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Apologies on my apparent absence, I have taken a brief blogging break in order to focus on the house.  Kiddo has gone to his grandparents’ farm over this short period of time, giving Pan and I the opportunity to have a bit of a staycation, if only one where we get to avoid the usual parental business.  Hey, it’s still a break.  I haven’t made dinner in two weeks!



We’ve been cleaning out the garage and greenhouse, as well as trying to uncover every item in this house to have the most massive yard sale I can possibly muster, so I *have* been working, and so hard.  Things are coming along, but I tell ya, it’s shocking, ya’ll.  I have a lot of the shiznits.  My ‘formal’ living room is still mostly devoid of furniture (a year and a half after moving here– for shame!), and because of this, we have been stashing everything we’re selling in that one room, and the pile is growing enormously.  You’ve heard the term “leaps and bounds?”  Well, I should use that phrase, because I literally have to leap and bound around the room to get anywhere, it is that kind of piling up.  Hopefully we’ll sell enough stuff to buy some furniture for the room!

In the meantime, other areas are tightening up, and in a way that is amazing.  The more and more junk that I designate to the *out* pile, the more and more I feel as if something has been lifted off of me.  Less things to dust means easier cleaning for me, and better breathing.  And it also means that I’m not headed down the horrible road to hoarder, which I tell ya, can be a real fear….

I’m not trying to “blame the media” or anything, I’m really not, but there is this little thing in your head that takes over, it’s called, “I could sell that.”  Having an open etsy shop for five years caused me to pick up a LOT of thrift store and yard sale items that I just straight-up didn’t need or have room for….  there is a problem with having the *knowledge* of some random item’s worth; the immediate ability to pick it up in that moment dirt-cheap; and the actual moves of getting it cleaned up, photographed, listed, sold and shipped.  The real truth is that is a process you need to designate actual time and space in your life for, and it’s not just as easy as buying something cool at an estate sale.  I’m not dissing any part of it, it’s rewarding work when you can dedicate yourself to it, and I may go back to doing it sooner or later….  I’m just saying that it enabled this more, more, MORE! part of me that is in many ways not healthy for this mind.  I need to have real parameters for all of that job, and I allowed myself to go way, way past them.  The stuff got out of hand, and I got overwhelmed.

There is also this thing about creativity– a thing’s hidden potential.  I have trained myself so well to see it– whatever IT is for that particular thing– in these bargains that I come across, I have taken on more than I can possibly execute all by myself.  It’s silly, really.  I have to learn to TURN THAT OFF…  I haven’t yet, but I must.  If you have any ideas on that one, please let me know.  I can take all the help I can get on that one.

Until then, I have to convince myself that parting with all of this excess is a literal cleansing– yes, of my home, but also of my spirit.  I want less inanimate items to have a hold on my time, and passing on all of this stuff can help that.  I must keep it up.

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  1. Oh, do I know the dangers of “I could sell that!” and “Oooh, that has potential!” There’s always a struggle against the idea of “I may be the only person shopping here to see this thing’s true worth…so…I MUST SAVE IT!” Plus, I was raised with the “That’s such a great bargain, so I’ll buy 10 or 12 of them” mindset, also hard to break. Honestly, it was when I was organizing all of Mom’s craft stuff after she died–so many things that she literally never had the chance to use–that I started to realize that there were real reasons *not* to always grab that great bargain or that thing with so much ~potential~… It’s still hard to unlearn a lifetime of something that seemed to make you happy, isn’t it? Learning the happiness of “less” is takin’ some gettin’ used to. –Andrea/DollsAhoy

    • Amber

      Oh my word Andrea, it’s awesome to have you comment here, because I literally mentioned you by name today in a draft of an upcoming post!

      It really is such a hard habit to break, and I got it from my Mom too. The only real difference between she and I is that she’s giving her things away all the time, so it sort of balances out for her. She’s ever-purging. But me, I see that familiar crafty-hoard at estate sales I visit, and I get a little scared. I think, “Someone is going to have this kind of things on their hands for me.” I really don’t want to be that person. And shedding stuff is feeling soooooo gooooood!

      Thanks for your visit, girl!

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