Have You Seen The Tree?!

I’ve been Christmas decorating up a storm around our house, and I’m awfully sorry that I’ve been so quiet here on the blog!  Last week was my birthday– yes, all week!– and I was completely lazy.  I haven’t been so well-rested in ages….

The day before my birthday, my friend Kaycee posted this–

Which I think is HILARIOUS.  I don’t have a North-Eastern accent, but if you were to turn this woman into a redhead with teal streaks and a Southern drawl, it would be completely me.  I am Christmas tree obsessed.

Have You Seen the Tree?

Have You Seen the Tree?

Then last night I was fortunate enough to go to a craft night hosted by some wonderful friends.  When I returned home, my husband and I watched the DVR’d episode of Bob’s Burgers that had aired while I was out.  Do ya’ll watch that show?  I love, love, love it!

You guys likely don’t know this about me, but I love animated television, and even more so, I am absolutely *fascinated* by voice actors.  It’s such an amazing talent.  I have a list of about ten or so favorites in the ‘works primarily in voice’ category.   Truthfully, I initially liked Bob’s because it has the stellar voice work of Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, and H. Jon Benjamin.  I mean, really–  those people are brilliant!   So when a show comes along with three of these favorites on it, you watch it, that’s a no-brainer!  (This also how I got to watching a new favorite, Wander Over Yonder, featuring the spectacular voice work of April Winchell and Jack McBrayer.  But anyway.)

Last night’s episode- which as of this writing is not fully unlocked for viewing online- begins with this clip–


So, listening to these voices as I do, I completely freaked out.  Linda sounded EXACTLY like the youtube clip!  In my freakout, I went over to report this to Kaycee on facebook.  How odd, right?  This morning, I still couldn’t get over it!  Watching them again… it clicked in my head– I needed to look up the cast list to Bob’s Burgers.  Um, yeah.  I went the looooong way around this one!

It turns out, the actor that embodies the NY Mom in the above clip, John Roberts, is the, ahem, same John Roberts that plays Linda Belcher on Bob’s Burgers!  So, yeeeeah…  I’m glad that my ear is still good?!  Fun, that I now have a new favorite voice actor for my birthday?  Whatever it is, it was a sort of silly treasure hunt!

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