Score of the Week! (#4)

Yay!  This is an unconventional “Score of the Week” post for me, and in the best way possible.  Between the strange weather that we’ve been having, and the memorial (involving 6 hours in the car) that I went to this week, I have not had any chance to go thrift shopping.  I thought there would be no hope for such a post, but I was surprised by receiving a package from my friend Adri!

For the past few months, I’ve been picking up seventies plastic wall hanging decor that appeals to me whenever I see them at the thrift shops.  I’ve scored a couple of different owls, a pair of bows, some hobnail baskets, stuff like that.  Almost all of them were gold (!!! what’s up with that!?), the owls were the harvesty colors of that decade.  Heh, lets just say I like the form MUCH better than the coloration, so I have been spray painting them along side projects, and I have the start of a fun little collection.  I was considering putting them up in the downstairs bathroom, where I can’t really do print art because it gets super steamy in there.

Bath Clock with New Shower Curtain

Bath Clock with New Shower Curtain

Then I ended up buying a shower curtain for that bath, one with scattered butterfly silhouettes in fun colors and designs.  (You can see it in the photo as the background to the “Bath” clock.)  The curtain itself is frosty/opaque, and the blue is a sheet I just stuck behind it for the pic… now that it is hanging in the bathroom it actually has lilac behind it, just so we’re not looking through into the shower.  It was inexpensive, maybe fifteen bucks, its the Mainstays brand for Wally Marts.  (I am not a fan, but sometimes you just gotta have a shower curtain at 2 AM for a party happening the next night.  Or something.)

Anyway, this shower curtain prompts me to start searching the googles for things like “vintage plastic wall-haning,” “syroco butterfly,” and the like, and pinning the heck out of ’em on my pinterest boards.  I probably did fifteen of ’em, all swoony….

My friend Katrina notices them, and believe she has some to trade, and offers them up.  However this throws me into a bit of a tailspin, because I can’t seem to find ANYTHING these days, and a trade sounds like pressure.  But I want vintage, plastic, wall-hanging butterflies, and I want like a kajillion of them, so of course I will try.  And I will, I’ve already looked at *her* pinterest boards, and I have some good ideas.

Vintage Plastic Butterflies

Vintage Plastic Butterflies

But in the meantime, I will not have to pine so crazily!  I got an email around the holidays from my friend Adri, asking for our new address, and honestly I thought nothing of it…  it was after all, the time of year for Christmas cards.  I forgot all about it.

This morning I hurt myself slipping on ice the four feet out the door, and my husband bravely went off to get the mail in my stead.  By the time he returned– it was slow going– he found me in the playroom, on the floor sorting stuff.  He handed off a package and disappeared to the man cave, and eventually I found something to pry the box open.  When I saw what was inside– ELEVEN! AWESOME!  Vintage Butterflies!!!  I squealed so wildly that both of the guys came running, fearing I had seen a rat or something.  I am *so* excited by this spontaneous gift!

These will be put to such good use!  I will likely spray paint them a variety of colors similar to those seen in the above image.  They will for sure dazzle in that bathroom, and no worries of withered paper wall art due to steamy showers and warm-day dryer activity.  So thrilled!

Man, Adri deserves an award, she was picking up what I was putting off, and they are an instant collection.  I’m sure I’ll pick up any others I see while thrift shopping, but no more pondering buying an online jump-start, and I am thankful.  I can put my cash to better use, like, ahem, master bathroom wall paint?



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