High And Low Project? Get Out!!!

No seriously, Sabrina Soto, get out!  What audience are you making this list for?!

Okay, so if ya’ll don’t know what I’m talking about:  HGTV.  They *used to* have a show called The High / Low Project— I say “used to” because HGTV no longer airs programs that aren’t about real estate sales– and now they run the same idea as a monthly column in their magazine.  (In HGTV magazine it’s called the “The High /Low List.”)  Both the program and the column are done by Sabrina Soto, and the crux of the thing is about home decor products that are similar, but in “high” and “low” in price point.

The Column In the Last Two Issues

The Column In the Last Two Issues

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like this idea.  I am all about finding budget versions of house pretties.  That’s basically the whole point of me blogging– I talk about how to have a nice house that suits your style on the cheap.  I *should* be all-for this list!

But– gah.  I think Soto is really just hunting two versions of things, actual price be damned.  They really should just call this the “High / High List.”  None of this stuff is ever remotely affordable for me.  And we may not be wealthy, but we’re not poverty-stricken either.  We could afford to buy furnishings at actual stores….  We’re average.  Normal people.  If I really *wanted* a full-price, regular retail lamp, that could happen.

Look at that picture.  The cheapest thing on that page is a $55 throw pillow– for the ‘cheap’ one!  Um.  Yaaaaaaaa’ll.  Fifty-five dollars for a throw pillow, almost *any* throw pillow, is NUTS.  I mean, I could mebbe see it if the thing was made of leather or silk shantung, and had hand beading on it or something, but I there is no mystery to making a pillow.  It’s two squares of fabric sewn together and crammed-full of fiberfill.  This is not a problem that can only be solved at a minimum of fifty bucks!  And the high-priced one?  I can’t even.  Seriously, if you are spending $170 dollars on ONE THROW PILLOW, you are an idiot.  A rich idiot, but an idiot no less.  I stand by that.  None of your friends should have to worry about accidentally putting their butt on something that costs more than a musical instrument.  (Because, you know, a guitar is something that is actually *valuable.*)  And how much was the *couch* you’re putting this thing on?  Is it an ‘investment?’  Are you sure you want to SIT on it?!

Okay, now look at the other issue in the photograph– if you have $1,572 to buy a simple *wall mirror,* you are not the person who is looking for decor tips in a magazine.  No, you are the person that can afford to hire a decorator, and does so.  Again, how is this supposed to relate to me?  How am I supposed to be taking away gleaned information from this page?  All I’m learning here is that I can spend crazy amounts or stupid-crazy amounts on essentially two similar items that I wouldn’t buy anyway.  Yayyyy… fun column!

And that, my friends is the real crux of the frustration for me:  I would walk past the bulk of this stuff if I saw it priced cheaply in a thrift store!  Those hanging lamps with the modern, patterned shades?  I like those.  The rest of that stuff?  It fills me with “Whaaaaat?”  I don’t really want any of it in my home, and for those prices?  My brain hurts.

See in the upper right corner of both of those pages where it says, “fun decorating”?   Oh yeah– fun!  If “fun” is being filled with dread and stress while you try and figure out how to explain that a $600.00 chair is the ‘bargain’ version to your husband.  Even though I have pictorial “proof,” I doubt he would see it that way at all.  (Again, like a *normal person.*)

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