Score Of the Week! (#21)

I’m going to have to rename this series, these posts are never, ever, weekly.  What can I say?  I *wish* I went thrift shopping every week!  Until that happens, the titles of these posts will continue to LIE TO YOU.  So.  Welcome to my “Bi-Weekly Thrifted Score Amounting to Number 21!”  My “Semi-Regular Post About Cheap Things I Bought!”  (Not nearly as natural-sounding as “Score Of the Week!”, is it?  Blergh.)

The Entireity of what I Got At the First Three Thrift Shops

The Entirety of what I Got At the First Three Thrift Shops

This last weekend was the yearly magician’s convention that my husband always attends (yes, I’m married to a magician), so for the second half of the week– it was me with the car, runnin’ the errands, as well as me that was completely responsible for the conveyance of my li’l dude to and from school.  Which is cool, I have no problems with any of that.  Both days I made the effort to leave the house a little bit early of kiddo’s pickup in order to hit a thrift shop or two while unencumbered, and it was completely awesome.  I forget how nice it is to have transportation and the chance to schedule my own interests, it so rarely happens.  Is it sad when a day hitting the thrift shops and picking up my fave little dude from school seems like a treat?  If this is indeed something that seems like a bummer, it might be best if you don’t tell me… right now, it seems pretty great.  Hey, celebrate the little things in life, and all that.

Cute Cupcake Trinket Jar

Cute Cupcake Trinket Jar

I didn’t have a lot of money set aside, but I knew I had enough for a little thrifty fun.  One thrift shop in particular had been drawing me to it….  seriously, over and over and over I felt the call (that’s what my thrift shoppin’ family calls it) to go to this one particular store.  That’s how it works for me, it’s just get this feeling, and it will sort of direct me to a location, and it’s like– “I want to go to there.”  Also adding to the pressure this time/ not helping this feeling go away is the fact that I *always* find great stuff at this one particular AmVets.

Buuuuuuut– it’s on the other side of town from every other errand I had, so I just really didn’t want to make the trip out there.  So while I had the hardcore call, this whole other part of me was resisting SO HARD.  I was actually trying to trick myself into being satisfied with other thrift stores, which is both hilarious and silly.  (Mostly because I know that this tactic *never* really works.  It’s like trying to get over a really fantastic guy buy dating a string of lame dudes you don’t give a darn for; it sounds fun, but you don’t end up replacing dream guy in my experience– you just feel dirty, tired, and a little sad.  All’s the same with the thrifty call and soul mates, apparently.  Anyway, I knew better.)

Weeellll…  after going to three other thrift shops closer to Fox’s school, I could no longer fight that lovin’ feeling, and I HAD to go see what they had aaaaaall the way over at AmVets that was calling so incredibly persistently to me.  On Friday I picked up the boy from school and we headed straight across town to the beckoning AmVets.

On the way, we had a hilarious moment of parent/ child mind melding: we’re in the car, almost there, poking along slowly through to the other side of one of those mega-shop-a-plex-centers (I’d entered the complete opposite end from the thrift store), and as I’m driving around the perimeter, I’m slow-jamming the super-generic signage R&B style, y’know, like I do– “Awwwww yeah, ‘Discount Flooring’, baaaabaaay. Wanda’s Style Maaaaart, Unhhh…” Kiddo joins in for a few store names, and getting the hang of the groove, hits the falsetto and timing *exactly* the same way I do for, “Tae Kwan Do and KAH-RAH-TAAAAAAAAY!” No denying he’s my kid ya’ll. I laughed so hard I almost rear-ended a stopped FedEx truck.  Good stuff.  Almost worth the trip over there just for that!

Huge Pile O' Stuff From AmVets

Huge Pile O’ Stuff From AmVets

Anyway, I’m rambly today.  We’ll blame the meds….  Wanna hear about the stuff I got, finally?  I’ll just pretend like you do.

At those first three shops– the ones I went to while I was playin’ like I didn’t need to hit up AmVets– I didn’t really find much but two or three dollars worth of goods at each place.  All together I got: a couple of books for Fox, and a couple of vintage books for my collection (bummer that the Puppet Storybook is missing its lenticular card as they so often are, but still worth the fifty cents); an empty cookie tin that was mildly appealing; that flat blue cobalt sheet to use for cutting up for Fox’s bedroom makeover purposes; teensy yellow wheelbarrow for a nickel; and the best of them all, a cupcake trinket jar for my kitchen sweets collection.

Vintage Kid's Books

Vintage Kid’s Books

The cupcake was the only thing I was remotely excited about from all of these spots, which is sad in my opinion.  Normally I don’t have to work so hard to find so little…. the Goodwill where I purchased it was swamped with people, and my son was *desperate* to get out of there, poor guy.  When I found it– in great condition, and for only a buck– it suddenly felt worth braving the checkout lines and a subsequently grumpy guy.  (To his credit– it was unseasonably warm that day, and we were both kinda sweaty.  Not sweaty-sweaty, but you know, misty.  Head-humid or whatever.  And you know, I’m such a meanie because I don’t carry distracting electronic gadgetry, so he actually has to talk, and look around, and relate to people and all that tiring stuff.)

Other that it, the first spots I hit were overall disappointing.  I think I got twice as much at my final visit to the AmVets!  I was kinda thrilled with my sweep, and of course I felt glad I’d made the effort to actually go.  As usual.  (Ho-hum, why do I even bother fighting these things?)

The New Solids

The New Solids

At AmVets, I got another sheet for cutting up, this one is a light, bright lime green.  (Actually very, very similar to the Benjamin Moore “Wales Green” of my guest room.)  Now I’m torn– use it for Fox’s room, as he prefers the lime green to blue, or use it for the dining room, which I will be soon doing in chartreuse and lemon yellow…?  Ah, decisions!

I also got *more* books, two of them are random– no, I’m not a grandmother!– I’m not really thinking I’m going to keep them, even though that means I’m not sure what I’ll do with ’em in the end.  I keep thinking I’ll be reopening my etsy shop soon, but it keeps not happening.  These grandma-type books used to do great in my shop before… we’ll see.  (Back in the olden days when I had an open etsy shop.)  The copy of Where the Wild Things Are is surely Fox’s third volume, but I cannot seem to find the first, and the second is missing a chunk of pages (no fun!), so.  Of course.

Horizontal Rose Tray

Horizontal Rose Tray

The tray is another of those things that I have no real intended purpose for as of this moment, but I’m sure it’ll work itself out.  It seems I run across these tin beauts less and less, and unless they’re crazy-priced, I get them whenever I see them.  (This one was practically a steal.)  Love the colors and the wacky placement of the roses.  I tend to find these things with pre-photoshop pictures on them fairly awesome and kitschy, there is a realness to them you just don’t see anymore.

Goodie Packs

Goodie Packs

I picked up a huge stack of what appears to be some sort individually wrapped packs of party favors?  They are all made up of sort of generic holiday stickers and a prompty notepad, each in a really nice resealable poly sleeve.  I know I am going to sound *craycray* when I say that it is actually the sleeves that sold me on the stack, those will be reopened and stuffed with more bits and bobs for my son’s Summer birthday party.  We’re doing an arty/ LEGO theme, and I’ve bought blank books for the kids to take home in their goodie bags– so this is perfect!  It’ll help their creative process in making their own stories come to life.  I couldn’t have found a better match for my purposes (except for maybe LEGO, and for that I already have stickers to add!), and I got a HUGE stack of them for just a couple of dollars.  It seems like a random buy, but things like this are really why I bother to choose my theme so well in advance, I can put out a really nice looking party, and usually all I pay for the week of is fresh food.

I also got (and it is mostly not shown) one of those fold-up Barbie houses with an oddball assortment of accessories…  NO IDEA what is happening with any of that, but I’m near-compulsive when it comes to playscale furnishings.

Ice Cream Salt & Pepper Shakers

Ice Cream Salt & Pepper Shakers

Tying for my fave finds from this AmVets trip are two different sets of things (So… four things?  Is that cheating?  Hushit– it’s MY blog!), this ice cream salt and pepper shaker set, and the two vintage sweetie dollies I found.

Vintage Blueberry Muffin and Knockoff Friend

Vintage Blueberry Muffin and Knockoff Ice Cream Friend

The ice cream is utterly (MOO) adorable, and in such good condition, with no chips or damage anywhere.  The scoops lift off of the cone to make two parts, and each section has its stoppers, I could not be more thrilled with it.  I really do prefer these more-realistic type items to the more stylized cupcake above, (as well as preferring ice cream to cupcakes always) but when it comes down to collecting the pottery gew gaws, I don’t really discriminate.  Cute sweets are cute sweets, I’ll take ’em!

And speaking of cute sweets, the dolly thing: it is so odd.  If you follow me on pinterest, it will not escape you that I’ve recently become semi-obsessed with the vintage Strawberry Shortcake of my youth.  As a girl, I loved young Strawberry mainly because I could so relate to her– as a freckly, sort of awkward redhead that loved red and pink, it was so delightful to have a doll that showed it didn’t ALL have to be the glammy world of Barbie (you know another fave of mine!) all the time.  In the last few months I’ve destashed the one doll I kept (my original Purple Pieman) and I’ve renewed my interest in them as a collection.  My young friend Sarah– a girl that is just plain too good to me– noticing this new obsession, offers to mail me a NIP Butter Cookie that she’s picked up on one of her thrift shop trips.

Well, when she sent me the note about this, I had two thoughts:  the aforementioned “she’s too good to me,” as well as something along the lines of “I never, ever see vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls at the thrift shops!”  I thought about it *hard* ya’ll, because I was pretty sure if I had come across ANY in the past, I would have snatched them and kick started this while thing a forever ago.  I couldn’t ever remember passing one up!

And so, the kind Sarah actually mails me not only Butter Cookie, but Angel Cake, and Lime Chiffon and a cute little TRU Grape Jellybean Knockoff from the same time period, and I am *thrilled.*  And then, not even a week after getting hers in the mail, I find two of my own while thrifting.  I think I willed it somehow!  

Cleaned Up Dollies (Their Clothes Are Still In The Fix-Up)

Cleaned Up Dollies (Their Clothes Are Still In The Fix-Up)

I found this sad little, first-series, flat-handed and one-armed, Blueberry Muffin (but in her original dress!) as well as her little ice cream companion  with frizzled hair and tattered dress.  Both of them seem pretty bad off, but I don’t care!  Playing with the girlies from Sarah has already shown me that they clean up really well, and on the Strawberries, their hair is remarkably high-quality, it seems to come back to life with just a little bit of work.   I figured I could give them a shot, they are nice little collection boosters.  (This is them above, after their bath and hair conditioning process.  Their clothes are still in the wash’n’mend.)  Thrilled.





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