I Need Your Opinions. Blogging Is Weird.

Don’t get me wrong, I like blogging, or I wouldn’t do it….  It’s just that it’s sort of a strange way to occupy my time, since I don’t actually consider myself to be a writer.  Crafter, yes, writer… no.  I just think of ‘blogger’ as being a whole other thing entirely, sort of a weird shapeless position that is a hybrid of so many potential skills.  A person could think of themselves primarily as a photographer and still put out an excellent blog (I don’t, but, again…);  the same goes for parents, bakers, home organizers, tennis instructors, any number of skill sets work here– and that’s precisely part of what makes it so odd.

How do you know if you’re any good at it?  What if I’m doing it wrong?  And what’s more, if I *am* doing it wrong, how long will it take for me to figure out what’s incorrect about it?!  Panic at the disco, ya’ll!

Attempts At Organization-- Bloggy Supplies

Attempts At Organization– Bloggy Supplies

Believe it or not, I think about this stuff a lot.  I want you to *want* to be here, and of course I’m not trying to do things that will deliberately annoy my readers.  Which is why it’s particularly helpful (yet frustrating) to stumble upon another blogger’s poll post about improving her site.  She has a much larger readership than I have, so there were more voices speaking up on her topic than I usually get on one post, and that alone was beneficial.  But it made me worry that I was driving visitors away.  I got the very real impression that I’m irritating a lot of my readers, and that, my friends– is a horrible feeling.

In reading the feedback from her visitors on her post, I came away with several big ideas on what I’m doing “wrong.”  (Hypothetical air quotes because I really kinda believe that blogging as a whole is not a developed enough thing to have distinct wrongs.  But anyway.)  Some of these little problems are easy fixes that must be changed from the backend– in other words, by my husband– but shouldn’t be difficult to clean up.  A few others are more major, and before I do anything I want to straight-up ask ya’ll about them, and see if you’ll give me your opinion on what should be done.

***  One of the main complaints that I saw over and over and over again was that people don’t care for the “click to read more” type format, where the most recent posting isn’t immediately present on the top of the blog’s mainpage.  Apparently clicking is hard?  That was implied over and over again, people don’t like to click to the link for the story.

Well, if you’ve spent any time perusing this site, you’ve noticed my mainpage is made of a column of square featured image tiles on the left, followed by their respective posts.  I selected this style because I often use large and copious photographs– as well as being quite verbose– which can make individual posts quite sizeable and harder to load, which would especially be true if there were two or three posts on that first page.  I thought the current thumbnailed menu format kept everything tidier and easier to peruse.  More of a menu of posts, rather than having to scroll through them all individually.

Could it be that I’m turning people off by not giving them enough of the article right off of the bat?  Does this bother you?  Could I compromise, and feature the most-recent post more prominently, with more text and space given to that newer page, but still use that “Click To See More” format, complete with a following smaller list of later posts?  Or am I just clinging to something that is really hurting me?  Please tell me what you think, I am so puzzled at this point.

*** Am I doing myself a disservice by not having a clear-cut writing schedule?  I mean, if I’m honest, I’m never going to be one of those bloggers that puts out great, original content every. single. day.  That is probably not going to ever going to happen.  But I have decided to try and post something at least three or four out of seven days in a week, and I could probably be a little more organized and upfront about it….  I guess I’m saying, if I intend for a specific day of the week to be a specific type of post, should you all, as viewers, know to expect “Tutorial Tuesdays” or “Thrift Score Thursdays,” etc.?  Or more to the point– if the thrifty posts were on a specific day of the week, and you were really really into those, would you like to know that Thursdays would be the day to check for them?  Or am I over-thinking all of this, and should I just focus on getting content up on this blog when I can, whatever day of the week that may be?

***  Some of the comments on that other blog suggested that maybe I was too… well– all over the place.  That maybe I just need to ‘choose a subject and stay on it,’ meaning that I should ONLY blog about decor, or party hosting, or cooking or whatever, and not a combination of all of them.  And dear heavens, keep away from the personal stuff!  Ouch.  Is it better if I’m just not posting for a month because a beloved pet died?  I thought it would be better to be upfront and tell you why he was such a good kitty, and have a few honest posts as to why I am sad and not around much, as opposed to just staying shushed because it’s ‘off subject.’

I’m really conflicted about this, so much so that I wasn’t even sure if I should ask your opinion.  I’d really just love to stay true to myself, you know?  And in my mind, that includes being honest with you guys when I’m down, or working too hard on real-world stuff, or whatever reason it is that keeps me away.  It seems to me that a big part of being a successful blogger is being reliable, and if I’m not able to do that, then I feel I should maybe give ya’ll some understanding as to why, and some sort of idea as to when I’ll be back– kinda rude to just leave you hanging, right?  I don’t know at this point.


Anyway, those were the main questions I had, and if you could help answer them I’d be most appreciative.  I’ve gotten after the webmaster (Pan) to help me with the smaller changes like adding a few “follow me on…” for pinterest, facebook, and twitter buttons, and hopefully those will come into effect sooner rather than later.  Any kind criticism is welcome, so please pipe up!  I’d really prefer this to be a blog that you love to visit!

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  1. I use Feedly, so all my blogs are read off-site. Yours is actually lumped in with a bunch of others I got from the Pintester Movement. I will say I deleted a bunch of them after adding because they only post snippets with a “Read More” link that requires navigating directly to the site. Some sites have crazy fonts or colors, or pictures all over the place, which makes it very obvious I’m reading a blog at work (not that I would ever do that!), or even just make it hard to read the information. So unless the content is just over-the-moon amazeballs, I’ll probably stop following them.

    I’ve tried to have a writing schedule. It just doesn’t work for me. Of course, I also don’t have anyone reading my blog. So… 😉 I know some blogs tend to have a schedule they follow, but only because they apologize if they don’t post on time or something. Again – I use a feed reader, so for the most part I never know when a post is supposed to arrive. My two favorite DIY blogs: Young, House, Love posts every day; and Manhattan Nest, as far as I can tell, posts whenever he wants to. But having a schedule might help you post more? Or just stress you out and cause you to stop posting altogether?

    It’s your blog – post whatever you want! I don’t think anyone should attempt to blog specifically to make money off of it. And if you’re not doing it to make money, why does it matter? Just be yourself, and post what you want to post. If some people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. If you have to alter yourself to appease them, why do you care what they think?

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. :)

    • Amber

      Oh wow, Sarah, thank you so much for taking time to give me your input! I really, really do appreciate it. I’m also going to check out the blogs that are your faves, I’ve found some really good ones that way. (I suspect that having a schedule would actually do BOTH– I would feel all organized and *on top of it* until I missed a few scheduled posts, and then I’d feel like the WORST and quit for a while!)

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