Product Review– Wet ‘N’ Wild Megalast Nail Polish

***I just want to say, right upfront, that as of the writing of this post in April ’14, I am in no way being compensated for my opinion, I am simply writing this out of the love of a good product, and that is all.  (However, Wet ‘n’ Wild, if you WANT to pay me, I will gladly accept your money/ fabulous products!)***

All Of My Wet 'N' Wild Megalast Nail Polishes

All Of My Wet ‘N’ Wild Megalast Nail Polishes– I Am Addicted.

The Nail Polish "Spilled Milk" With My Milk Glass Mug

The Nail Polish “2% Milk” With My Milk Glass Mug

Fingernails.  We all have ’em, amirite?

Okay, first off, let me admit– I am kind of weird about my nails.  I am a stay-at-home-mom and copious crafter, so my hands get a LOT of wear and tear…. a lot.  It used to be that I couldn’t make a pretty manicure last more than a day, I am sometimes *that* hard on my hands.  That’s pretty rough and tough, ya’ll.  Why bother— you wonder– well, that’s where the weird comes in.  I’m really girly.  And I live with two dudes.  I like fashion and pretty things, and the trappings of pampering.  But I’m a housewife that doesn’t really go anywhere– so makeup, and expensive clothes, and hours curling my hair are a total and utter waste of my time.  My nails are the one little constant that I try to keep up, to remind myself that I’m a lady, and that sometimes being pretty is fun….

When I look down and I see well-manicured fingertips, I feel more *elegant.*  My typing becomes more adept; knife skills during the hum-drum dinner prep suddenly seem to have more flourish; and hand me a paintbrush!–  Oh, the confidence and ensuing deftness of brushstroke that comes from having prettier hands!  It as if having colored fingernails has somehow permeated my being with the artist’s touch….

Megalast Purples And Blue

Megalast Purples And Blue

So, for that, I try, very very hard to keep nice fingernails.  Notice I said “keep.”  I only want to have to do them about once a week.  I just plain don’t have the time to concentrate any more on it than that!  It used to be that this put me in a somewhat hopeless situation, as a manicure typically lasted only a couple of days, and I was constantly looking more “grizzled biker chick” than “part-time kitschy ring model” in the hands department.  Yark.  Not the best look.

Then, two years ago, I discovered a nail polish that has literally changed my life.  Yes, that sounds totally melodramatic– and I get that– but sometimes a tiny little thing can completely rework an old defunct way of life for a person.  And Wet ‘N’ Wild’s Megalast has done that for me.  I love it.

Megalast Perfect Red And Pinks

Megalast Perfect Red And Pinks

So, how about long-lasting?  Would you like for this polish to last you a good while?  How about if your nails looked pretty for at least five days?  Yes, please.  Well, this does.  I use a basecoat by Sally Hansen, a couple of coats of my Megalast color of choice, and then more Sally Hansen (the Mega Shine topcoat), and I only have to do them once a week.  I will admit, that sixth day or so is not their best moment, but after a week of what I put them through, they deserve to get their little memories wiped and a fresh coat of color.  The durability of this stuff is great.  I have more than a dozen colors of this line in my collection, and I have noticed no difference in quality from shade to shade.  Its aaaallllll good.

One of the things that has completely sold me on this product is the polish’s applicator brush– it’s wide, and flat, and it has a tapered shape.  Heaven, ya’ll!  I am sure that this is a nail-polish industry innovation that needs to be everywhere.  It gives me such a smooth and easy swipe, it takes me no time and no real skill to coat my fingertips easily and cleanly.  That alone is a timesaver– a smooth coat and easy application?  Sign me up!

Megalast's "I Need A Refresh-Mint"

Megalast’s “I Need A Refresh-Mint”

The color line is beautiful, in fact I have purchased literally every color I could find in my local sales area.  I know other colors exist (yay, internet!), and believe me, if I could find them– I would have them.  I’m pretty sure that there is a base line (which is what I have) and then some expanded colors available in higher nail-sales markets.  I may get all weird visiting drugstores and stalking the nail aisle when I visit Atlanta next month….

I have several shades that I return to again and again, I love them so much.  The blue (I Need a Refresh-Mint) is great against my fair skin, and I think it looks fresh on a shorter, shaped nail.  The shimmery charcoal shade (“Venomous Vixen”) is sooooo dramatic on, and I LOVE it on my toes, especially with black wedge sandals.  Also– the red, called “I Red a Good Book.”   If you’ve worn any makeup in your life, you’ll know that red is soooo tricky, especially for redheads like myself.  This color is *perfect* on me.  I bought it thinking I would just have it for the sake of having it, and tried it on my toenails one day on a whim.  I’ve ended up wearing it a lot, it’s such a great shade on me.  It’s a very-cherry, retro red, and I love that.  And their two orange shades I adore– “Heatwave” being the darker, pinker orange, and “Club Havana” being that perfect light tangerine.  And then there is the pinky-purple (“Through the Grapevine”), and heck, even the blue-purple (“On a Trip”), they’re all great.  Vivid, fresh, glossy, and so fun.

My St Patty's Nails

My St Patty’s Nails In “Deadly Dose”

And then– AND THEN– there is price.  The drugstores where I look for my nail polishes expect me to fork over upwards of eight bucks for a bottle of Essie.  Is that a joke?  Um, no thank you.  I spend too much time scouring thrift shops and making my own curtains to go and throw ten bucks on something like nail polish.  Not.  Gonna.  Do it.  Wet’N’Wild’s Megalast is only two bucks for its regular full-price.  Yes, that’s right, two dollars each bottle.  And sometimes– heavenly rays of sunlight and the sounds of harps playing magical kinds of sometimes– I will find them on sale buy one get one free.  This makes me want to squeal right there in the aisles of CVS, people.  Fantastic polish for a dollar a bottle?  YES, I totally did buy my best friends some of my favorite colors, just ask them.  It’s rare that a product is so good, and so inexpensive that when I have all of them that I can possibly get, I buy more in the hopes that I can hook my friends.*

Really ya’ll, I can’t find a thing that I don’t love about this line of polish.  (Okay, that’s a fib– most of the names are hokey-doodle puns, but is that really something to dislike?)  As far as I’m concerned, if I can keep getting my hands on fun shades, I will never really buy another polish again.  (Well, okay and Wet’N’Wild needs a fantastic base and topcoat using that tapered brush.  And THEN I will never buy another polish!)  But truly ya’ll, I’m one of those people that is not overwhelmingly brand-loyal, I like a deal.  And when I can be brand-loyal to a *great* product AND get a deal?  Okay, I’ll take that bait.  Donezies.


*And it may be working, too!  The last time Amber was over she saw my nail supply basket out on the coffee table and said, “Oh, I love this Wet’N’Wild stuff, it’s the one with the tapered brush, right?!  I love the red!”  You know it!



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