Progress, Progress….

Let’s talk about the master bathroom, shall we?  I’m ashamed to admit it– but I still haven’t acquired my perfect bucket of Benjamin Moore paint, life hasn’t allowed it!  I’ve not had the match of time and vehicle and weather, which is fine, because the weather part of it wouldn’t really allow me to paint, either.  Gotta have a little ventilation, and that space is so tiny, and well, it’s been like, *snowing* here.

We like snow.  The good thing about East Tennessee and snowfall is, generally you don’t get enough of the fluffy stuff for it to be annoying.  It ends up being a couple of days out of school for the kid, Pan building fires in the buck stove, and cocoa and soup and biscuits around here.  You can tell we’re suffering, right?  Yeah.  So its hard to believe “Whaaaaa, I couldn’t paint!”

In the meantime, I have made a *few* strides….

I managed to make it to Bed, Bath, & Beyond with a hefty 20% off coupon and the wee remains of an old gift card.  I walked around the *entire* store before finding out that the bath stuff was actually over in beyond.  Beyond my limits, in the corner over by the checkout.  I looked and looked, and I’m telling ya, forty bucks for a bathmat is cray-cray.  It could have my name on it and be made out of unicorn fur, and I would still be super-hesitant, so its highly unlikely I’m going to pay that for a purple fuzzy rectangle.  I ended up buying some interesting Amy Butler washcloths (huge for washcloths, small for towels) that were on clearance, and used my coupon on a brushed nickel (plastic) wall clock.  It’s fairly boring, but I’m pondering dressing it up… we’ll see if the room needs it when I’m closer to done.

I also looked at Target, I must admit, I love Target.  You get it, don’t you?  Ugh…. their dollar spot *alone* is trouble.  I just want to skip through there and “I’ll take one of these, and one of those, and SIX of this, and….”  I’ve been known to do it.  While at Target, I bought a fairly simple, but reeeally fuzzy bathmat, large enough to cover all of the exposed floor in that bath.  Twelve bucks, and THAT’S a price I can live with.  It’s not super-sexy, but it will do the job perfectly.  And I think since the floor space in there is so limited, its actually better to go plain on the floor, since all of that floor mat will be tread (“trod?”  That sounds weird.) upon.

Ohmigod, I just realized I was rambling about bathmats.  I am a horrible, horrible blogger.

Let’s not talk about shopping anymore and we can talk about what I’ve done instead.  My husband still does some occasional maintenance work for his previous employer, and I guess that counts as enough work to get his usual Christmas gift basket.  The contents of the basket themselves are nice, usually we end up with a jar of caviar that we have *no idea* what to do with (not exactly donatable to the local soup kitchen), but everything else is always devoured– fancy water crackers, greek olives, coffee flavored cookies, good stuff!  But afterward we usually have a large vessel of some kind… one year’s two-foot long wicker basket became the place by the door where we piled our shoes.  You get what I’m saying?  Big odd something.   This year’s was sort of a leather-covered bin thing?  How would you describe this dealy-o?

Leathery Bin-Thing

Leathery Bin-Thing, Before

Its sort of made out of hard cardboard or something of that ilk, but heavy-duty, not flimsy at all.  The interior is felty, and the outside was a cream leatherette lizardy print, with that criss-cross of black pleather trim.  With a hole in the back, we can’t forget that!  It’s only six inches or so wide, but fairly deep at about a foot tall at the back.  Kind of a strange thing, right?

Our bathroom has zippo storage, just the medicine cabinet and the back of the potty, so I really needed to come up with something for stashing towels and extra tp.  This bin thing is small enough that it can sit under the window on the floor, up against the wall, and its sort of out of the way, as much as you could be in that bath, anyway.  And, because its not wooden or metal, we’re not likely to injure ourselves if we stub our toe on it in the middle of the night.  Bonus!

But of course I did not visually love it the way it came, so I did some extremely careful decoupaging.  If I could tell you how to lay your hands on one of these things, I’m not so sure that I would still recommend covering parts of it, because frankly– this was a tricky project.  Moderate to advanced crafty-pants need only apply.  I made a hard-core pattern of the white areas, carefully snipped my selected match-the-bathroom fabric, and with plenty of mod podge, a paintbrush, and really sticky fingers, I covered it.  It turned out great, I’m so happy I did it.  And because of the mod podge, it will be really durable, and I can even wipe it clean if it ever gets dusty or grubby sitting on the floor.  Its seen in the spot it ‘goes’ in the photo below.

Floor-Towel-Bin-Thingy, After

Floor-Towel-Bin-Thingy, After

I love it.

I’ve also made a window panel, just a quick little grey rectangle on a tension rod to block the view from the literal other side of the tracks, and a simple valance of the fabric I used above.  I’ve removed the ancient shades, labeling and placing them in the garage for the next people to untangle, I want nothing more to do with them.  They were so gross, I know the rest of the blinds in the house must be just as bad, I’m actually a bit itchy thinking about it.  Work faster, Amber, work faster!  Anyway, these new ones are just what the doctor ordered, but I’m waiting to show you, leaving a little bit to the imagination.  I’m a veritable Gypsy Rose Lee of home dec, I am.

And speaking of feathered fans, I’ve had a bit of an idea, not involving fans of course, that would be obvious.  No, about lanterns!  I have some paper lanterns left over from a few parties, so I’m thinking about using them in there.  I have no real art slated for that space, and that makes it sort of up in the air for me.  Usually I’m working around something inspiring.  I don’t know if I’m inspired by anything but the want to have it done– is that enough?  I know that I need to keep a toothbrush and several other amenities in there, and I’m working with the mint (seafoam?  pistachio?  what color would you call it?) tile, and all the while trying to tie in our crazy master bedroom a little bit.  Tall order, but not inspiration…. so maybe this lantern thing is it, my inspiration.  We’ll see… first I’d like to PAINT!




















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