Score Of the Week! (#18)

Lots and Lots of Christmas Diecuts

Lots and Lots of Christmas Diecuts

Happy Veteran’s Day, ya’ll!  Usually on Veteran’s day, our local AmVets thrift store has a massive 50% off sale, and normally I try not to miss it.  The only thing better than finding something awesome that you want for cheap?– that cheap thing being fifty percent off!   But this time, I had a doctor’s appointment (of unknown duration) scheduled for Monday morning…  normally I would have just skipped the mega sale.  This time, however, I had sort of a force compelling me to GET THERE!

I have this *thing,* I have probably mentioned it before here on the blog, we call it, well, “the call.”  My mother and sister also experience the phenomena, it’s basically when some amazing something pulls us out to any random thrifty locale, where we are able to score this awesome, better-than-average thing.  I’m not kidding, it is a very real, physical sensation, leading me to the correct thrift shop and some magical (usually vintage) item, and when I find it, the feeling goes away.  It has never failed me, not once.  Usually the finds are long-time wants, and found at spectacular prices.  It’s an amazing thing, ya’ll, all I have to do is follow it!

Great Gobblers

Great Gobblers– (shot through the specialty filter known as a hammy cat)

Basic Black Bangle

Basic Black Bangle

Well, Sunday I had the call reeeeally badly, and knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to hit my AmVets on the morning of their big sale, I felt almost PANICKED to get over there and find this amazing thing before someone else came along and scooped it for half off… isn’t that crazy?  True though.  Later that afternoon, I managed to talk the guys into a little drive, so we ambled over, and boy howdy– am I glad we went!

Red Retro Bulbs

Red Retro Bulbs

I really only had ten bucks to spend, so I went past all of the clothes, shoes, and bags, and headed back to the housewares and ‘gewgaws.’  I only glanced at the furniture, as it seemed unlikely that whatever was calling me would be there and within my budget, making the holiday stuff the first real aisle I paid any attention to.  Somehow I managed to enter that aisle from the back, so at first I thought there would be NO potential Thanksgiving things, and I was a little bummed.  I *did* find HUGE pack of Christmas die-cuts of all sorts and sizes, just judging from the images, I’m guessing late 70’s- 80’s.  Not bad, but my “call feeling” went nowhere.  As I got to the front of the row, I found these two vintage pottery turkeys.  So excited!  I’ve been picking these up since I saw the collection my flickr friend Sara/doublewinky brings out every year, she calls it her “turkey trot.”  I’m a big believer that anything can be made more amazing by merely being amassed into a collection, and mylanta, this is a great example of that.  I collect them, I have seen a lot of them up close and personal, so I can honestly say that a turkey planter is not a really visually stunning thing… but together, they are sort of adorable.  I don’t know how to explain it, I don’t really get it, but it seems that every year when I get them out, I am truly charmed by them.  Last year, we literally spent our first weekend in this house the weekend before Thanksgiving, so it’s been two years since I’ve cracked out this grouping.  I’m so happy that I get to add to the flock!  (I’ll be sure to update you with images of the T’giving mantel.)

Darling Deer Drinking Glass

Darling Deer Drinking Glass– Unwashed, Obviously

The turkeys were a cool find, but *still* I had the call.  I headed next to the housewares, and when I found this amazing vintage forest drinking glass with the fawns on it, well, I’ll admit it– I fawned!  My husband literally heard my “Oooh!” from a couple aisles away, and chuckled.  I will freely admit that part of my glee was the dollar price tag, because I very rarely find any old glassware for that low, but a bigger part of my excitement had to do with that scene!  I swear I’d just pinned one on pinterest with a deer on it a few weeks before– feeling totally envious as I did it– and I actually like this one a little better!  I love the way you can look through the glass and you get the feeling of a layered scene, it’s going to be spectacular once I get it washed!

So, this is when it got weird– my call didn’t go away.  I gently placed the glass into the bottom of the cart, and I *still* had this feeling like there was something else….  I strolled through the frames and artwork, I picked over the books, I perused the linens, I even circled back and looked through the housewares a second time.  It was kinda nagging me.  Then the loudspeaker blared that they would be closing in fifteen minutes, and I tried to tell myself that I was being silly.  I’d found enough!  I headed over to the only row that the guys are ever interested in– the toys– to tell them I was going to head up front to the registers.

Darling Darci Doll

Dingy Darci Doll

Standing there at the end of the toy aisle, chatting with my dudes about what they’d found (nothing good), I looked down, and I saw the splayed legs and plastic tush of… could that be?… a Darci doll?  I grabbed her out of the bin, and lordy, it was!  As a lifelong redhead who had and loved a redheaded Darci in her girlhood, I have many times pondered buying one on ebay.  For a split second I was sad that she was a blonde, but really, I’m totally thrilled to find her.  My for a moment, excitement turns to sadness when I see where the staff has marked her price on her upper arm. (Kinda rude, AmVets dudes!  It’s the only part that didn’t clean up!)   I can’t tell if the price is “19.08” or “1.9o B” as they don’t use those handy-dandy decimal points.  Grr.  I decide to ask up front, and ding!  When I hear she’s two bucks, she was the last selection of the day.  Call all gone!  Yay, great scores!

Darci Doll-- Looking Darling

Darci Doll– Looking Darling

How cute is she?  Did you have one of these as a girl?  I always thought she looked maturer than Barbie, but as a slightly larger girl, she also symbolized a lot for me– she kind of said that beauty could be different from Barbie.  She was proof that there was no one *set ideal* for beauty, and I still feel that way about it.  Plus, she kind of forced me to start sewing, I wanted her to have pretty clothes of her own, and Barbie’s were never an option.  I finagled her some out of old snipped-socks and scrunchies, and eventually made her a nicer and nicer wardrobe.  Man, I wish I still had some of those clothes now!  Very pleased to add this lovely lady to my collection, and I hope I eventually get her some friends!  (I guess I do, technically, still have Dusty, but….  Poor Dusty.)




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