Front Door Funzies

“Honey!  I monogrammed the house!”

The Dingy Front Door

The Dingy Front Door

I’ve previously mentioned a little bit about fixing up the inside of the foyer, and I find that whenever I do things like this, suddenly I’m aware of other glaring visual problems in the nearby area.  Like how grubby our front door was in comparison to the newly-coated stairwell walls.  It had been painted white, a flat white, some loooong time ago, and it was grody.  I scrubbed the bejeezus out of it, but you wouldn’t know it, that kind of grody.  I chose a color– based nearly entirely on obsession– and took my chip to Ace Hardware.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard me wax poetic about my love for Benjamin Moore, and how whenever I stray from this, I regret it.  True dat.  I know what’s true, what’s good, and what works for me.  Its like marriage, really, no point in dating other paints at this time.  Buuut, I also don’t have the moolah for the commitment, a whole can, even a quart, really, of Ben.  But I also know from past experiments with clearance-table sampler cans that I can make one of those little cheapies go pretty far, so– I bought one of those.  I ordered up a wee sampler can of BM “Surf Blue” (or as the inside joke goes, “Kaycee Blue”) and paid just $6.50 for a fresh front door.  It’s kind of amazing, really.  Two coats might have done it fully– it looked pretty great– but I did a third for extra longevity and to say that I could– and I can, you could.  (I actually covered a prefab canvas with coat of the Kaycee Blue, and a wooden plank/shelf, and…)  And I have a little paint left!

Foyer Wall, Now

Foyer Wall, Now– With Bright Door

At this point, I have a gorgeous deep blue door, and zilcho in the wreath department.  Nothing, really.  And it seems a little like a travesty to just leave it, unadorned, and on such the penultimate step of perfection.  It’s as if you acquired a vintage couture outfit , in your size, and in the absolute compliment to your complexion, and you have no jewelry.  “Travesty” is the word you’d use, right?  If you were a diva?  I decided to put a little something together;  I wanted it to be fresh and just a little bit different.  Eye-catching– that’s it.

I went to the craft store with an open mind, but not really knowing what I intended to get.  Micheal’s currently has all of this unpainted woodsie stuff on sale: several styles of laser-cut picture frames; letters and numbers of all sizes; all kinds of cutesy shapes like flowers, butterflies, and birds.  I chose this frame because it felt the most whimsical to me– not quite as fussy or serious as some of the others– and I gave it several coats of sky blue spray paint.  The frames are on clearance, and this one set me back $2.50.

The “W” is a about the size of a standard piece of paper, and I gave it several coats of a bright, sunny yellow.  It was a dollar.  “W” is for our last name, but you could also pretend it was for “Welcome.”  The little bird woodsie was less than fifty cents.  I coated it in a creamsicle orange and painted in some stylized details.  I chose birds because of Portlandia (“Put a bird on it!”) and because it’s the door to the Love Nest!   You’d just have to if it were you, right?  All of the paints I already had in my stash, as was the length of kelly green, vintage, ric-rac, so those count as free to me.

The "Big W"

The “Big W”

Note how I spaced it all so that its hanging with the peephole exactly inside the top loupe for the frame.  The birdie is placed where it is partially for looks, as well as to help reinforce the glue/ ricrac situation for the hanging “W.”  All of that door decor is hanging from the one hook on the front of the door that’s been there since before we moved in, so its just like a wreath, and able to be changed for holidays and such.  And its reeeeally light and thin, so it works really well here.

So, for about ten bucks and less than an afternoon– totally worth it– I can now say, “We’re the ones with the teal front door,” or “Look for the yellow ‘W’!”  It turned out very bright and fun, and I adore it.

Foyer Now

Foyer Now

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  1. W stands for “way cute!” That color is beautiful. Why Kaycee Blue? :)

    • Amber

      Because the day I dyed my hair I said on fb that I was “going to do something I’d wanted for a long time” and Miss Kaycee McD cracked, “Paint something turquoise?!” And since it was mostly true, every time I paint something deep blue-green (which has been a surprising amount of times, really) I think of it as “Kaycee blue.”

  2. Simply PURE GENIUS…..

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