Finished Shoes And Bag

The Glitterings

As my little cousin Jessie said, “Sparkle is my favorite color!” I’m apparently going through my “glitter phase” as an artist.  It began out of necessity, as crafty things often do with me, then I discovered it is so very fun and easy.  And it looks so fancy, and yet whimsical in the end– I […]

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Miniature Glassware

Mini Madness– Or, How I Made Tiny Glasses From Crayons

Aside from a handful of sweet little-girl pals of my son, none of the people I hang out with in real-life are into dollhouses.  In our friend group, this is a realm that is completely unique to me and my hobbies, and that is fine– I have a large, like-minded bank of online buddies that […]

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Kiddo's Door

Door Sign For A Kid’s Room

Or any room, come to think of it!  We live in one of those houses with a long hallway with a bunch of doors off of each side of it, and I decided that in the efforts of clarity, I’d make a nice little sign reflective of the room for all of the doors.  The […]

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Chair In the Greenhouse

Outdoor Throw Pillows From Throwaway Materials

It seems that it is on the verge of Summertime here in the South, and my plants are finally, finally feeling free after all of the crazy of our Winter (and Spring!) to give it their all, and are ratcheting up to full bloom.  In fact, the weather has been nice enough these last few […]

Finished Cupcake Picks

Cutie-Quickie Washi Whimsy Picks

Say THAT ten times fast!  These are a nothing little project, they are so simple.  They’d be great in cupcakes for May Day (they have sort of an in-the-garden-with-maypoles-feel, right?), or poked into yummy nibbles for a Mother’s day tea.  The ones in the images are from Easter, another fitting holiday.  And birthdays, those are […]

Finished Basecoats

Amber’s Art School: Basecoats, Method 2– Fabric

Welcome!  As you may or may not know, I have begun a new series wherein I detail many different methods that you can use and layer to create your own beautiful and unique wall art: Well, you’re in luck, because we are still at the beginning of this little series, and we’re working on […]

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My Green Basecoated Canvases

Amber’s Art School: Basecoats, Method 1– Paint

Hi, ya’ll!  Welcome to my new series on making your own wall art!  For our first few installments, we will be discussing how to put a nice, solid basecoat on your canvas, to give you a more-interesting background for your artwork.  In the coming weeks, I will expand on ideas for layering interest on top […]

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"Summer Breeze" by Amber Walker (me)

Welcome to Amber’s Art School!

Ya’ll, I have always loved art– making it, looking at it, talking about it.  I was always the girl that would turn to crayons and a coloring book before I would play a board game, or even go outside and play.  I remember at age eleven or so, my stellar parents took my sister and […]

Elephant Print, After

Washi Tape Saved My Butt.

It’s true, too.  Rescued! I’m going to level with you guys, I don’t work in a particularly linear fashion.  I wanted to be the kind of blogger that could be all, “I’m going to do the den this month!”  And then of course: do that den, in just a month, and be able to show […]

Finished Tin

Tin Tweakin’!

Sometimes I find it so horribly hard to title these things.  Whatever.  The more I work on them, the more contrived and silly-sounding they become, so often the best plan is just to stop where I am and keep whatever’s up there– as it ain’t likely gettin’ any better…. If you read my last post […]

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