Out Of the Closet

For about a year now I’ve been making little lifestyle changes in order to feel better.  I had been in a state of digestive discomfort for coming on a decade, and I was over it.  Docs tests had shown that it was nothing major, but I suspected that it was time to get it under control, just for the minor reason of heading into the future as a less crotchety person.  And you know– it’s smart not to test that beyond its limits and eventually let it become some big honkin’ medical deal.

Anyway, I’ve not been on any diet or special regime, it really is just little tweaks here and there that have added up to a healthier me.  It has all happened so gradually that my changes are fairly permanent, and I feel very comfortable about the state of things.  I don’t loathe my exercise choices, and I don’t ever feel like I’m starving or deprived.  It’s nice.  I like feeling better.  Anyway, as a bonus to having more energy and less tummy pain, is that I have lost near to 50 pounds.  No joke.  I can hardly believe it either.

My New Look

My New Look

It has happened really, really slowly.  Maybe a pound a week.  I have greeted the whole *loss* portion of the show almost with disbelief, because it was not the goal.  You could almost say that the pounds lost were easy, because they were a side effect of another goal, the being healthier part.  Always in the past any weight loss has never been easy.  In fact it has been a painful struggle, and one that filled me with a low-level, just below the surface feeling of constant panic, because I never believed they were actual lasting changes.  I knew I was doing crazy things to starve myself, or working out unrealistic amounts– behaviors I could not sustain indefinitely.  Also, in the past it has also never been more than twenty pounds, so this adding up to fifty, and almost effortlessly so– It is astonishing.  It’s really delightful in so many ways.  The main thing however– and the whole reason I bring it up at this time (because it sounds like I’m bragging, doesn’t it?)– is that I have a very rare (possibly once-in-a-lifetime) opportunity:

I get to completely remake my wardrobe.  Top to bottom.  Whole new girl.  It’s awesome!

I literally needed everything but accessories.  I have gone through and tried on everything except my prom (still too small, but barely) and wedding (now WAY too big) dresses.  I have *two* hot pink vintage coats that fit me now, and a couple of fabulous gowns from the sixties that I cannot wait for the occasion to wear.  Problem is, aside from this handful of hoarded items, I had little to nothing to actually leave the house in…  And those aren’t exactly practical day-to-day items, unless I plan on becoming some sort of Julie London impersonator (does any one need one of those?  I’ll com’on-a-your-house).  I needed clothes to wear on the regulars, and like, now.

My Closet!

My Closet!

Seeing as I’m not independently wealthy, I needed to come up with some inexpensive wearables, and fast.  This is not a “go browse Macy’s” situation.  I needed clothes.  But I decided that I would only buy things that fit me well, that I straight-up need, and that I liked.  Oh yeah, and that are affordable.  Tricky, right?  My mother and thrift stores to the rescue, ya’ll!  What would I do without them?  It took me a few weeks, but I dove in and got started.  I’ll update you on all of the progress soon….


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  1. Love. Being healthier is a MUCH better goal than dieting! If you make it this way, I have a super awesome stash of stuff you can go through if you’d like! Most of may require a little creativity…but you just might love.

  2. Amber

    Thank you Cindi, I agree, I am just glad to feel better. And of course, any excuse to see you would be awesome, fashions would be a bonus!

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