Score Of the Week! (#22)

(That promised bathroom “after” post will be coming tomorrow– I hit a snag!)

Horsin' Around

Horsin’ Around

I have a new obsession, yet another reason to want to scour thrift stores county-wide….  it’s kinda a bizarre thing.  I’ve been picking up vintage framed landscape prints– the kind that are printed right on card, with that painty texture– really for quite a long while now.  It was just a case of getting them whenever I saw them for cheap enough, and I had four or so of them.

Well, a few weeks ago, I started working on spiffing up our hallway.  I understand that halls are no mystery to any of us, often long, no architectural features, filled with doorways and no good natural light.  Mine is no different, what can I say?  Actually, it’s worse, my old creamy wall paint is in terrible condition, I have one lone 7o’s light fixture, and the endview is the side wall of my son’s closet.  Swank.

Plastic Wall Dealies For the Bath

Plastic Wall Dealies For the Bath

But, I want it to at least be better (the best that it can be?), and that means it needs something fun for the walls.  I had a motley grouping of all sorts of things up before, hung at all heights and levels, almost floor to ceiling.  I have taken them all down in the last month or so to prep for painting, and I got to thinking about how I didn’t want to put them all back.  I wanted something more cohesive as a group, a series of similar artworks, hung gallery-style.  Buuuut– where was I going to get such a thing?  It’s not like I can afford to hit up artist’s installment somewhere and drop a cool mil on their finest wares.

And then I remembered the landscapes.  I could hang the landscapes.  So I started rounding them up, and decided to do some spiffing of them as well, painting their frames, adding some details to make them more interesting.  I don’t have enough yet to fill the hall, but I do feel like I’ve gotten started.  It started the fire in me to look for more, and in doing so, I headed out to the thrift shops.  I only got one that I’d like to add to my painty-printy collection, this Winde Fine Print of the two chestnut horses, but it’s a lovely little addition.  Not as cheap as I’d normally like, but I’d spent too much of the day looking, and I didn’t want to leave it.  (Plus, $10 is really cheap in the grand scheme of things.)

OF COURSE I got a bunch of other things while I was out looking as well.  Three items of clothing for myself that I’m excited about (not pictured, as it’s dull), I so rarely get anything new in my wardrobe anymore.  Two of them are just nice cotton tees, but the other is the cutest multi-colored seersucker skirt in a trumpet shape, I took the risk on it in the shop and didn’t try it on until I was home and it was washed– *lucky* I am, because I think it’s pretty dern adorable.

Vintage Printed Glass Bowl

Vintage Printed Glass Bowl

I did get a couple of my plastic wallies from a couple of different shops, and those will be contributing to the ‘after’ pictures of the bathroom that I will hopefully be posting tomorrow.  Those two white geese (ducks?  I don’t know why I cant tell with these two, I’m blaming the bonnets) were *incredibly* hard to clean, you would not believe how well those wing grooves hold on to their dirts.  And I couldn’t soak ’em, as they have particleboard backs.  But, come clean they did, so we’re all good.

The wee berry bowl to the left there is a cutie, and makes the third vintage printed non-drinking glass thing in my whole collection.  Had to get, especially for a buck.  Pan and I keep speculating as to what kind of leaf that is supposed to be… our minds turn to counterculture, to put it nicely.

Confucius Say...."I Am Cute Decor, Whatever My Purpose."

Confucius Say….”I Am Cute Decor, Whatever My Purpose.”

I also picked up a piece of vintage pottery I cannot identify…  It’s hefty, stark-white, glossy-glazed, and is marked with a sticker that reads “CHINA” on the bottom.  We’re calling him “Confucius” (as he looks brainy, no?), but the thing that’s baffling me is his purpose.  Is he a vase?  Is he an incense burner?  A vase would be the obvious choice, as it does hold water, and vases are a far-more ‘normal’ thing to sell out here in our world, buuuuuut….  He has a hole in the front of him, right there next to his fan.  This seems to support the incense burner idea, as oxygen is essential for those cones to burn, and this would be a cute outlet for the smoke… but the area where you would put the cone is so deep– deep enough to hold water and confuse me into thinking it’s a vase.   I dunno.  Either way, it was a dollar, and he’s cool.  He’s going to look great with my other pottery when I finally put together my kitschy-Asian living room.  That’s what matters!

Lastly, while thrift shopping I got this sweet little birdie duo.  They are so light, and so fine, I think they may be china or porcelain?  When I picked them up, my intention was to spray paint them some crazy color like lemon yellow or lime, but now that I’ve gotten them home and cleaned up, I’ve been oddly charmed by them.  They are almost… luminous.  Both birds are so smooth and in such good shape, I have not been able to work up the courage to hit them with color.  Undecided on all of that.

Put A Bird On It!

Put A Bird On It!

I also got a couple of things this week that were really thrifty scores, even though they didn’t come from a thrift store.  They fit into that category of what-I-really-need-when-I-need-it, and do so cheaply, so I’m sharing.

My Quarter Wall Calendar

My Quarter Wall Calendar

The first thing is that I got a calendar, finally.  I had just complained to my mom on the phone that morning that I hadn’t gotten a wall calendar this year, and I was suffering because of it.  “Well, go get a calendar!” she says.  “Mom, it’s the end of March, who is going to have calendars?”

A.C. Moore, that’s who.  They have all of their wall calendars on clearance for a QUARTER.  A quarter!  Yeah, it may not be the one I would have chosen if I’d had a full range of calendar selections, but it will do the job I need it to, and well.  So for a mere twenty-eight cents, I got the thing I’ve been needing so desperately, and now maybe my brain can relax because I don’t have to remember my OB/GYN appointment is on the 12th of June.  That is one amazing twenty-eight cents.

New Napkins On A Vintage Tablecloth

New Napkins On A Vintage Tablecloth

The other thing I got was a couple of packs of chartreuse cloth napkins on sale for 40% off at Micheal’s.  (Yeah, thrift shops and craft stores, that’s my jam.)

They are so cute!  I was literally a day away from making some napkins myself.  (I probably still will make some, I just don’t have the feeling of urgency over it anymore.)  With the sale price, they were slightly less than three dollars a pack, which you *could* pay for printed napkins, and you wouldn’t have the re-usability!   Plus, they are the most perfect color for my upcoming dining room redo– I’m using yellow, lime, and chartreuse.  Aren’t they darling with that vintage tablecloth?  I swear they look like they were made to go together!  I was sooo thrilled to find them.

All in all, not a bad take!  And if you’re calendar-challenged, head to A.C. Moore!



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