I got my gallbladder taken out less than a week ago.  I don’t miss it.  Apparently I was pretty full of stones, and I was at the state where my stomach hadn’t been getting some of its necessary juices for a loooooong time.  My digestion was pretty messed up.  Now when I eat, my tummy is all burbley…. I think overall its pretty happy about all the new bile going on in there and is trying to tell me so.  Who knew I could ever be excited about having bile in my stomach again?!

Recovery has been interesting, it turns out that I am not at all good at being bedridden.  I woulda thought I would have dug that– all the time to sleep in the world, movies to watch, and magazines to read….  turns out, I wandered up there a few times for naps, but I couldn’t stay in bed.  I think my husband said, “Please sit down” about  a bajillion times.   Granted, they wouldn’t let me *do* much, but I did manage to stitch up the neckline of a blouse that needed repairing and paint both sets of nails.  Twice.

Hair Looove!

Hair Looove!

Right now my nails are a faaaab shade of blue which reminds me– so is part of my hair!  I have wanted blue hair forever, forever… really a long time.  And at one point about a year ago I had saved money from my decor budget just for this frivolous purpose, and I ended up spending it on something necessary, like an emergency room visit.  Whee!  Real life trumps fun hair every time!

Anyway.  My husband has two siblings, both of which are married and live in cities far, far away.  This week his brother, brother’s lovely wife, and their two completely adorable children are in town for a visit with family, and so we’ve been vying to see them as much as possible while they’re here.  My sister-in-law, Tom, is the person who introduced me to Pinterest, and she had been seeing my hair hankerings for a long time, especially teal tones, over and over.  She called about a month before their visit and told me to make a hair appointment for us.

I had seen her a few years back with a blue wash on her black hair, and the look was stunning on her.  I wasn’t sure that it would have the same effect on me (as my hair isn’t black, but actually red/brown), so I knew if I was going to commit I would have to reeeeally commit and bleach first and do permanent color.  I was a little hesitant to go full-Marge, that is a little more upkeep than I was ready for right off the bat, so I started pondering alternatives.  I thought about ombre, but frankly that look is so trendy.  I’m not a super-trendy girl.  It just didn’t seem right for me, you know?  I instead devised the plan to just pull the top layer of hair up (just as if I was pulling my hair back, above the ears and up) and leave that as it normally is, and do everything below in teal.  It looks AWESOME.

My Hair!!!

My Hair!!!

I am so so so happy I took the leap.  I have only had it done for a few hours, but I have felt so pretty and so ‘me’ again in those few hours, that it seems completely worth it.  It is very likely that this will not be the last time I do wild color….  (In case you are local to me and are interested in where I went, I had my hair done at Belleza Salon in Bearden, Betsy did it!  I highly recommend her, she knows her stuff!)

I also had her trim it and layer it a bit, I have been trying to do vintage hairstyles on myself for a while, and the problem was that my hair was longer than my arms.  And then, by the time I get a victory roll up to the top of my head, it was the size of one of those tin cans that Hawaiian Punch used to come in.  Ridiculous, and unfastenable by any bobby pin I own, I assure you.  Sooo, now I have the potential to try those again, and I’m pretty excited about that.  Its been a while since I’ve been excited about my hair, so I’m loving this whole turn of events.

I’m hoping to maybe have some pictures taken in the next few weeks so that I’ll have a profile pic for the blog.  Won’t that be fun?

Have you ever had your hair a wacky color?  Was it hard for you to make that plunge, and would you do it again?



(Oh, and!  Trying to get those guest room after pics done for you guys, hang in there!  Its been kinda slow-going with the surgery.)

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