Crocus Petal Purple? YES.

Patch O' Crocus

Patch O’ Crocus

Soooo, I don’t know about you guys, but we were a few short steps away from Springtime here in K-town, and then the last twenty-four hours have put the total stomp on all of that with snow and freezing rain.  Kiddo was off from school AGAIN yesterday, and together we had a fairly cozy day around the house, scrubbing the kitchen and making chili for dinner.  Yaaaay.  (That sounds sarcastic, but actually it wasn’t bad.  All-day pjs, and literal watching of cartoons under a big, fluffy, vintage, quilt were our rewards for time well-spent cleaning.)

On Sunday– knowing that this cold, foul weather was in the forecast– I picked a few of the crocus flowers (crocii?!) that are currently (or were!) growing in large numbers in our front yard.  I know that these particular flowers are fairly tough when it comes to colder weather, but I wanted to enjoy them just a wee bit longer in case the frost did take them out, so I gathered a small handful while I was going out to place some envelopes in the mailbox for next-day pickup.  They’re sort of wee little things, these crocus flowers, so I put them in a cup meant for a votive candle knowing that any vase or even drinking glass would absolutely dwarf them.

My Tiny Bouquet

My Tiny Bouquet

The citrus color of the short candle holder is oddly similar to the pollen-coated centers of the teensy blooms, a total accident on my part, but one that made me think of our bedroom– a room with purple walls and orange accents throughout.  Of course I walked them down the hallway straightaway, in order to place them in there and see them in the space.  Glad I did.

The colors for the room were chosen from a big piece of fabric that my husband and I both like, but the truth is that there are a ton of colors in that one sheet-sized expanse of fabric that I’m *not* using (red, pink) much of the in space…  I must LIKE these two colors, I chose them from the mix, right?  Then when see purples and oranges like this in a informal, unstaged manner, it fills me with certainty that I’ve made good choices– these tones fill me with optimism and lightness of spirit– and part of that feeling is from how they seem to coexist so happily, so naturally.

And how spot-on is Benjamin Moore is with naming this paint “Crocus Petal Purple”?!  Yeah, I’m not joking, that’s the name of our wall color.  I’d always taken the name with a grain of salt.  I mean, the guest room is “Wales Green” and that conjures up *nothing* by means of color to me, other than, you know– *green.*  But placing the little bouquet in close proximity to the walls has completely confirmed they were ON IT with the name of this fresh, perky purple.  The name is as perfect as the color.

I need to start working on the master bedroom soon!  Too bad that so many of the projects left for in there need weather nice enough to spray paint…. you’re slowing me down, sleet and snow!

That Little Bouquet Looks Like Perfection!

That Little Bouquet Looks Like Perfection In Here!

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