I Have Some Before Pics For You.

Looking Toward the Closet

Looking Toward the Closet

These pictures, they will require some imagination.  Not because there aren’t actual before pics, but because the pictures I’m about to show you aren’t exactly the most *honest* truth of it.  They are the empty-room-before-we-moved-in truth of things, and they DO show you one extreme of the room… the bones of the place with no imagination, and with out a stitch of personalization.

The Closet, From In Front Of The Windows

The Closet, From In Front Of The Windows

But they don’t show the real extreme, the “extreme” I just brought it back from, which I assure you was an absolute horror show.  A frightmare.  It was hoarders-level of piled– piled!– in there.  Mid-December we had a party, and I wrapped gifts in the floor in there pre-party, all spread out with bags, and rolls of paper, and gifts, and that was the last I recall it being cleared on any level.  In the few days and hours before that same party, things that probably should have been stashed in the garage or high in a closet, were placed just inside this room, and the door was actually locked and the space remained unshown for the event.  It was the “trash room.”  Unfortunately, I didn’t deal with the mess immediately.  As Christmas approached, that pile grew.  As of Valentine’s day, you could barely open the door all the way, and the route over to the closet was narrow and perilous.  It was baaaaaad, yo.  Did I say piled?  Piled.  Like, waist deep.

I couldn’t take pictures.  I mean, I knew I should have, I kinda sorta *wanted* to, but I couldn’t make myself do it.  It’s akin to snapping shots of yourself in your underwear, except not only do I not look all buff and hot in said undies, but the skivvies in question are maybe faded and holey from years of bleaching.  Hawt.  It’s the same sort of thing– I can’t document and show my shame to the entire internet– I just couldn’t!  I am only so brave.  So.  These pics.  You must use the imaginations, no?  I know you have one, that’s what I like about you.

The Wall the Door Opens Against, Opposite the Closet

The Wall the Door Opens Against, Opposite the Closet

These pictures were taken before we moved in, before the carpets had been shampooed or anything had been cleaned.  It’s pretty nasty, ya’ll.  In the top pic, you can see where the last tenant’s bed was by the gross wear pattern on the carpet.  Ick.

I had super-grand intentions of painting in there– some fresh, hip, color as I am wont to do.  I hadn’t picked it yet, but I was thinking in the apple green family.  I still want to do that, really.  I actually really *need* to do that, as the walls were spackled (by the landlord?) in some areas, and I’ve ended up hanging a bazillion things all over to cover that and the dirtier (unscrubbable-clean) spots.  Buuuuut, life charges forward in a very real way, and I very much require a space I can craft, as I pretty much do it incessantly.  And as it was, I was crafting in the living room, or in the den, essentially digging out whatever I needed– when I could find it– and then setting up shop in another area actually designated for another purpose entirely.  Dinner would get ready, and I would rush to remove painted canvases or whatever from the table, and that whole scenario was happening far, far too often.

Not to mention the fact that when I would give people the house tour, I would lead them downstairs, show them the finished bathroom; show them Fox’s awesome little closet office; have them peek out into the greenhouse; and then I would attempt to usher them past the doorway to the craft room into the seating area of the den, as if there weren’t a whole other ginormous room right there.  Ahem.  “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” 

So embarrassing.

The Windows

The Windows, And Much Of That Wall

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been really low on the posts around here– which I always manage to feel a little bit guilty about– but its been because I’ve been devoting every possible second of time to that danged room.  Finally, finally (do you hear those angels singing?) I am done.  So totally done.  It is beyond exciting, people.  I want to sing it from the rooftops– I want to have a crafty marathon!

I still have the garage to clean out, and the laundry room to organize, and a yard sale of massive proportions to hold, but as for that room, I am calling it done for the moment.  Maybe after the entire rest of the house is finished, and I’ve crafted and created for every space needed, I will come back to it and that apple green paint job.  But for the moment, I’m happy with it.  It’s efficient, it’s cute, and most of all, its inspiring.  Come back for the reveal, okay?



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