I was low on the posts last week as it was Spring break, it’s harder for me to write when I have a 7 year-old talking incessantly.  I love him, but he’s just maybe a little bit distracting?  (I could, however, write a great post or two on Minecraft and Angry Birds, I have heard so much about them.)

Buuuuut, the good news is, I have no problem *crafting* when he’s talking incessantly.  I got a LOT done.  I sewed, I painted stuff, I thrift shopped, all with him talkin’.  I even took pictures, some of them of him, mostly of crafty things.  Hopefully we will not be lacking for content for a while around this joint….

Boy At The Antique Mall

Boy At The Antique Mall

Which reminds me, I wish to get a bit more back on track with the home journaling / decor progress both around our house and on the blog.  I explained in another post not long ago that I’m not particularly linear in the way I work, and that’s enormously true.  I don’t typically do all one room at once, I’m much more likely to pick away at this room here and then work on that one there.  But, that doesn’t mean I’m not working on them, or that I can’t show progress.  I can still try and complete a room a month, even if it’s not a situation where I’ve announced ahead of time, “Hey, the month of June is when I’m doing the kitchen!”  It’s still fine as a goal, and something I can at least try to do.

So with that in mind, I’m here to announce that there will be “After” pictures and a writeup of our downstairs bathroom this Friday, March 28th.  It’s done!  Or, you know… mostly.

The real truth is I have a bit of a collection addiction going on down there, I’ve been obsessively picking up some specific thrifty bits to hang in that bath.  It’s been so fun this past year or so– searching thrift shops for these seventies wallie things– I just cannot seem to quit!  But I also realized around New Year’s that as long as I could find a place to hang these somewhere on the walls of that room, I wouldn’t consider it done enough to show it to you, and– well, that’s just silly.  At that rate, you’d never see it!

Soooo, when I finally came to this conclusion, I had to ask myself– is it done now?  Can I show it to my readers, as-is, and I realized, no, no I could not.  I decided I would allow myself to acquire five more plastic wall hangings, and while I was doing that, I had ample time to also finish up the space’s few remaining details.  That has all happened.  Time to pony up the after pics and do what I promised myself I would do!

I’ve already made a post of the ‘before’ pics, and dudes, before you click that link, I will warn you, they are horrible.  Although I do encourage y0u to go and look, as it will make the afters look *way* more spectacular!


Also coming on the blog will soon be a few structural changes.  I need “Contact Me” and “Follow Me” buttons, a fresher format, and a buncha other wee things my husband is working on– he has promised me that he’ll get it all done for me, and cutely.  Let’s hope that happens sometime in the next month or so, right?

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