Kitty-Boo In My Plant

Outsmarted By a 12 Pound Furball.

Most of the time, I believe– like most of us functioning adult humans do– that I am smarter than my cat.  And then things like this happen.  Here I thought I was clever, situating my hearty little houseplant (a form of epipremnum) in its clay pot deep in this heavier ornate one.  Then I balanced […]

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Cosmo Models the Clean Stairs

Tiny Tip– Cleaning Carpeted Stairs

Holy wow, ya’ll, I hate-hate carpeted stairs!  Like, the language I feel tempted to use when describing how much I loathe them is inappropriate for this public forum, it is that level of hatred.  I don’t think they should exist.  I don’t find them to be visually appealing, and the cleaning.  THE CLEANING! When we […]

Where the Yellow Would Be

War Of the Drobe

(Ugh.  Ya’ll, I have tried to make this post twice, several days apart, and wordpress has mucked it up both times.  Let’s see if the third time is the charm?) I cleaned out my closet last week.  I know what you’re thinking– if you read that last post, it’s likely something along of the lines […]

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Kiddo's Door

Door Sign For A Kid’s Room

Or any room, come to think of it!  We live in one of those houses with a long hallway with a bunch of doors off of each side of it, and I decided that in the efforts of clarity, I’d make a nice little sign reflective of the room for all of the doors.  The […]

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Bloggy Vacay

Apologies on my apparent absence, I have taken a brief blogging break in order to focus on the house.  Kiddo has gone to his grandparents’ farm over this short period of time, giving Pan and I the opportunity to have a bit of a staycation, if only one where we get to avoid the usual […]

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Looking Toward the Closet

I Have Some Before Pics For You.

These pictures, they will require some imagination.  Not because there aren’t actual before pics, but because the pictures I’m about to show you aren’t exactly the most *honest* truth of it.  They are the empty-room-before-we-moved-in truth of things, and they DO show you one extreme of the room… the bones of the place with no […]

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Tape, Up Close; And Bed, Far Away

A Washi Whatnot– Fixing Up A Dull Door Mirror

“BEN STOP!  This is sooo boring!  It’s like listening to a TED talk about the color beige.”  — Tom Haverford, NBC’s Parks & Rec. I don’t get beige.  I really don’t.  I feel like between the dirty walls in this place and the matted carpet, I battle the beige constantly.  I get it from the […]

Chair In the Greenhouse

Outdoor Throw Pillows From Throwaway Materials

It seems that it is on the verge of Summertime here in the South, and my plants are finally, finally feeling free after all of the crazy of our Winter (and Spring!) to give it their all, and are ratcheting up to full bloom.  In fact, the weather has been nice enough these last few […]

Rusty-Boo And the Doormat

In Which I Issue A Challenge–

Challenge One:  I buy a lot of singular bedding pieces– like a lone fitted sheet, or a duo of pillowcases– rather than complete bed sets.  Sometimes I buy them to actually go onto to the beds of this house, and sometimes I buy them with the explicit intention of cutting them up for sewing projects.  […]

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Crazy-Candy Striped Table

Tiny-Shiny Table Makeover

Two Saturdays ago, I purchased this simplistic wee side table for less than three bucks.  It’s really small, about two and a half feet square.  Now, I realize that this is not a chippendale or hepplewhite piece; it is not the most elaborate or finest craftsmanship available.  But let’s face it– for that amount, I […]

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