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Hi.  Is thing on?  I’ve decided to start a blog.  Yeah, another one.  Third time’s the charm?  I mean, #2 is still up, I just don’t post to it like I’m supposed to…  The info on it is still good though, I just made my recipe for pot roast last week, it was really, really good– If I do say so myself.  (If you wish to try that recipe, you can find it here–

My two previous blogs were rather *structured* things, the first intended to show off my collection of vintage printed glassware; I quickly discovered that despite collecting them for years and years, I knew very little about glassware.   I was shocked to learn that the embossed emblem that shows a little “A” in the bottom half of an “H” was not for Anchor Hocking, but Hazel Atlas.  Anchor Hocking is typically marked with and anchor.  Yeah, not an expert.  That, and its hard to come up with new ways to say, “This is a pretty printed glass!” everyday.  The second blog, the food one mentioned above, revolves around hosting dinner parties.  Believe me, I LOVE this idea.  I was really enjoying working on it, and then we hit March, and after making several weekends of expensive (but delicious) corned beef, we were kinda broke. (Not to mention sick of corned beef!)  Not too long after that my husband announced he would be changing jobs, and life became a little too rocky to host anybody for lavish dinners….  (The hope is to resume that blog eventually.)

Anyway, now we’re moving, to a house twice the of the old one.  It’s been a long time coming, and I am SO ready.  To quote one Lad’s favorite books, Big Plans by Bob Shea, “I GOT BIG PLANS, BIG PLANS I SAY!”  ( This house has room for a lot of things I didn’t have before– a foyer, two additional bathrooms, a den, a dining room, a playroom for Lad.  It’s a great house.

Our New Digs!

It’s also very, very dirty.  That is (relatively) easy to remedy, but there is a lot of long-term wear that needs to be dealt with.  Nothing that a few coats of paint and wallpaper won’t fix. Twenty-five-year-old peachy calico kitchen wallpaper with fist-sized grease spots just shouldn’t be lived with if you can avoid it.  BUT, our home is a rental, so I must be mindful of the fact that I don’t own it, and my changes should be landlord approved.  Thankfully, I have been cleared by our kind new landlord to select these changes myself, so I am currently in the process of hauling around an enormous baggie of paint chips, and wallpaper samples, and little slivers of 100% cotton.  Fun stuff!  I love, love, love this conceptualization and creation phase.  So much so that I have decided to share my process with you all, via this new blog.  My intention is to use writing as a bit of a physical break, and to talk through my process– I find that the more I can ‘throw stuff out there,’ the easier it is for my creativity to flow.  Sometimes true inspiration is a bit like a path of stepping stones to me…  You start at the gate, with a general need to be filled– be it necessity or aesthetic in origin– and from there you hop from stone to stone of materials, and skills, and need. (Because even the aesthetic crafty items have needs– “I need to be able to hang this on the wall,” or “I need this to have aqua blue and lime green in it, to match my curtains.”)  You should find yourself at the end of the process, at our metaphorical front door (or in a few cases, your real one) with a new, exciting, custom *thing* that was hopefully fun through the bulk of the process.  I’m not saying every SECOND of wallpapering is going to be a blast, but hopefully it can be gorgeous enough when it turns out that you don’t resent the week that it took to get it done.

Then there is the aspect of money, and financial cost.  I’m sure that if you ask anybody, they’d want to save money and still have a great-looking place, but this is especially true for us decor-obessed renters.  I don’t want to spend $150 dollars in fancy decorator wallpaper that I am going to eventually leave in untold years.  That’s not something I imagine doing willingly, no matter how much the necessity of covering dirty, outdated wallpaper dictates.  But somehow the job should be done– as much as it can be– regardless of necessity.  I’ve had people ask me, “Paint and wallpaper are expensive, why bother?”  (Really!  It’s happened!)  Um, because I live there.  Its home.  Its where I go that I’m the most free to be me, and *ME* likes bright colors; gingham and polka dots; vintage pottery; and anything that is drastically out-of-scale.  I would swim in a veritable ball pit of that stuff, so *of course* I want it in my home!  It is always, always, always worth the effort to work on my place.  I cannot think of a time when it hasn’t been true.

And now that I’ve gotten older and a little more skilled at it doing it on the cheap, being restrained by budget is one of the biggest elements of fun to the crafting experience.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  It’s better for me to be a little  cash-strapped when working with what my house looks like.  Crazy right?  (Don’t tell my husband!)  I’ve gotten to the point that we’ve actually had the money and time to go and purchase a legit furniture showroom couch, and it is so HARD for me!  The plain truth is that a lack of funds makes me more resourceful, and when I am pushed to use my resources, *I shine.*  Turns out, I am just a big ol’ pit-o-rescources.  (Sounds like a kooky product, “Now with more paint chips!”)  Years of crafting adds up to a little bit of skill here, a little bit of ability there, and it builds.  You become a painter with a steadier line; a glue gun operator with less burns; a seamstress whipping up a more complicated slipcover. Years of thrifting also has this effect, you become more honed in what it is you look for, and with your process of assimilating those items into your home.  At some point they begin to overlap, and you become more and more willing to take a risk on an inexpensive item that needs “a little fixing up” because those risks have paid off in the past with an exceptional unique item.  The goal is to turn around and find yourself with a quirky/ elegant/ retro/ shabby chic or however gorgeous home filled with furniture and accessories that are like no one else’s.  Please join me as I walk the path home….

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