that I’m killing bugs, no, I am doing that eagerly and without remorse, I’m sorry I’m not completing the stitching and blogging about it.  Dern it, sometimes I have the best of intentions, but I just gotta lay this one down for the moment.  I’m not going to forego sleep tonight to get my stitching done, I am just too freaking tired!

I will try and work on *two* projects tomorrow.  Try.  Who the heck knows what it will bring?!  I still have to do the downstairs with the borax….

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