Master Master Baaaaathrooooooommmm…

Ya’ll, I am just so happy to *have* a master bathroom!  Keep in mind that I’m coming from a place where we all shared one less-than-beautiful potty, so having three full baths to dec is something to do cartwheels about!  You know, if I could do such things.

My Ready and Waiting "Blank" Slate

My Ready and Waiting “Blank” Slate

I’d had a plan for what I’d intended to do in there, all based on the only wallpaper I could find (and afford) with the correct mint shade to match the tile, thinking that I’d need to cover the previous wallpaper.  What I *didn’t* know was how easily that old paper would practically JUMP off of the walls!  I have never, ever seen anything like it.  Seriously, I’ve had beer bottles with harder paper to peel than that…

So this leaves me with the ability to paint, and I would much rather paint if given the choice.  I did a little googling of ‘mint green tile bathrooms,’ and it seems that white and Mamie pink are the two most common wall paint options.  (I know that the pic to the left looks sort of pink, but I promise the walls are a buttery cream color– it must be the lighting.  Or that radiant, rosy glow I give off wherever I go, I can’t help it.)   I cannot paint the bathroom pink, I plain-old don’t want to (I don’t imagine the landlord loving that, and I’m sure I’ll make other choices he’ll view as ‘questionable’).  And the white rooms I viewed feel so sterile, like YMCA shower rooms and not my retro-fun home.  I won’t be doing either of those two.

In the adjoining master bedroom, I’m basing my decor choices on a huge piece of fabric that I found at a yard sale.  I’m not sure what this thing is supposed to be, its ginormous and cotton and vividly colored.  (If you recognize it, please let me know what its original purpose was!  Mine has been altered and has no remaining tags.)  It has a very exotic vibe– sort of middle eastern or Boho–and the design morphs from one graphic print  into another one completely different, almost floral.  The colors are several oranges, a hot pink, shades of red, lilacy purple and the sky blue that happens to exactly match our headboard.  The room hinges on this one piece of fabric, and I have drawn all of the following inspiration from it.  (I will also be crafting a bedspread or duvet or something with the pivotal fabric.)

The Master Inspiration Fabric (Against MBR Headboard and Wall Color)

The Master Inspiration Fabric (Against MBR Headboard and Wall Color)

Without going into a ton of detail on how I ascertained this, we figured out early on that my husband happens to love orange decor, so I am pretty much free to use that anywhere in our home at any time.  Its also, interestingly, our son’s favorite color right now.  I love pink, have for years, but I want to use it reeeeeally judiciously in our home, since I’m the lone female and I don’t to burn them out on letting me have free range.  Don’t want them questioning that, do we?  The pale blue was already an element that was going to stay in use in our room because of the headboard, and it helps to really cool the other vivid colors found in this fabric.  I chose a mid-range purple paint for the walls (Benjamin Moore Crocus Petal Purple), a few darker steps up on the same chip as its fabric match, feeling that if I went as pale as the lavender found in the fabric it would feel too much like a baby girl’s room.  I love our final wall color choice, its very moody and sexy.  Its cool at some times of day, warm at others, I am so happy with it.

Anyway, I am not trying to get distracted by the subject of the master bedroom, but illustrating a little so that you will know what I mean when I say that I definitely want this connected bathroom to tie in to the feel of this room, and now that I’m not bound by wallpaper patterns, that will be MUCH easier.  As for choosing paint, I’ve thought really hard about it.  The sky blue of our headboard and the minty tile of the bathroom are by no means the same color, but they are of the same cool feel that when placed in adjoining rooms they will not look fractured or jarring.  I’d love to tie the purple of the master in ever-so-slightly, but I cannot just continue the paint in there… I mean, it’d be sort of boring, which is not what I’m going for, but my bigger concern is that it would just do, all over again, what that old paper I tore down was doing.  There was so much BLUE in that wallpaper that even though the green was also represented, its overall pallor was navy.  And when the light came in and illuminated that space, the navy of the wallpaper completely cast this weird blueness on the green tile.  I am SO weird about color, at least I know it, and that room was visually *confusing* for me the old way.  It was like peeing in a big, annoying optical illusion.  My brain constantly asking, “Is this green?  Its green right?  This bathroom is GREEN isn’t it?!”  And when I would isolate the color by looking down, or matching it with a paint chip (closest match I found was Benjamin Moore’s “Greenwood Lake”) my eye could confirm that yes, this bathroom has green tile.  Which means that I must avoid creating that old issue all over again and NOT paint something with heavy blue undertones up on that little smidge of wall.  All that is to say– no blue, no purple.  I also don’t want to go with orange in there for the opposite reason, it could make it brownish?  Like, too muddied and yellow?

UGH.  Which leaves me back at ???  I don’t know WHAT to do!  It leaves me shuffling through my paint chips is what it does….

I have to somehow tie all of that together: mint tile; pops of orange; spa shower; adjoining bright purple walls; exotic airs of Casablanca (one can wish!); and sensible, adjustable window coverings–because even though I’m going for ‘exotic,’ this ain’t a harem, yo.  Since I’ll obviously need fabric in order to replace those nasty pull-up blinds with something, I decided to head to JoAnn Etc and hope that something amazing jumped out at me, and it did.  Sort of.

Amazing New Bathroom Fabrics

Amazing New Bathroom Fabrics

Honestly, I was there, agonizing over the options for forever.  They had a couple of florals with mint green and either orange or purple in them, but not both.  And nothing was *singing* to me “you love me, take me hoooome.”  I was starting to get swoony and peeved and sweaty and annoyed (Does anyone else do this in stores?  Sometimes I will just think, “If I do not get out of here right. now. I am going to pass out.”) and I spotted one of the young hipsters they employ to s-l-o-w-l-y cut your fabric at the cutting counter, restocking some stuff.  It was one of those “could this be– YES!  IT IS!!  MY FABRIC!!!” moments.  I surveyed the bolt of what I had found– Navy blue background, with medallions and stylized flowers and– I think– a lovely exotic feel.  Does it have my mint tile color?  Check.  Does it work in my purple or orange?  Check, both!  (That purple is such a great match for the wall paint it’s amazing, and the orange color the fabrics are sitting on is Benjamin Moore’s “Carrot Stick,” to be seen in another room at another time– but a paint I have.)  Is it masculine enough that my husband would approve?  Yes, I think so.  (He does!)  Does it– and this may be the biggest question of all– give you ANY inspiration for wall paint colors?  Yes, yes it does!  I already have a paint chip in my collection that is a close match for one of the other colors found here….

It’s funny to me, when I make a decision that seems like the ‘perfect’ little solution for my project, a sort of calm envelops me.  It is as if, I have been handed the proper key to a magical door, and my work proceeds as if I am walking on puffy, confident clouds of creativity.  (Say that six times fast!)  Out of the vapor, things align easily, everything falls into place.  When this happens, it is almost as if I cannot work quickly enough!  ~Inspiration, please do not leave me~!  I will forgo sleep, I will paint until I am sweaty and my hair is matted with purple (um, not that it’s happened *recently*), I forget to eat, all I crave is the DONENESS!

Imagine my annoyance at being snowed in this week!  Le sigh.  Soon, we will have it– the DONENESS!  I’m aiming to be finished with this bathroom by the end of the month, and I’m buying paint tomorrow, bring Hell or high water….


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