I’d Like To Have a Giveaway. Ooh, Prizes!

***EDIT*** THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED– thanks to all who played, check back for more giveaways!***

Ya’ll like free things, right?  I’d like to give one of you– my dear precious readers– a gift of something whimsically-wacky-fun with a really great giveaway.  Who’s up for a little contest?!

The Jar, Ready For Entries

The Jar, Ready For Entries

I know there are at least a few of you showing up on my site– I have had record views in the last week or so– and I thank you for that.  (Most of you were a big part of the Pintester Movement, and if so, pat yourself on the back for being awesome.  I read each and every submission!  We’re a cool bunch.)  If you are coming over here, and well– actually reading, looking around, hanging out– I am mighty thankful.   Sometimes I am long-winded and a bit tedious, and I’m trying to hammer all of that out.  I’m learning.  But I promise that if you hang in there, I will start having more and more to show you by way of a decorated house, more tips to make cool things, simply more interesting content.  We’re right here at the beginning.  The opening credits.  Too many years of watching hacked-together quickie decorating shows has lead me to believe that you shouldn’t give away the ‘big reveal’ of the room until, well, the end of the episode.  Considering that I haven’t finished many spaces yet, I’m surprised anyone is already here, reading and watching on what is metaphorically my ‘first season’….

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want you here!  Oh, quite the opposite.  I’m so happy.  The truth is, if you are visiting over here at the Love Nest and reading, it is also quite likely that you are family or one of my real-life personal friends, and even if you aren’t, I’d like for you to feel that kind of welcome.  This place may feel a bit like my diary; but I would rather it feel like a shared sketchbook.  You can lurk– thumbing through, if you will, and soak up one or two posts– or you can doodle and share your creativity.  I find that creativity breeds more of the same, and I am always up for talking crafty fun.  The truth is, I am making stuff all the time, and when it comes to crafting, I never can get enough.  I like all types: painting, decoupage, cooking, sewing, its really all wide-open to me.  So if I can share/ help/ encourage while doing stuff I’m going to do anyway, well– that’s just awesome!

It’s just that, ya’ll are like little mice, as in– “quiet as a.”  That’s fine, my feelings aren’t really hurt, because I don’t comment on the blogs I read either.  Well, I have, a few times, but the thing is, I’m not one of those people who is good at remembering a ton of logins and passwords, so unless I can use one of the few I use all the time, its no dice for me.  I have to REALLY want to say whatever it is I’m going to say.  And shamefully, most of *those* times I’m so fired-up and feelin’ redhead that I don’t really have something *nice* to say– I’m just needing to point out that a certain detested Tennessee state senator for my zone is ACTUALLY from New York, and trying really hard to not use any salty maritime language in the process.  (I hate it when the commentors blame the South.  Like we invented racism, have any control over our history of slavery, or haven’t done anything over the years to try and change our reputation.  Hate’s everywhere, ya’ll, and I despise intolerance as much of the rest of you do.  Snarky commentors: quit acting like it’s just the South;  Amber: quit reading the damn comments on newsy posts and get back to talking about free stuff!)

Anyway.  I can think of several ways to circumvent these circumstances– making some assumption that my readers don’t comment for many of the same reasons I, myself, usually don’t, that is.  (Sadly, I know that there must be a bajillion more.)  One of these fixes is that my ‘webmaster’ (Pan) has enabled commenting through several different convenient means, including facebook login, which I know for a fact works– and quickly– because I use it myself.  This should clear up some of the annoyance of the logging-in parts, and the really great part is that it has *killed* the spam KA-POW! on my end, which was crazy nonsensical and all-the-time before.  I’ve heard zippity-few-dah from the spammers since the fix, and I’m thrilled about it.  So that’s a keeper, and one that should help in both of our favors.

I asked my husband, “What kind of things would keep you from commenting on a blog, even one you read regularly?”  He said, “No one else is saying anything.”  ((Gulp.))  Dude, just stab me in the heart, whydontcha?  I’m *trying* here!  I realize that it can be a lot like the first two awkward kids on the gym floor at a junior high dance– those two are SO DORKY for about two minutes, but before you know it the floor is filled with adolescents squirming to the tunes of Vanilla Ice.  (I’m really aging myself with that one, aren’t I?)  The catalyst for the movement of the audience is the groove….  I just have to bring the funk.

This leaves me asking, what is the funk?  (It’s a decor blog, we don’t want literal funk.  Fun-kay, maybe, but no funk.  That makes me think of a certain first grader’s wet sneakers, or maybe scrubbing shower walls.)  I can have a giveaway, and make commenting contingent on the entry.  This *should* in theory generate some of you to speak up, that is, if maybe the thingy I’m giving away is awesome enough.  What would be interesting enough to make you speak up?  Every time I pondered this question I’ve come back to the same idea of a jam-packed grab bag of crazy goodtimes.

Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

Inside Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass

Inside Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass

I’ve assembled a Wonderland of brightly-colored crafty stuffs.  A couple of months back I purchased this *absolutely pristine* Alice’s Adventures Through The Looking Glass vintage kid’s book, and its cuteness had influenced a lot of the choices for my lucky reader.  Its sort of trippy-bippyville, with some loose interpretations of Carroll’s work that I reeeally don’t remember, as well as dark, detailed drawings throughout.  The vintage white candy tin is large and a wee bit rusty (its shabby chic!), but with those vibrant red roses, I thought of the card guards laboriously painting the white roses red in the red queen’s garden– of course that’s a *must.*  The same logic applied to the dolly faces (“OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!), and the little tea cup for the Mad Hatter’s party.  There is a roll of a few yards of blue gingham wallpaper, and a new roll of dotty washi tape.  Just in a show of how much I must truly love you, one of my bright busts– a yellow Mendelssohn– gifted from my friend Andrea is included.  Just because he’s a wacky-fun spin on something traditional and Victorian, and that’s enough for me.  All kinds of bits and bobs ready for your inspiration!  (And I can promise that this giftie will be even BIGGER when the drawing rolls around, I’ve added a handful of great junk since I’ve taken the pictures!)

Gooooodness!  For You!

Gooooodness! For You!

So that will be the contest!  I just want you to pipe up by commenting here or any other thread on this blog to gain an entry into the pool.   Each comment on the blog from the date of this post (June 3, 2013) until the contest close (July 3rd, 2013) will be an entry.  And as an unfair added bonus, if you have “liked” Love Nest Design on facebook ( www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Nest-Design/ ), I will count any shares of this contest post on facebook as well (but you have to have ‘liked’ the page for me to see it!).  I will fill an actual jar with post-its with written names as each individual entry, and we will film the drawing on July 4th to keep it reals.  If your name is yanked, you will win the tin of wonder!  Yayyyy!  Doesn’t that sound like fun?!  Its pretty easy right?  Free stuff!

And the really good news is, you don’t really have to DO anything but be yourself and tell me what you’d like!  I’d love to hear what sort of things you like about my posts, what you would love to see more of, what you’ve been working on lately.  Ask me your crafty questions, I may have an answer, or maybe we could generate one from my other smart readers.  Do you know where to find cheap washi tape?  Did you make a great thrifty score lately?  Just pipe up, and join the conversation!

Get that?  Enter with your thoughts and opinions here, increase your chances to win by commenting anywhere else, or share this post on facebook– 1 entry into the jar per comment/ share.  So easy.


4 Responses to “I’d Like To Have a Giveaway. Ooh, Prizes!”

  1. Hey, your linky to your Facebook page doesn’t work. Does this count as an entry? 😀

  2. Ooh! I’m late to the game! Fabulous prizes, lady! Don’t let the slow comments bother you. I’ve found that most people are lurkers and not commenters. And also sometimes people won’t comment if they don’t have accounts to comment under (like WordPress etc.) I love what you’ve got going on over here! : ) xoxo! p.s. I do follow on Face Place as well.

    • Amber

      Aw, welcome Eartha Mae! Thanks for the kind words, I was just thinking about you this morning, what with your birthday comin’ up! I’ve gotten a few other comments on other posts, but I figure I’m still pretty new to the blogging world. I need to just keep writing stuff and hopefully things will catch on eventually… hopefully! Thanks for visiting. xoxo

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