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Button, Button... I Love The *Trappings* Of Sewing!

Button, Button… I Love The *Trappings* Of Sewing!

So, like, sewing, ya’ll.  I love it, and I hate it…

I love it as a skill, it comes in handy something like three times a month, and I appreciate that I *can* do it.  Sewing saves us a ton of money just by me being able to make gifts for baby showers and wedding presents, and I can create a lot of decor items for mongo cheaper (and better, in that they’re custom for my space) rather than if I went and bought them…  Heck, if you use a sewing machine *just* to make drapes and throw pillows, you could save yourself a ton of dollars, especially since simple throws can run you something like fifty bucks each.  I mean not me, I wouldn’t spend that, but some people do.  Crazy.  (I mean– good for them.  I’d just rather have throw pillows AND money for food.  I’m wacko like that!)

But I don’t really enjoy sewing…  when I craft in other capacities, like decoupaging or painting, my brain just goes “Zzzzzzzzzz” and is silent for a while.  Everything else melts away.  There is no stress in the world.  Totally cathartic, those types of activities.  But sewing, notsomuch.  I really have to *think* while sewing, and if I don’t– it punishes me.  Almost every stitchy task requires that I not only think about the step I’m currently on, but several in advance, lest I do something backwards or inside-out, or even worse, cut something wrong.  Can you hear me whining?  “Sewing is hard, ya’ll.”

I’m shutting up about it, because I’m trying to do this thing where I respect my skills and talents, and sewing and my ability to do so, ARE actually important to me… I just don’t think it’s *fun,* that’s all.  Please don’t hate me for admitting that, especially if you love it and it’s your favorite thing, and all along you’ve thought that we’re so alike, and now you’re not so sure.  We still could be best friends, you and I!  And I promise I won’t let on a peep at your next stitch and bitch, I’ll be so happy to be hanging with you and the girls….

I Made A Rough Curtain From A Flat Sheet

I Made A Rough Curtain From A Flat Sheet– It’s Not Even Hemmed!

Because I find it more tedious than enjoyable, the sewing projects seem to build up in this place.  It’s kinda bad.  My craft room currently has two overflowing laundry baskets worth of tasks in it….  too many!  I’d like those baskets back for their actual intended use, please!  I have decided that I’m going to try and stitch a little bit here and there every weekday in the following week.  I’ll start on Monday, and I’ll try and keep you abreast of the progress through Friday.   If this project works and I put a little dent in those teetering bins, I will perhaps revisit it again in November.  (Anything to get them done… so I’m going to drag you into it!)

Some of the things on my list I hope to chip away at include the following:

*several baby bath aprons for gifting
*other softie baby toys for the same new mothers
*trimming out the towels for the main bath, for cuteness sake
*create some sort of adjustable window treatment for the same main bath
*make progress on the warm matchy quilts for my son’s new bunk beds
*clean up the huge orange curtain on his closet
*come up with a duo of some sort of curtains for Fox’s room
*we also need a similar set of adjustable window coverings for the master bedroom
*start on master bedroom comforter
*wrap up the trio of aprons that are to be gifted to my dear friend Amber
*make my own pink dotted apron that I bought fabric for ages ago
*create a skirt (perhaps on velcro?) for the kitchen island
*and maybe a matching valance for kitchen window
*any Halloween stitchery necessary, as kiddo has chosen something *way* easy

So, yeah, that’s a lot.   I don’t really expect to do all of it, but I do want to make a dent in a lot of it, I’m so sick of the project pileup.  There is nothing better than crossing a bunch of dreaded projects of a list, eh?  I totally find it satisfying.  As the announcer said, “LET’S GET READY TO THIMBLE!!!!”   (Or something like that.)


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