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See the Giant Pine, Straight Ahead?

See the Giant Pine, Straight Ahead?

Whenever the weather is nice enough, I take my exercise outside, in the form of a walk around my block or four.  There is a short stretch of road that I walk the entire length of, and it is rare that I see another person or even car along this very private stretch.  Today as I was chugging up the slight incline, I noticed that there was a truck with a trailer parked in the near-middle of the road at the end of the block, I assumed belonging to the man that was mowing the lawn of the house on the right corner.  As I rounded that same corner a few moments later, timing aligned so that he was coming around from the other direction on his riding mower.  We made eye contact followed with the standard Southern nod of acknowledgement.

Lap two brings me past him as he is weed-eating and trimming the perimeter of the lot.  Lap three he is loading the mower onto the trailer.  Now it is important to note that the house across from the one he is working on has an enormous pine tree.  I always have to watch my footsteps in this little area of road, because there are softish, golf-ball sized pine cones littering the street, and stepping on them can really jack you up.  So this second and third time around I was more concerned with my footing than anything else.

He must have noticed that as he was tending to the machinery.  The last and fourth time I came around that corner and looked up that hill, he was just finishing up moving all of those cones and accumulated needles off of the road with his leaf blower.  As I got to him, he was getting into the truck, and he gave me a small solute as if to say, “This should be easier now.”  Completely not the house he was working on, but he went above and beyond, and I assume that was for me.  It made my day.  I hope to pay it forward similarly for a stranger sometime in the next week.  Kindness is so contagious.

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