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I know that there are a lot of platitudes about kindness, and I’m going to try really hard to not say them all in this post.  (I’d like to think that I’m capable of a little more originality than that.  I’m likely *wrong,* but hey, we all like to have these illusions of ourselves.)  But there is one line in particular that has gone through my head several times this week, and that is er– let’s just say it’s the one about the infectiousness of performing a nice act.  Yeah.  You know the one.  On my walk on Monday, a man I don’t know performed a kind gesture after seeing me take several laps in a rather bothersome stretch of road:

Kiddo And His Kite

Kiddo And His Kite

After seeing him do this, on that same last lap of my walk, I decided I would try and be extra-nice this week.  I wanted to not only do something kind for a stranger, but also make an extra effort for friends and family.  It’s so easy to take them for granted sometimes.  I didn’t then know how or why I would enact this, but I vowed that I would take opportunities when they arrived, and share to the love to my world on several levels.  I have now done both, and it is *lovely.*Kite Up High  Addictive, even.

One of my very best friends from college has moved back to Knoxville in the last two weeks, so I texted him Monday evening, asking how I could assist with that transition.  He responded excitedly that he needed help unpacking, so I was pleased to be able to do that, and we cleared an entire room of boxes working together.  I’m sure that two sets of hands cut the task by hours, but I’m also fairly confident from the shared laughter that it was a much more pleasant time for him than had he done it alone.  As I left, windows down and enjoying the vicious Spring breeze, I felt so… nice.  Calm and stress-free, and the world felt especially bright and pleasant.  I know that sounds hokey, but it’s true.  I felt good.  Being kind had caused me some work, but every minute of it was worth it.  What a rush!

Wednesday afternoon (Earth Day, in fact) I found a kite in our garage sale wares, and enticed my boy to the park in order to try and take advantage of all of this luscious wind.  We found a nice open clearing, and worked ourselves into a giggly sweat, trying to coordinate the tricky business of running (to get it aloft) and handling a low-flying kite.  As we repeatedly tried, a young boy on a bicycle veered off of the trail and uphill to where we were, eyes wide with excitement.  He immediately panted, “I want to try!” when he got into earshot.  I said “Absolutely.”  Fox spun around to shoot me a pouty look, and I reminded him, “I’m a nice person, I share.  So are you.”  By this time, the kiddo’s father had caught up with us, and his enthusiasm for the task was just as apparent.  He said, “Could I help you?  I’d like to try and run with it!”  For the next hour, the boys played together and then alternately took their turns with the kite.

Just as a side note, if ya’ll haven’t played with a kite in a while, I suggest you seek one out.  It is monster-fun.  I hadn’t flown one since I was a girl, but back then Dad and I had done it fairly regularly in the Spring.  And it’s surprising exercise.

After that activity had run its course, we all proceeded to the nearby playground, where we each cemented new friendships with facebook requests (the adults), and tandem rides down the slides (the boys).  The kind-count on this one was huge: two strangers, and one sweet family member were affected by me finding that kite.  But I tell you, I loved every second of it.  I could have done that greedily and all for me.  It feels good to share.  We all won!  And even better, I’m pretty sure my son was given a pretty great lesson on kindness too.

I’ve also done smaller things, baked multiple loaves of bread, and used it as an excuse to visit two friends.  I let my 8 year old choose the music whenever he’s in the car.  (Fortunately, kiddo has fantastic taste, so that one is easy.)  I’ve even laundered the ex’s bedspread and drapes for him, even though I normally try to stay out of his room.  Going a the extra mile has been rewarding, and I’m certainly going to push it through the weekend.  I’m not sure how yet, but it’ll happen, I’m now a kindness-junkie….

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