It’s Furniture, My Dear Watson

This evening I was watching my very favorite of the cop shows, Elementary, because its freaking awesome.  In case you don’t know, its Sherlock Holmes, cleaned-up heroin addict and his gorgeous Asian female surgeon companion, Watson (Lucy Liu), working with the NYPD to solve murders like the Brit only knows how.  It is very well written, and I feel that even though its modernized and gritty, it keeps very close to the feel of Holmes.  Anyway.  Tonight’s show was the season finale, one of the most suspense-laden and and twisty episodes of the show up until this date.  We get to this scene, where Sherlock is supposed to be having an intense moment with the only woman in the world he has loved, and I keep thinking–


“Womb chair.  Womb chair.  Tangerine orange Saarinen womb chair.”

My brain is an idiot.  Apparently when visually offered intelligent and compelling writing or mid-century furniture in fun citrus colors, I’m involuntarily choosing the chair.  I totally missed this whole scene, despite repeated rewindings.  Later, back to following the plot without distracting eye candy, I was able to predict the identity of Moriarty.   I suspect that this would have occurred to me well before the point it did, had I been able to pay attention to this scene.  (And as my husband pointed out, I still solved it LONG before the  foreshadowing really said I should.  But still.)  So now I’m a Holmes fan not only because he’s the usual Holmes that I’ve always loved, but because he has reeeeally great taste in furniture as well.


Just in an attempt to keep you updated– we still have in our family from Kansas, and tomorrow we will be going to Dollywood.  Then when they go, we will be attending the International Biscuit Festival this weekend with one of my high school cronies.  She will be staying in the guest room, so I will likely have to hold the reveal until next week sometime.  We’ll see, I’ll do my best.


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