On My Bed

Cuddle Buddy

A few nights ago, I was involved with a lengthy conversation with an old guy friend of mine which covered a variety of topics, from coffee to jazz to kung fu.  Somewhere in there, I divulged that about a quarter of my sexual fantasies aren’t really sexual at all, but about– I wince typing this, […]

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My New Look

Out Of the Closet

For about a year now I’ve been making little lifestyle changes in order to feel better.  I had been in a state of digestive discomfort for coming on a decade, and I was over it.  Docs tests had shown that it was nothing major, but I suspected that it was time to get it under […]

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Finished Shoes And Bag

The Glitterings

As my little cousin Jessie said, “Sparkle is my favorite color!” I’m apparently going through my “glitter phase” as an artist.  It began out of necessity, as crafty things often do with me, then I discovered it is so very fun and easy.  And it looks so fancy, and yet whimsical in the end– I […]

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Miniature Glassware

Mini Madness– Or, How I Made Tiny Glasses From Crayons

Aside from a handful of sweet little-girl pals of my son, none of the people I hang out with in real-life are into dollhouses.  In our friend group, this is a realm that is completely unique to me and my hobbies, and that is fine– I have a large, like-minded bank of online buddies that […]

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Rolled Amburrito!

“Amburritos”– Cheap And Easy Steak Burritos

Do ya’ll have any idea how into burritos my kid is?  Like, OBSESSED.  If you ask him what he wants to eat, any time or any day, he will say, “A burrito.”  He does not care if it has bacon and eggs, or rice and beans– he wants one, yes please!  He takes the fandom […]

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The Outside, Before

The Davidson Dollhouse– The Befores

Let’s talk miniatures for a bit, shall we?  That always eases my mind, I consider it to be the perfect escapism. Early in the Summer I completed the organization and decoration of my studio space, and I started pecking away at cleaning out the garage (which still isn’t totally done).  But one of the first […]

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Me After Recent Haircut

The New

There is a lot going on in my life right now, it seems like absolutely everything is in transition.  I’m trying so very hard to embrace all of the change and enjoy the ride.  But then I realize– what are my other options? My world’s to-do list is frighteningly long, and at the very, very […]

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Where the Yellow Would Be

War Of the Drobe

(Ugh.  Ya’ll, I have tried to make this post twice, several days apart, and wordpress has mucked it up both times.  Let’s see if the third time is the charm?) I cleaned out my closet last week.  I know what you’re thinking– if you read that last post, it’s likely something along of the lines […]

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Me And My Cousins

Memories, Like the Corners Of My Mind

(WARNING:  This post contains information of a highly personal and upsetting matter.  If you are only here for the crafts, decor, and recipes, I suggest you skip this one.) I found a picture of me with my abuser yesterday. I’ve been cleaning out all of the corners of my home for weeks and months now, […]

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Kiddo's Door

Door Sign For A Kid’s Room

Or any room, come to think of it!  We live in one of those houses with a long hallway with a bunch of doors off of each side of it, and I decided that in the efforts of clarity, I’d make a nice little sign reflective of the room for all of the doors.  The […]

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