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Ozzie Looks Good Against It

Ozzie Looks Good Against It

That’s what you can call me.  Because these last few days, I have been one befuddled renovator.  I bought the gallon of Benjamin Moore paint last week for my guest room, in a tint called “Wales Green.”  On the chip, this shade seemed sort of celery-colored, very light, and fresh, and soft.  But yesterday morning, as I began my systematic, cutting-in-action (“NOW with SuPa-BrUsH Grip!”), I began to panic.

Original Creamy Wall Color

Original Creamy Wall Color

The room’s color when we moved in was a very dingy golden cream color, sort of like melted French vanilla ice cream.  And it had been *glopped* on, all of the electrical outlets are fused to the wall, not just around the edges but gooped on the center plug part, too.  Crazy.  And there are areas where its run down from outlets or window frames in big drips, and it was never rolled over or whatever, so there are paint gaubs in a few places.  Even if I loved that color– which I don’t, I’m so over covering it that I sort of hate it– and the old walls were too holey and dirty to even consider leaving them as-is.

Let me just say straight-out, that I am normally really, really good a choosing a paint color.  I don’t want to sound cocky or like I’m bragging or anything, because I’m really not, I’m more trying to own a strength.  That’s fair, right?  Know your skills and all that?  Well, anyway, 98% of the time, I paint a room, and I LOVE it.  No remorse, no fear, no apprehension at committing to the cost of a good gallon of paint.  That’s a great success rate.  This color, this “Wales Green” has shaken my confidence a little.  It is really, really super-weird.

And speaking of super-weird, they are apparently apt descriptors for me, because for the LIFE of me, I could not stop painting.  I’ve never had this happen before, and I completely refused to admit that it might be a problem, and I just kept on freaking trucking.  I’ve rationalized this by thinking that maybe I wasn’t seeing it right with just the borders painted, so I painted areas in.  All of them.  *Now* I’m trying to convince myself that maybe a second coat would be magically transformative.  I may be lying to myself with that one, however, so I’m trying sooo hard to hold off.  I want to try and see it at all times of day first.  That’s fair, right?  Hold all calls until I’ve really seen it.  Ugh.  I could be just stalling the freakout.

In A Wedge Of Key Lime Pie!

In A Wedge Of Key Lime Pie!

I thought the color I chose had more grey in it.  This shade seems awfully yellow, but not in a chartreuse way, I would probably love that.  No, this has sort of a milky, *sherbet-y* color to it that is sort of unsettling.  And the ceiling right now is sort of a dirty-toasty cream in textured swirls, so if you stand in the corner and look up, you have the very unsettling feeling like you’re trapped in a swimming pool-sized key lime pie.  Yum, actually, that doesn’t sound half bad, you know, if it were *actual pie.*  Its not a good look in a guest room.  I think that it comes down to– I really wanted soothing, and in this room, I do not feel soothed.   In fact, its sort of jarring. I’m sort of at a loss for the moment.

<<<  Look at that color, its very yellow, no?

The Heck's Entry

The Heck’s Entry

And then tonight, we’re watching The Middle, and I realized that this tone I have slathered all over my guest room is the same color as the entry/ living room of the Heck’s.  Look at that snap, Mike doesn’t look super-sure about “Wales Green” at the moment, either.

Now I’m in the position of how to fix this little issue.  I don’t want to call it a problem, because its most certainly operator error… the color is pretty, but wrong for the room.  I need to come up with a way to make it *right* for the room, and as of the moment, I’m not really sure how to do that.  I refuse to just be done with two-thirds of a can of paint and just go buy more, I am sorry, but I am just on too tight on a budget to be able to do that…  no, the challenge is to how to recover from this goof without spending a ton of money.  Or so much time that I miss my (self-imposed) end-of-the-month deadline.  Soooo….

Yeah.  I guess I’ll be getting on that.




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