Score Of the Week! (#19)

Betty Crocker's Good And Easy Cook Book

Betty Crocker’s Good And Easy Cook Book– So Cool!

It’s been a while since I’d been able to hit the thrift shops, but I’ve had the good fortune to go to one in the last week!  That’s a yay!

This isn’t a huge score by any means, but as my camera died (booo hooo!) not long after taking these, I felt it best not to wait and see if there are any more thrifty visits this week.  This also means that although some of these pics are just shy of being crisp, they are are the best that’s going to happen, my apologies there.  I like crispy pictures.  Anyway, having some pics are better than there being none, no?  So, without further adieu, let’s get to gettin’!

I got a couple of vintage fifties helpy books that I’m excited about.  The first wasn’t actually thrifted, but was passed to me by a friend of my mother’s, who was cleaning out her stuff and thought I’d like it.  Boy howdy, is she right!   This Betty Crocker’s Good And Easy Cook Book is from the era when Betts was at her peak!  I want to say that I have also seen this book in the larger format?  I have some of her other books from the era that are standard-sheet-of-paper-sizeish, like her Kid’s cookbook, and the classic binder-style New Picture Cook Book, does anyone know if this also came out in that full-size?  I looked online, but I couldn’t tell for scale if my life depended on it with just random pictures.  Anyway, this one is little, like those journal-sized volumes, and in great condition to boot.  I just love it, and you can’t do better with free!

Better Homes And Gardens Handyman's Book

Better Homes And Gardens Handyman’s Book

And, for the complete pendulum swing of stereotypical fifties gender roles, I got this spectacular Better Homes and Gardens Handyman’s Book, which I freaking adore.  It is the ‘regular-size’ I was referring to above, and in a binder format, complete with awesome divider tabs and the whole deal.  I’ve flipped through it a few times, the photographs of working dads in button-up shirts with their organized workbenches just KILL me.  I’m going to be tempted to just store it with its friends the vintage cookbooks, but we’ll see.  I’d really like for it to be in a spot where people will see it and thumb through it, it’s that kind of fun….

Vintage Wheat Glass

Vintage Wheat Glass

Speaking of things I collect, I added another to my vintage printed glassware collection– this wheaty number to the right.  It’s a Libbey, if memory serves me correctly.  (It is, I double-checked.)  The camera angle came out a little weird (remember, I couldn’t take more shots), it IS much smaller on the bottom– with a nice, thick pad of glass at the base– but not as drastically as the picture makes it seem!  I *really* like the shape of the glass though, even moreso than the wheat design.  Nothing against wheat (heck, I’m a gluten addict), it’s just that I find that this smaller-bottomed tumbler style is a little rarer in my collection, that’s all.  It is the type of glass that when filled with an icy beverage, feels really swank and elegant in your hand.

I believe I scored this faboo tumbler for a buckish?  I got it at the kind of thrift shop that doesn’t really realize when they have an old, nicer, ‘collectible’ piece, all glassware simply gets grouped on one shelf for a dollar a glass…  ahhh, I love those places.  They are getting rarer and rarer these days!

Down By The Old Mill Stream

Down By The Old Mill Stream

1980's Jointed Skipper Doll

1980’s Jointed Skipper Doll

It seems like most everything I purchased was for one collection or another.  This fifties faux-painting of a mill was clearly in its not-original (and extremely grody) frame, as usually these old prints didn’t have glass.  It’s all fine with me, for this $2.50 purchase, I got a cool print of a stream for my guest room grouping of waterside pastoral scenes, as well as a frame I can clean up, spray paint, and of course use elsewhere in the house.  Easy!  The ‘painting’ of the mill and stream is already hanging up, and looks great with all of it’s similar friends.

In the not-exciting-to-anyone-but-me category, I got another of these fully jointed eighties Skipper dolls.  (This is my second, I believe.)  I’m pretty sure this edition was a gymnast?  She’s really flexy, and with a nice smaller-size/ younger girl body for playscale, which makes it really a useful doll body for me.  Not so much on the head.  Although, I find it amusing when they are completely clothes-less like this, but still have their original earrings, so I might try and see how well her hair cleans up and just repaint her, rather than giving her another head entirely.  I dunno yet.

Asian Santa Claus Ornament

Asian Santa Claus Ornament

I find that good Christmas ornaments can often be cheaply scooped right after the holidays, and this is especially true for this bitty gem, purchased for a DIME.  I mean, com’on, in the original box?  That’s a steal!  I mean, yes, I realize it seems sort of random, but let me explain– I’m slooowly decorating the living room in an Asian vintage kitsch theme, and I will eventually want to have a second full-sized Christmas tree up there in that room along with the one I’ve been doing all along in the downstairs den.  I’d like the upstairs tree to be more thematically tied to the room’s decor, and I was worried that I was wanting something sort of impossible…  I mean, Asian Christmas tree ornaments?  Who knows?  But then I got this fantastic set of Chinese lantern ornaments from my husband’s Grandma’s collection (See them here, halfway down the page–, and my brain said, “Okay, it’s on!”  Sooo… new collection?  Gonna start scouring the world for vintage Asian kitsch Christmas tree ornaments!

Whataburger Pitcher

Whataburger Pitcher

A mere couple of weeks after deciding such a thing, I find this porcelain Santa-cutie from the late 70s/ early 80s in its original box.  And like I said, a DIME!  Considering it’s three out of four of my main colors for that living room– lime, yellow, teal, and poppy red– I consider all of this to be an incredibly good omen for my new collection and eventual Christmas tree.

So, that living room adjoins to my dining room, which will have sort of a black, white, yellow, and chartreuse thing going on decor-wise.  When I found this 1986 Whataburger pitcher with the faux stained glass roses, I must admit, I kinda fell in love!  It’s not the typical *me* thing, especially when it comes to my specific glassware collection.  But, I DO need a nicer serving pitcher, so at six bucks it certainly fit the bill.  I guarandamntee that when filled with ice and lemonade it’s gonna weigh a TON, but I love it!  (Pic was taken before I used the magic eraser on it, it’s sparkly-clean now!)

This last thing (or duo of things, actually) is going to seem baffling at first if you know me pretty well, but bear with me a minute.  Our master bedroom’s feel is completely hinged on this one piece of fabric that my husband and I have both agreed upon.  I love the wild color combo, and my husband likes the exotic, almost middle-eastern feel to the pattern.  Eventually this piece of fabric will become our visible bedding, and so being mindful of that, I’ve been watching for things that would be right in the finished room.  It’s amounted to not much, really.  ***

Duo Of Elephant Prints, Before

Duo Of Elephant Prints, Before

When I found this duo of elephant prints, I immediately registered that they were all of the same colors from our room and its central fabric piece….  Lots of orange, purples and aquas in both, so that is great.  I also like the fact that they’re elephants– an animal I reeeally do admire, I think they’re amazing– and elephants are certainly suggestive of the exotic.  The square format is good, I actually like that, and the framing is clearly higher quality, they are quite hefty and well-done.  The problem?  I think they’re sort of dated.  They have a very early-90s feel to them, and not in a way I find hip or trendy, as if I were following that fad anyway.  And I reeeally hate the gold frames, they just feel sooo flashy and attention-getting to me.  (Completely a personal taste thing, though, if David Bromstad’s pinterest boards are any indication– glossy gold is about to be back *big time.*)  I will admit, I almost put them down.  The price of three dollars each is so great though, I rationalized that even if I took the elephants out and used them in a collage or something, those frames were worth more than three bucks each.  Which is true.  I brought them home, and I’ve propped them up where I can look at them, and I have an idea.  I think I can ‘fix’ them to where I love them, and pretty easily too.  I’ll update ya’ll on the finished look when they’re done and I finally have another camera.

Anyway, not a bad handful of finds for a lonely little thrifty trip!  Do you tend to find better stuff or very little at this time of year?

***It has occurred to me upon writing this post that a lot of my room themes/ collections are highly specific and nichey…  I really think that’s okay though.  I have the good fortune to find enough great stuff out in this world that it does me good to have reasons to narrow things down and whittle items from my vast finds.  Don’t be afraid to want your stuff to be/ or feel a certain way, that’s the joy of the journey of personal style!






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