Finishing Fox’s Room

This post had been tentatively titled, “Big Box Stores To the Rescue!”  But I changed it, because in the end, I’m doing all of the work and I don’t want them to get *all* of the credit.  However, I have to admit, the big retailers I normally like to rag on are a really been a big reason I’m getting this room done at a reasonable cost.

See the ‘before’ pics, as well as talk about the wall color, in this post–

I developed a loose plan for Fox’s room when we moved a year ago, involving the color scheme of blue, lime, orange, and grey, and centering around some sort of futuristic feel.  His last room had been done in a sort of a pale purple, cartoony outer space thing, with tons of bright colors and childlike rockets, so I figured a lot of those details could carry over into this new room.  We wouldn’t be starting over, by any stretch.  He’d also had a wall of windows I needed to deal with at the last place, and no closet, so from the go-get I already feel at an advantage here in this ‘new’ room.  He *does* need some sort adjustable window covering, but nothing along the lines of the grand production we had at the other place.  It feels like an easier task from the start!

Messy Bunkbed (Before My Old Kitty Passed Away)

Messy Bunk Bed (I Chose To Go With a Messy Pic, ‘Cause It’s From Before My Old Kitty–On Top– Passed Away)

We’d bought a bunk bed around the time of the move– in parts– which I have painted with several coats of Benjamin Moore’s “Carrot Stick Orange” over the last year or so.  The bed’s factory finish was so sloppy, I knew from the start that it should be painted, and that I should let it be the big punch of color in his room.  My considered options were the citrus tones– lime green, bright yellow, and his favorite color, orange.  We live in Knoxville– home of the UT Vols– so we assumed that if we’re going to eventually sell this thing on craigslist when kiddo outgrows it, we live in the right city for it to be painted orange.  Now that it’s finally assembled and in use in his room, and it’s already a major transformation in there.  Just the amount of floor space it frees up is incredible!  I also think the almost creamsicle color looks great, everything else is so neutral in his room that it gives the bed some easy focus.  Yay!  Now all *it* needs is cute bedding….

Two Sets Of Target Sheets

Two Sets Of Target Sheets

The Other Blue Sheets

The Other Blue Sheets

Bedding is so expensive… and this time this category is a little more of a challenge to me, because I want for both levels of the bed to *match.*  You know– the meaning of “twinsy” and all.  This is nearly impossible from the thrift shopper’s perspective, finding TWO identical sets of sheets the correct size, in a color or theme that I want to use in there– yeah.  I’d be waiting for a loooooong time for that matching bed, I suspect.  I decided that my only recourse was to lie in wait for things to go on sale at real stores, and then snap them up at cheapazoid prices. Using that principle, stalked online what the nearby box retailers were most likely to have in stock that also would match my previous color and theme choices.  And then I waited.  I managed to get *three* sets of twin sheets I picked on closeout at Target, for less than ten bucks a set.  The print is this identical design with rockets, planets, and stars, but two of the sets are on a white background, and one of them is on navy blue.  I’d actually managed to get the navy set at a deep-discount clearance (I wanna say– six bucks?!) right after I thought all of this out, but failed to find any more matching sets in time to have two matching in blue.  So I waited another few months and did it all over again with the white, and it paid off.  I am still undecided if I should keep the dark blue set for use on the beds or use them for sewing projects….

I’ve also bought some by-the-piece high-cotton linens at Wal-Mart, they have a mainstays line that allows you to mix-and-match your pieces to make a set, and it’s still inexpensive.  The prints aren’t amazing, but the flat colors are nice and bold, and everything washes and wears really well.  Figuring that they would blend beautifully with the cute spacey sets, I snagged two of each: flat sheets, and pillowcases in a solid borealis blue, a solid tangerine pillowcase duo, and two fitted sheets in multi-blue dots on a white background.  I also got a full flat sheet in a smokey gray color to use for cutting up, in window sewing projects (more on this later).  I got these on some weekend sale, every component averaging about four bucks a pack, so in all my secondary mix-in sheet set was twenty bucksish each set, and I got a TON of fabric to use in  my upcoming projects.

So, the sewing projects, yeah.  It’s one thing to be all OCD about getting a duo of cheaper, cute sheets, and it’s another thing altogether about buying the bedspreads and blankets with the same goals.  All along he’s been using this granny quilt that my mother (his granny– not that we call her that, but it seemed apropos) purchased for him, made out of high-polyester 70’s fabric squares of some of the crazy-wildest prints I’ve ever seen.  It’s warm, he loves it, but dudes– it’s the definition of garish.  U-G-L-Y, it ain’t got no alibi!  I would be totally fine with it replacing the dreadful snuggies on the couch downstairs (HEY, they were a gift!)– I don’t wanna get rid of it– but I just don’t want to have it be a design element/ choice in his room anymore.  And this insistence of matching stuff makes a reeeally great excuse to boot it to elsewhere in the house, as finding a twin for it sounds… unlikely.  (And undesirable….)

I tried the same stalking-the-sales game for the comforters, but it never seemed to really work for me for these upper layers.  Anything that I found that I liked, I didn’t like *enough.*  I’m sorry ya’ll, but $90 for *one* Target comforter feels whackadoo.  Two is out of the question!  And even waiting for them to drop their price, they never really entered the realm of “Oh, that seems reasonable!”  They would get marked down to $65, and then– gone.  Sold out.  I did manage to get a couple of identical blue blankets to use as layers for $12 each on clearance, but the bedspread waiting game?  It out-waited me.

See, part of it comes down to one issue for me– longevity.  I’ve noticed in the last year that the bulk of the spacey products are done with a cartoony, almost babyish bent… everything is softened, streamlined, and stylized, and ends up looking really young.  This would be allright for maybe another year or so– he’s almost seven– but I don’t want to spend crazy-money on something that is going to feel too immature and need updating all too soon!  Not.  Gonna.  DO IT!  I just can’t.  If this last year is any indication, I will be just finishing or– gasp!– not even finished with this house by the end of this next year.  I’m refusing to set it up so that once I’m feeling comfortably “done” (I’m never, ever, really done) I’ll just have to turn around and start over.  Not smart use of my time of funds, fer shurez.

I need the bedding to be attractive and colorful– I’m sort of relying on something fun on the fabrics to pull this room forward.  I don’t have a rug (yet?), the walls are grey (pretty grey, but grey), the carpet is beige, there is not a lot of zippy happenin’ in there right now.  That bed *calls* for something more than a generic blue coverlet, and yet– I’ve been so stuck.

Sometimes my answers are like lightning bolts, and sometimes my creativity is *painfully* slow on the uptake.   Bolts would have been appropriate, but alas, it was not really so this time, it took me a long damn time to figure out this top layer.  I don’t want to say too much, because while I’m writing this, the sewing portion of the show is only in its earliest stages, and I don’t want to speak for what hasn’t happened yet.  But finally– I have a plan.  I’m going to make something.

The Fleece For His Bedspreads

The Fleece For His Bedspreads

In the past I’ve made a couple of quilty-like thingies (my shortcutty versions not doing the real, amazing, process of actual quilting any real justice), so I know how huge of a project that can be.  And to be completely honest with you, I made two matching pieced quilt tops out of copious amounts of expensive fabric, only to get done and decide that it was already too youthful to proceed forward with.  Cartoony robots and sparkly comets that, in the end, would have just looked busy and distracting on his bed.  I didn’t finish them for his room, because I realized I didn’t want to use them in there.  A little regretting the time, fabric, and energy I spent on it, but alas.  I can always finish them and rehome them positively, so I’m not dwelling on it.

I decided after looking all over pinterest and in my favorite shops to sort of emulate a design from the comforters I like the most.  I’m going with something sort of simplistic, and I’ve purchased the above squares/colorful pixels fabric to use with it.  I got this in a full size sheet set from Target for $25, figuring that would give me two pillowcases (one for each bunk) and plenty of fabric to cut up for the projects.  I reeeeally love how colorful and modernist this pattern is, and my son likes that it reminds him of Minecraft.  It’s also something that, if used wisely and judiciously, should have TONS of longevity, as it could easily be tween- preteen mature.  I decided to not use batting like a standard quilt, instead when I saw this super-cute tumbling robot fleece on clearance, I got some of it and a cheaper lime green fleece.  I will omitting that middle layer and will be stitching his coverlet so that it is warm, washable, and reversible for two room looks.  The robots may be a little youngish, but we should always have the option of flipping that baby over for a more grown up spin on the space.  Yays!  Now all I have to do is get it *done!*

My goal is to get all of this wrapped up by Christmas, so the kid can have a room that he is completely proud of for his 7th birthday.  Maybe we could even have his first sleepover?!  Hmmm….  Plenty of places to sleep!


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