My New Wallpaper Is Here! My New Wallpaper Is Here!

My New Kitchen Wallpaper

To paraphrase Navin R. Johnson, “Its this kind of spontaneous publicity–  your walls in print– that MAKES people!”  Or the room, or something.  Anyway, I talked the husband into buying me the fancy-schmancy real-money wallpaper for our kitchen, the one that makes my heart sing.  I adore it so much that I could not stop thinking about it, to the point where I’m sure I was making him a little crazy.  I mean, I was *constantly* waxing poetic about this specific wallpaper.  Pan finally asked me, (almost in desperation, I would say) “Describe to me in words why this is the best paper.” I said, “It is as if I have stepped into a 1950s French children’s book about a fancy candy shop.” He said, “Sold.”  Yay, my kind husband Pan!  My Birthday is less than a week away, and with that offered up as all the ‘shopping’ he would need to do, I managed to finagle myself into some adorable paper that will be magical and transformative when completely up.  I’m really excited about it.

Cupcake On a Pedestal

I had some initial hesitations about this paper, with the fact that it would require actual money, and that it isn’t prepasted, that’s a biggie.  I wasn’t so sure I was up to that…  I posted to my friends about it on facebook, questioning whether I would be able to handle paper that needed applied paste, and I got a very interesting chorus of similar answers from several ladies of my Mother’s generation.  My Mom’s friend Peg, my friend Amanda’s Mom, Leslie, and my Mother all pretty much said the same thing, which was something along the lines of “not only could I do it, but that I *should* do it that way even if prepasted!”  I had no idea!  I’ve since done a little homework, and I concluded– I think they’re right.  Yeah, I can do this.  I am, I would say, “super-crafty,” and usually I take crap that’s hard and artistic as some sort of personal challenge.  Its not like there isn’t a breadth of information available here on the internet, and I have the handiest parents ever….  I almost NEED to be able to wallpaper with paste now.

Plus, this wallpaper is just too, too good.  It’s so gorgeous– whimsical, colorful, typical of my personal taste in that it feels retro and has that sort of fussy-sketchy illustrator style.  So adorable.  The cake plates with cupcakes and jars of candies are so in-line with what I was collecting for the kitchen anyway– cupcakes, sweets, and ice cream cookie jars and salt and peppers; vintage colorful printed glassware; pyrex of all varieties– all of that is going to look so fantastic on display up against that paper.

The Paper With My Benjamin Moore Chips

When I initially ran across the wall paper it was with a pink background.  I LOVE pink, but that’s a hard commitment to make for a house with two guys living in it.  It was so candy-candy pink!  Especially since that room can be seen from so many other parts of the house.  Yes, it has to feel like it’s “my” space, and overall that it fits with my collected kitchen things.  But it also needs to look good if you glance it from the foyer or the dining room, ’cause that will happen.  So when I saw that they also carried it with a grey background, I felt that finding that paper was almost fortuitous.  My paint color selections for the two adjoining rooms and hallway were two shades of grey found on the same Benjamin Moore chip, so a wallpaper with a few of the bright colors that I needed on a grey background was like the heavens opened up, a beam of light hit the laptop, and I swear I heard angels singing “Love Is a Many Splendored Thing.”  Heaven, to put it simply.  I just *had* to wheedle my way into owning it, right?  Gorgeousness like this cannot be captured with any other ‘cheaper’ paper, and once I spied this, I would settle for no less.  Gorgeousness must be had sometimes, especially if you have to do the work required anyway regardless of visual appeal (in this case replacing some grody peach kitchen wallpaper).  I am so excited to see it up!  To gorgeousness!  Happy Birthday to me!

(The two top grey paint chips are for the living room and dining room walls; the wedding veil white is my trim color, an exact match for the paper stock, which is awesome; the charcoal “gray” on bottom is for a furniture piece or two in those spaces; the “barely teal” will probably be ceiling paint at least in the kitchen.  All chips are Benjamin Moore.)


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