One Hundredth Post!

Yay!  This is post one hundred for me!  How fun!  Instead of talking about any one specific thing this time, I’m going to use the excuse of my one hundredth post to meander with the thoughts a little, and hit on some general topics I’ve been thinking about.

Gettin' Halloweeny

Gettin’ Halloweeny

The first thing I’d like to talk about is thrift shopping.  Thrifting has literally been in my world since my Mother’s childhood, so to say that I have years of experience is no exaggeration.  Some of these years were involuntary–  I HATED thrift shopping at about Fox’s age, I wanted my Barbies to have shoes– but it is a task that I have nonetheless been participating in for my entire life.  Unless you are just the biggest idiot, it is my assumption that one absorbs things over years of such experience, or you should.  I have.  But like my seemingly inborn affection for artichokes, this is one of those things that I have been doing for so long and with so little thought as to the *reasons* or methods behind it, that I’ve been taking it for granted.

There is art to eating an artichoke, and thrifting is no different, only more complex.  How easy it is for me, how much I enjoy it, the yummy, fresh morsels I manage to find– I have been absolutely taking it for granted.  That is HORRIBLE.  Just like delicious, healthy veggies, these are not things life owes me, but things I am fortunate enough to have.  That ingratitude stops now.  I recognize that I have been lucky to not only be exposed to gourmet vegetables and thrift shopping from a very early age, I have had so many opportunities to enjoy them over my lifetime that I’ve benefited and learned how to to do them like a pro.  (Artichokes– go for the heart, you ravenous beast; thrift shopping– look for what you like, and don’t be afraid.  Kinda the same thing, right?)  Being self-aware and recognizing the way I’ve been acting, this is important.  Gratitude is the way of the future.

Do you ever have things in your life correspond in such a way that you are sent a message?  Like, my husband Pan and I?  We were introduced by four people.  No, not like a barbershop quartet was standing there and sang, “Hey, meet my friend Pan!”   Like four times people said some variation of, “Hey, there’s this guy you need to meet.”  Not joking.  Idiot me should have started asking, “Is it Pan?”  And then this other hinty stuff started happening; like my friend Tom brings me this mythology book with some artwork in it he wants me to see, and I sit down, and the page flips open to Pan.  Not the page he’d bookmarked with the art, mind you, but the chapter on the Greek character Pan.  Happened.  All.  The.  Time.

Another for instance, my parents– they will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at the end of November– were set up on blind dates with each other TWICE.  Different people setting them up, a year or so apart.  (Thank God they did!  Both times, too.)  But this repeated suggestion thing doesn’t have to be about meeting a person or falling in love (it’s just that those are very convenient examples to remember), it can be about anything that needs to be focused upon in your world.  It’s like– hello, get the message! Something in the universe wants you to wake up, and take notice of this person; that thing; some situation!

Well, it’s kind of been like that with thrift shopping lately.  I’ve encountered some blog posts where thrifting is discussed, and it’s interesting conversation.  I always read them.  I don’t know that if any of what I’m reading feels new to me, but I always have a few things to add about the subject.  Sometimes I pipe up in the comments, but more often than not I think, “I wonder how may people know about…?”

Then I got an email note last weekend from my ol’ college roommate about how she and her husband had started searching the shops to support a new hobby they’ve taken up, and she suddenly *gets* it.  She WANTS to thrift shop and be good at it.  I know I have a lot to offer her by way of advice and tips, but in the moment they feel so incorporated into the routine of it all that I have a little trouble figuring out what is normal for the first-time second hand shopper, and what may be tips I have that are lesser known.  I can say, I’m working on it, it will happen.  That is a blog post for the future.

The gratitude is another thing.   In the last few weeks, there have been several posts cycling through facebook about being thankful. I saw the message, but I don’t know that I absorbed it.  And then last weekend as Pan and Fox went through the household chores, Pan tired quickly of the whining from his son.  I’ve heard it, no kid eagerly does chores, that I know of.  I heard Pan– not nag, or demand quiet, but instead he employed a technique I was so much more clever, and instead of making the tasks angry, and frustration-filled, they created a little bonus bond between father and son.  For every chore they conducted, they found ways to be thankful.  I heard the sounds of Fox’s drawers squeaking open, and Pan saying, “Isn’t it nice having all of these clean clothes?  I’m so thankful mom even stacked them by what drawer they go in!”  As the rack of the dishwasher rolls out, and clean dishes are clearly being removed, I hear Fox say, “I’m glad we didn’t have to wash all of these glasses the old way!”  It was sweet for the soul.  Complaining stopped, and I got to hear that the things I do all the time *are* seen every once and a while.  It cost them nothing, and gave great returns.  After their short work, they were still so much in each other’s favor that they played together in the floor of Fox’s room.  I must try and apply the same attitude more often.  One for the lesson books for me, Daddy.  Great gratitudin’.


Fog Grey Mara Mi Candle

Fog Grey Mara Mi Candle

So– in the spirit of observing my world and what it’s trying to teach me, I’ve been paying greater attention to the components of my life and what I have actual control of…  This has me thinking of writing, and along with the though of blogging more about thrifting and how to be better at it, I want to explore some ideas about the different series I’ve been running and what we’d like to see more and less of–

~Color Of the Month~  This is a monthly thing I started during the Summer… the problem is, it is a really difficult piece for me to write.  Not for me to conceptualize– I’ve planned the colors through next July– but for me to explain.  Colors are hard to describe, and that’s fine, I don’t mind that challenge, but words only go so far.  I must also supply visual examples, and sometimes I don’t have a bazillion items of the color lying around– like this month’s fog grey, shown to left– so I have to go out in search of matches to photograph… and I don’t have a car.  It’s just hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t insist on this blogging thing be easy, and I don’t have a problem with applying myself and straight-up working on it, but there is also the fact that this is a regular,monthly post for me that gets *zero* attention.  Not only have I never gotten a comment on a single color of the month post, I don’t get a lot of views on them, either, even when they’re fresh.  I wonder if I’m beating myself up over a monthly something that doesn’t matter a hill of beans to the rest of you.  Do people really wanna hear me drone on about a specific shade of orange?  Or teal?  I think I might just keep doing the colors month-by-month on my pinterest board–  but unless I hear a lot otherwise, I’ll just stop in the talking about it.  I just don’t think it’s the wisest use of my time.

Come To My Birthday Party

Come To My Birthday Party

~Come To My Birthday Party Book~  I love love this vintage party planning book that these write-ups are centered around, and I actually really like the series.  I’m continually surprised that those old ideas– when they couldn’t hop onto Amazon and buy the perfect cartoony centerpiece or buy and download personalized invites from etsy– that these real moms came up with so many ways to make their kiddo’s day as cute as I do now, with my child’s parties.  There was no pinterest, no specialty magazines about how to best do the day…  the imagination in this book is refreshing to me.  I really hope to start doing more of these, at a rate of at least one a month.  I haven’t been on it like I should.  Watch for me renewing this series sometime this week with a post about a Halloween-centered party!

~What’s On Your Side Of the Bed?~  I know it seems like that series is going nowhere.  I started it and made a post months ago.  It’s taken me a bit to line some up some sides of the beds, but expect that to start up again sometime very soon.  Hopefully we’ll get a pattern going, show that it’s fun and harmless, and more and more people will be willing to volunteer.  I’m very, very excited about the few willing pioneers that are lined up through the end of the year, so stay tuned for those, that should prove to be a really great series.  Also, please let me know if you are willing to participate and talk about your sleepin’ space.



~I tend to do a large ‘holiday’ decor thing, pretty much for every major holiday of the year.  I started with decorating wildly for Christmas every year when I was a single woman, before Pan.  Since we’ve been married, he has really encouraged that ‘do the holiday BIG’ part of me, I think it makes him feel at home.  And I just plain’ old love it–  I like decorating, I like holidays, he likes decorated holidays, it sounds like it should be a thing, right?  I guess my question is– do ya’ll wanna see that?  Do you want to see updates on those old surfaces like my front door, but with it’s Halloween touch?  (I hung a repainted/thrifted ghost over the bird woodsie that is affixed to the frame, and we’ll add pumpkins and the like to the area.)

~Anything else?  Is there anything that you think I should be writing and posting about that I’m not?  Someone mentioned recently to me that I’m a pretty good cook, and that I should think about doing a food blog.  I actually *started* a food blog a few years before this one, it’s still up, and I like the idea behind it (to hammer out recipes and post about them).  I’m also pretty proud of the recipes that I’ve actually posted.  In fact, I made my chili recipe yesterday.  There are some issues about that specific blog concept, but overall I think I should definitely pursue that idea further… it may be a few months, but expect me to get back to that.

I also want to know what you think– Should I go back to doing more tutorials?  Would it be better if I shared more of the decorating process as it was happening, rather than doing simply before/ after posts when I’m all done?  I am a big fan of that “Here’s the blank slate” and then “Shazam– it’s decorated!” thing, but it might be more informative if I were talking about wallpapering just after I’ve done it, or showing you how to decoupage switchplates as I go along.  Tutorials are somewhat hard to make into an interesting read, so I’ve been unintentionally shying away from them, but I know that they create their own kind of good content.  They just may not be very fun for the regular reader…  but I don’t have to get you every time for you to come back, right?  I’d really like to please you guys as the reader as much as myself.

If this is my 100th post, that means that here in my 47th week of blogging, I’m averaging about two a week, which isn’t bad.  I hope to be up to more like three or four posts a week by this time next year.  And it seems like more and more of you are showing up to read, and nothing propels me forward better than that!  I don’t have a huge readership, that’s true, but the ones that I have seem to be smart, and sweet, and just the kind of people I’d like to have a slice of cake and a cup of coffee with, so I couldn’t ask for better.  More than just in the spirit of gratitude, but also the spirit of friendship– Thank you for visiting with me, and reading.  Thank you to all of those that have commented, here on the blog, on its facebook page, or in person.  Now, what did you take in your coffee?  Chocolate cake okay?



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