Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

Yayyyy! We Have a Winner!

Our little Alice in Funderland Tin O’Goodness Giveaway has finally come to a halt, and we have selected a winner!  I have a little recording for you to show the drawing, starring my handsome assistant, the fantastic Mr Fox.  But first, an apology… Firstly, I’m sorry I’m running so late.  We did the drawing and […]

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Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

Did Ya’Hear?– There’s a Giveaway On!

Ya’ll I’m giving a ton of cute stuff away, and all you have to do to enter is–  COMMENT!  How easy is that?! All of these crafty goodies are inspired by the trippy-dippy-doo, wee, vintage, children’s book that is also included.  An Alice in Funderland Tin of Wonder!  It’s a fun little hodgepodge: miniature clothes […]

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Gooooodness!  For You!

I’d Like To Have a Giveaway. Ooh, Prizes!

***EDIT*** THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED– thanks to all who played, check back for more giveaways!*** Ya’ll like free things, right?  I’d like to give one of you– my dear precious readers– a gift of something whimsically-wacky-fun with a really great giveaway.  Who’s up for a little contest?! I know there are at least a […]