One Hundred Day Challenge

Pinwheel Bouquet

Pinwheel Bouquet

I haven’t been around lately, and as always, I’m really sorry about that.  I feel terrible whenever I’m not posting regularly here, and for a myriad of reasons.  So it definitely needs to be something I work on, blogging needs to be an action I do, and do regularly.

So in that spirit, I am copying a fellow blogger/ facebook friend.  I’m going to do a hundred day challenge, where I post a little something– whatever it is, be it a photo and a write up of a quick something, or an actual thought-out, typical-of-me post– every day for one hundred days.  My intention is simply to put my focus back here for a while, and maybe get back on track.

Now, I’m not promising that they will all be my best work ever.  I’m always going to try for some actual content, and hopefully two or three times a week we’ll see what I’m more commonly prone to doing– a crafty tutorial or a room writeup or the such.  I’ve been doing a quadrillion things around this house, and ya’ll need to see ’em!

So this challenge is for me, to get me back in blogger-gear, but also for you, because I don’t want to just do this whole thing with no real purpose or intention, you dig?

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