Did Ya’Hear?– There’s a Giveaway On!

Ya’ll I’m giving a ton of cute stuff away, and all you have to do to enter is–  COMMENT!  How easy is that?!

Gooooodness!  For You!

Gooooodness! For You!

All of these crafty goodies are inspired by the trippy-dippy-doo, wee, vintage, children’s book that is also included.  An Alice in Funderland Tin of Wonder!  It’s a fun little hodgepodge: miniature clothes pin and a basket; coral kid’s teacup and saucer; awesome travel tote bag that turns into a strawberry; red, dotty, washi tape; a vintage, shabby, candy tin with bright red rose on the lid; and the most amazing, bright yellow, little bust of Mendelssohn.  Too much stuff to name!  You even get a few yards of the bright blue gingham paper in the background….

The name of every commentor– one slip per comment, even– will go into a giant jar and collected throughout the month of June.  On July 4th, I’ll record a little video showing the drawing!  If I pull your name, you get the giftie tin sent to you for FREE!  So, log in via facebook or other easy means, and get to commenting… you know you want it!  (And yes, my real-life friends and family can enter too– I make the rules and promise not to skew the results!)

Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

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