My New Mat-- Isn't It the Cutest?

Score Of the Week! (#23)

Whoo-hoo, welcome to my second annual “Score Of the Week” TVUUC Rummage Sale edition!  I will admit, we may have been members of this wonderful church for only a couple-few years, but I have been a fan of this specific sale for more than a decade.  They always have such magnificent stuff, and it goes […]

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New Napkins On A Vintage Tablecloth

Score Of the Week! (#22)

(That promised bathroom “after” post will be coming tomorrow– I hit a snag!) I have a new obsession, yet another reason to want to scour thrift stores county-wide….  it’s kinda a bizarre thing.  I’ve been picking up vintage framed landscape prints– the kind that are printed right on card, with that painty texture– really for […]

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Ice Cream Salt & Pepper Shakers

Score Of the Week! (#21)

I’m going to have to rename this series, these posts are never, ever, weekly.  What can I say?  I *wish* I went thrift shopping every week!  Until that happens, the titles of these posts will continue to LIE TO YOU.  So.  Welcome to my “Bi-Weekly Thrifted Score Amounting to Number 21!”  My “Semi-Regular Post About […]

Vintage Holiday Pins

Score Of the Week! (#20)

I managed to swing by my nearby AmVets this week; it wasn’t the most exciting shopping trip ever, as I only came out with one small grocery bag of stuff.  But, nearly *everything* I purchased was something I collect.  That’s good right?  (It should be, I tell myself that if it isn’t– I shouldn’t be […]

Better Homes And Gardens Handyman's Book

Score Of the Week! (#19)

It’s been a while since I’d been able to hit the thrift shops, but I’ve had the good fortune to go to one in the last week!  That’s a yay! This isn’t a huge score by any means, but as my camera died (booo hooo!) not long after taking these, I felt it best not […]

Great Gobblers

Score Of the Week! (#18)

Happy Veteran’s Day, ya’ll!  Usually on Veteran’s day, our local AmVets thrift store has a massive 50% off sale, and normally I try not to miss it.  The only thing better than finding something awesome that you want for cheap?– that cheap thing being fifty percent off!   But this time, I had a doctor’s appointment […]

Unusual Halloween Stuff

Score of the Week! (#17)

So you guys– yay!  I’m back again with another “Score of the Week!” post slightly a week after the last one (okay,fine it’s really almost two), and it feels kinda amazing. Truthfully, it will probably be a few weeks before I have another of these for you– as I have a busy few weeks ahead […]

Cross-Stitchy Rose Print

Score of the Week! (#16)

Ohmigod you guys, I realize that when it comes to this Score Of the Week stuff, I am TERRIBLE.  It’s another one of those posts that is more like Score Of the Month, except I didn’t even post any in July or August.  TERRIBLE. Truthin’, yo– (Yes, “Truthin’” is a word!  Nancy Sinatra uses it […]

The Essence Of My Drive Home-- Fluffy Clouds and Flaming Lips

Score of the Week! (#15)

This post should more likely be called “Score Of the Month!” since its the first one of its kind that I’ve posted in June, but hey, we’re keeping with the old theme.  I hadn’t been to any thrift stores all month, no chances.  It wasn’t an intentional lack of posting, it was just the lack […]

Pottery Perfection

Score of the Week! (#14)

My Mother-in-law, Donna, and I have a usual routine, where every week or so we go to pick up my boy from school (usually his Dad gets him, as we are currently a one-car family), and afterward we go and hunt a thrift shop or two.  Usually she heads straight to the toys with her […]