Make Your Own Super-Super Sweets Wall Art

(Apologies from the very start that the pics are not showing how truly cute these ‘prints’ are– my camera is dying, and everything looks a tad bit blurry.  “Soft focus” we’ll call it.)

“Super-Super” because this project is super-easy, super-fun, super-cute, and super-cheap.  Yes, it is!

Ice Creamy Dreamy "Print"

Ice Creamy Dreamy “Print”

I don’t know about you guys, but I spend a lot of time on pinterest, where I see a lot of really adorable kitchen wall art.  The bulk of what I repin is original works (or prints of original works) found through venues like etsy, custom artsy websites, but I am not above  mass-produced items from big box retailers like Target.  Generally what I gravitate toward for my kitchen is sweets– candy, cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, pies, and lest we *ever* forget my favorite– ice cream!

Want to know *exactly* the type of thing I’m talking about?  See for yourself!  My Candy Kitschen board–

My Two Supplies

My Two Supplies

That kind of awesome artwork can be pricey, and frankly, I don’t have it.  I know that if I’m spending big bucks on a kitchen item– even an attractive kitchen item– I want it to be something functional, like a kitchen-aid stand mixer, or at the very least, new dishes.  I just can’t justify spending a hun-fitty on a giant, cupcake-shaped wall plaque, as much as I might like to have one.  I bet a lot of you are in the same spot.

But!  Don’t be sad!  That’s no reason to go without!  This weekend I discovered what may be one of the most cheap and adorable solutions I’ve found yet….

All you need is two things, a 11″ x 14″ picture frame, and a Melissa and Doug “Sweets and Treats” activity/sticker pad.  That’s it!

*If you have an Ikea or frame outlet nearby, you may be able to find a new 11″ x 14″ standard picture frame for fairly cheaply, and even in fun colors.  If you have patience, they can certainly be found at thrift shops and yard sales for just a few dollars; and if you’d rather go with colored, that’s an easy fix with a can of spray paint.  I have a handful that I have collected from thrifting over the years to pull from, so this part of the project was completely free for me.  I’ve had this one for so long that I don’t remember if it was originally yellow or if I altered that, but I like it for this project so I’m leaving it.

*In case you don’t have small kiddos in your life and wouldn’t know, Melissa and Doug are a brand name of baby and kid’s toys with a more educational bent.  Their product usually is very very cute, brightly colored, nice quality, and available EVERYWHERE.  I have not checked Wal-Mart, but I would be willing to bet that most any toy store or book shop (where I found mine) would have this exact pad in stock, and for around five bucks.  The book is fifteen or so easy-tear out pages printed with fairly-realistically sized images of all those delights I listed above, and 6 pages of easy-peel stickers to decorate them with.

Are you liking this project more and more by the second?

Gingerbread House For December

Gingerbread House For December

Here’s what I did– I chose a page that I loved and I decorated it.  Then I popped it into a frame.  How awesome is that?!  I’m going to display this gingerbread house now for the Christmas season, and then switch it out with something a little more heart-bedecked for Valentine’s day.  I’m so excited about the rest of the fun options I can change out for year round!

A few tips–

*choose one that you are less likely to display to practice on, just to get the feel of how sticky the decals are, how easy they are to place….  That way if you mess up, you won’t be sad.
*tear the desired page out of the book before you decorate it, just in case your sheet snags as you rip it out, you won’t lose the decals along with the page you’ve torn.  (I didn’t have any problems with the pages coming out cleanly, but this is more of a just in case.)
*sort of loosely place the stickers at first.  I found that with placing candies and berries on top of cupcakes, it was more realistic to peel back the tops of the ‘frosting’ or whipped cream sticker ever so gently, and tuck the bottom of the toppers behind the peaks of the cremes.  These decals are meant to be used by smalls, so they are actually quite durable and forgiving, just peel gently.
*THEN before you pop them into the frame, you should go over all of your stickers and make sure that they are tight to the page.
*pay attention to shadows, some of the gumballs and things have them as part of the image, and you will want to place all the shadows going the same direction for a more professional look
*save their example sheet for snipping out and using for smaller decoupage projects in the room– I’m tempted to put one on my knife block!

Cupcakes On Gingham-- LOVE!

Cupcakes On Gingham– LOVE!

Seriously ya’ll, I am SO EXCITED that I found these, they give the impression of expensive artsy prints with a low, low pricetag– and lots of flexibility!  What I like best?  These do end up being fairly ‘original,’ as no two people are going to stick on their decals the same way.  Fun, huh?  Now I’m tempted to go back and get the Melissa and Doug meal activity pack….


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