Score of the Week! (#3)

This last weekend, my Mother-in-law drove into town, and was kind enough to take me to the local AmVets and then watch the kid while I browsed.  I have a heckuva ‘watch for’ list with this house project, and while not the best thrifting trip ever, I did manage to garner some good stuff!

Coral Rose OvalYellow Rose Oval


Yellow Rose Oval

***This embroidery duo is pretty amazing, I was really thrilled to find them.  Their plastic oval frames were already pine green and highlighted with gold brushstrokes, and they both measure about a foot tall.  Their background fabric is sort of a slubby creamy color, almost like burlap but more finished, and they are very clean.  The colors are really bright and lovely.  One of them had the little decorative keyhole loopy thing broken off, so broke off the other one and put it in my ‘maybe later’ stash.  I ‘fixed’ this by tying two simple knots out of coral grosgrain and glued them over the holes to add a little punch of color and, er, cover the hole.  They will both go in my guest room, I think the colors are right.  They have a pencil notation on the back, some initials as well as year ’73…  I wonder if the original stitcher would be thrilled to know that someone else is enjoying them now.


Testing them out in the guest room.

Poppy Footed Mug

Please– when you look at the above picture– imagine the fabulous embroidered ovals against an elegantly painted wall, will ya?  I’m pretty excited at how great they are going to look great in the guest room when I’m finished in there.

***I nearly missed this orange poppy mug, it had a chunk of oasis foam in it with faux foliage– most of which were missing their blooms– as well as some really gross, limp ribbons knotted in a former bow on the handle.  I’m convinced that it was only still there because it was hard to see the actual mug beyond its ‘dressings.’  Cleaned up, it looks great, its in really great condition.  The orange on those poppies is just delightful.

Space-Age Valance

***I also got some interesting vintage linens, one of them being a green diagonal striped 60’s Cannon sheet that I didn’t photograph, but I did want to show off this fun cotton valance.  Its really loooong, like big enough to go across a double door.   I like the pattern, it is so very eighties looking!   Part of that is the space shuttles, I’m sure.  But pink?  NASA has gotten a lot more bold with its color choices in this version of the 1980s.   The spongy cobalt blue sky kind of cracks me up too.  I’m not sure if this is going to stay a valance, or if it will ultimately be sacrificed for a stitchy project.  But since both the guest room and Fox’s room are going to be spacey, I’d say there’s a good chance I can find it a home somewhere around these parts.  At 89 cents, of course I’m going to get it!


That was only the second time I’d been to that AmVets, but both times I’ve found good things… I’m a little bummed that this side of town we’ve moved to doesn’t really have many thrift stores (rent on the real estate around  here is too high, I’m sure), but if I still find good things at the few closeby, I’ll be okay!  Only time will tell, but so far, things look good.





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