Finished Cupcake Picks

Cutie-Quickie Washi Whimsy Picks

Say THAT ten times fast!  These are a nothing little project, they are so simple.  They’d be great in cupcakes for May Day (they have sort of an in-the-garden-with-maypoles-feel, right?), or poked into yummy nibbles for a Mother’s day tea.  The ones in the images are from Easter, another fitting holiday.  And birthdays, those are […]

The Tooth Fairy Pillow I Made For Him

Sparkle On, Tooth Fairy

I’ve noticed a strange thing about blogging– the longer I go without posting, the harder it becomes to resume writing.  Sorry and junk, you know it. *** On Valentine’s day this year, kiddo was on his third snow day out of school for the week, and he was pretty disappointed to be missing out on […]

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Stocking Stuffers For My Husband

Wrapping Tips For Santa’s Elves

We are in a spoiler-free zone over here.  Santa is real, because the moment we stop believing around this place, is the year you start getting socks and undies from the big man, youknowhutahhhmsayin?  So let’s just *say* that over the years, while standing in line so that a certain almost-seven-year-old can get pictures with […]

Have You Seen the Tree?

Have You Seen The Tree?!

I’ve been Christmas decorating up a storm around our house, and I’m awfully sorry that I’ve been so quiet here on the blog!  Last week was my birthday– yes, all week!– and I was completely lazy.  I haven’t been so well-rested in ages…. The day before my birthday, my friend Kaycee posted this– Which I […]

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Box Of Vintage Ornaments

Legit Family Heirlooms

I got an early birthday present this holiday weekend.   I am so, so excited! I know that everyone covets the pieces that have been in their family for generations, that’s how these things become heirlooms.  Grandmama wouldn’t have passed on her painted porcelain pie server or her smooth linen tablecloth if it hadn’t been special […]

Closeup Of Advent Ornaments

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…”

“…What will you look like thiiiisss yeeeearrr?  Will you be tall?  Colored with balls?  Will that fat cat, make you fall?  Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas treeeeee….” (Bear with me, ya’ll, as posts go, this is a longun’.  But it’s likely the only one you’ll get of any substance this holiday weekend.  Have a safe […]

My Finished Gingerbread House Ornaments

Makin’ Ornies For the Pintester Movement….

So.  As many of you already know, I follow a blog called, where the blogess Sonja chooses Pinterest pins that appeal to her and tests them out.  Mostly this amounts to a lot of humorous antics on her part, and it imparts to us, her audience, good ideas on which posts NOT to try. […]

Art Wall In the Foyer

Happy Halloween, Ya’ll!

I can’t speak for you and where you are, but here in Tennessee, Autumn is doing it’s perfect Fall-time *thing!*  The air is crisp but not cold until after dark (yet), warm rosy tones are creeping into the tips of our leaves, and pumpkins are popping up on porches left and right.  I.  Love.  It. […]

Party By Mrs Jackie Olmstead

Come To My Halloween Birthday Party!

I have this extremely sweet little party planning book from the late sixties (it’s called Come To My Birthday Party), and every event in the volume has been submitted by a real mother from the era.  Now and then I like to share one with you, and no time is more perfect than now for […]

Fourth Of July Party

Fourth of July Celebration!

I have this super-cute party planning book from the late sixties, and I’m sharing the ideas from it, one page at a time.  Each themed party was obviously submitted by very-real 1960s mommies, and that is AWESOME.  Up for our perusal– and logically so– is the fab Fourth of July party by Mrs Phyllis Anderson!  […]