Score of the Week! (#5)

I managed to go out to TWO thrift stores last week, I feel so… urban, so upwardly mobile, so… I dunno where I’m going with this.

Did you know that there is an actual *game* on facebook called “Yard Sale:  Hidden Treasures?”  Yaaaaaaaaa’lllllll…. it is all I can DO not to play this game.  I haven’t yet, not once, but if I do– its all downhill, all virtual finds and no real thrifty scores.  We don’t want that do we?

Well *you* might not care about the state of my thrift shopping goodies, but my trapped internal interior (redundant much?) designer is relying on those scores to do up this big ol’ fauxlonial house, until its pretty-like.  I cannot afford ‘real money stores’ with my list of wants and crazy taste.  And even if I could, where is the fun in that?  I want VINTAGE (not to be had at Bed, Bath, and Beyond), and I like to create, upcycle and alter my way into the perfect home accessories.  Frankly, I wouldn’t know HOW to take actual money into stores and pay full price for things… I’m sure I’d figure it out, but it doesn’t sound like as much fun.  I dunno, send me a check for a bunch of money, I’ll try it out and let you know.  Until then, I’m going to be excited about going thrift  shopping– without my kid– twice in one week.

I got out to AmVets last Sunday, which was mostly uneventful.  I got a couple of tiny vintage juice glasses with pink flowers on them, and this totally adorable little pitcher.  It was tiny, little, clear-handled, pressed glass, and the pour spout had the curved lip that holds the ice back… it was just enough for a refill or two on your iced tea.  Notice I’m speaking in the past tense?  Yeah, I killed it.  I didn’t MEAN to, I was so sad when it happened!  I had just washed all three of these new little vessels, and I filled the pitcher with ice and was about to make myself a glass of sparkling water, complete with refill, and I broke it.  Knocked it off of the counter, like a total moron.  I was double sad, because it was Monday, and that means I had just swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  Clumsy Amber!

Rusty is "Helping."

Rusty is “Helping.”

But I got back on the thrifty horse.  On Tuesday, Pan had a meeting with a business associate, so I was tasked with taking him to work and then picking up Fox at school a few hours later, giving me an hour and a half chunk to do something in between.  To the Habitat for Humanity store!

I found a couple of cool things way back in the linens department, which you see to the left, where Rusty is so cleverly aiding me in my desire to get a nice, clear shot for you.   He’s the regular feline version of Vanna White, that one.

First up is a very crisp, cotton, flat sheet in olive and white stripes, which will be used in the guest room in some capacity or another.  Judging from the feel of the fabric alone, I would say its from the fifties.  I can’t quite explain it, but the cotton sheets from that decade are so crisp, and soft, and light, and cool, and substantial all at the same time.  I sound crazy.  I know this.  But its true.  (Can anyone who knows what I’m saying help describe this tactile experience?)

Rust-Free Goodies

Rust-Free Goodies

The other thing is a large piece of fabric, I think its a shower curtain, it has button holes every six inches or so  across the top.  (What else could it be, right?)  Its a poly/ cotton blend, white with scattered dots and frogs in two shades of fun green.  I would guess early 70s.  I don’t have any definite plans for this one yet, but I kind of have a frog thing happening in the laundry room… its not thing deliberate– just my desire to look at Fox’s too-small frog rain boots.  I’ve been using them to hold things like lint rollers and dryer sheets.  Other things accumulate…  it’s how I roll.  I will likely use this fabric piece to curtain off the space between the two rooms or, to hide the hamper and tools and stuff behind the laundry room door.

The orange and yellow butterfly is another to add to my plastic wall dec collection, the first I’ve gotten one where the wings are together like this.  I’m amassing these for the same bathroom mentioned above.  It’s already made it to the spray paint pile, we’ll see what color it ends up being….

Vintage Superman Record

Vintage Superman Record

I also found at Habitat a huge ton of cool kids’ media.  I knew my husband would swoon over this Superman record (“Weatherspoon’s Catalyst”), just because it is so old and so bright and in really great condition.  He gave me the okay to sell it on the bay, but I don’t know if its something I’ll do straight away.

Loving the Yellows Today

Loving the Yellows Today

I found lots of Little Golden Books that are in GREAT condition, Fox and I have been reading them at bedtime this week and loving them.  (Maybe it is having something new in the mix that we’re loving, one thing I have not managed to find/unpack is the kiddos book collection.)  But anyway, they sure are pretty, and the rhymes are cute.   And we both agree that Colors Are Nice!

Not Your Average Pop-up

Not Your Average Pop-up

This last one is some sort of spectacular, its not like a pop-up because nothing comes UP, but the movement of turning the page in this Mother Goose Rhymes works a gear mech inside the page and the characters dance, and kick, and frolic in beautiful, vivid seventies color.  I have wondered if I could hold the video camera and work the pages at the same time so that I could show you, but I don’t know if that is just a ton of work for something that is really just exciting to me.  Whoo-hoo, pages that move a wee bit!  Silently!  Whee!  (If I got a comment or two about it I would try, but right now I’m pretty sure I’m the only one thrilled by such things.)

Thanks for joining me, stay tuned to see at least some of this stuff in later incarnations of our home….


















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  1. I am also thrilled by such things… but you can just show me in person. 😛

  2. Amber

    Haha, glad its not just me! I would be happy to show you in person, any time, let’s do it! We could me for a little thrifting and come back here for lunch some day if you’d like… You just let me know when!

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