Outsmarted By a 12 Pound Furball.

Kitty-Boo In My Plant

Kitty-Boo In My Plant

Most of the time, I believe– like most of us functioning adult humans do– that I am smarter than my cat.  And then things like this happen.  Here I thought I was clever, situating my hearty little houseplant (a form of epipremnum) in its clay pot deep in this heavier ornate one.  Then I balanced precariously in the center of this old bar cart, surely it would be so complicated to get to, he wouldn’t bother it? He has to somehow get to it, then not tip it over, and then it wouldn’t be comfortable, would it?!  But no, I forgot that Cosmo is ninja kitty, and he was totally like, “Challenge accepted, Mamasan.”  Now I catch him *napping* in it, like it’s no biggie.  And to think, his fat butt isn’t even full-grown yet….

What would you do?  How do you keep your adorable domesticated critters out of your houseplants?  Any ideas?

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