Score of the Week! (#7)

Bucket O' Ben

Bucket O’ Ben

Yaaaaay!  I finally scored that perfect bucket of Ben!  Join me in a moment of celebratory dancing while I do a modified version of “the white boy’s overbite,” with a laptop balanced on one thigh and a fifteen-year-old cat on the other.  It may not be a thrifted score (or even so much of a *thrifty* one, even though I had a coupon), but it is still one that makes me extreeeemely happy!  I have been carrying my paint chips around in my enormous bag for weeks, just hoping for the chance to hit the hardware store and get that gallon of eggshell.  Painting and a little bit of stitchery on my towels and the like are the only thing stopping me from being ‘done’ in the master bath, so this gets me sooo much closer to the mark!

Speaking of buying new towels, have any of you priced those lately?  Geesh.  When we moved, we had six towels.  That is all, six, which was fine because we had one bathroom.  Now we have three full bathrooms, and two measly faded towels per room isn’t cutting it.  I had pretty much decided to retire those six towels to the rag box prior to our move, but I had no idea I would be coming up with towels for so many spaces!  Two months ago when the move went down, my Mother-in-law was ultra-generous, and bought towels for one bath as our housewarming gift.  They are fab, and fuzzy, and bright, and they don’t smell like a small, mildewed, dog– only making me want new towels for the other rooms *more.*  I’ve been shopping, trying to find a good deal on something cool, and I have crazy taste.  I told my husband that if we won the lottery this week, I would be buying amazing orange and white patterned Jonathan Adler towels.  He said, “How much are these towels, that one would need to win the lottery to afford them?”  And I told him, “Fifty bucks each.”  I should have waited until he was done with his sip of coffee, because he coughed and sputtered and did an accidental spit-take.  “FOR TOWELS?!” he said with an oddly strained voice.  The washcloths are something like $35.  I’m not lying.  They’re gorgeous towels.

New Grey Towels

New Grey Towels

Part of this *was* my sneaky set-up… you see, I knew we would be going to Target the next day or so and we would be looking at about six bucks each on perfectly-lovely-to-me new towels, he at least would have some concept that he’s paying a good price.  Which isn’t false, it IS a good price, I just won’t need to state it so obviously and pleadingly in the isle at the Tarjay.  I’m sneaky, but hey, I needed new towels.  We do what we can.

I had priced towels at several places, BB&B (the headaches are to be found in ‘Beyond’), Steinmart, Burlington, Home Goods, etc.  I finally decided on some at Target because the color selection is good, the stock is reliable, and the price and quality are usually fairly excellent.  Little did I know that when we arrived on this rainy Tuesday that they were also on– Dum-Dum-DUM!  SALE!   I purchased four Room Essentials Towels in “Slate Gray” for $3.49 each!  *And* I got two 2-packs of hand towels for $3.49 as well….  I was so excited I was a little goofy!  Our old towels (the ones now retired to the rag bag– yay!) are also by Room Essentials, and they have actually held up great for the past five years.   One hundred percent cotton only gets softer, ya’ll.  So, yeah, I was thrilled, and Pan didn’t bat an eyelash.  He knew just as well as I do that there is little to no chance of finding the same quality of towels anywhere for cheaper.  Again, pardon me while I awkwardly dance….


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  1. Slick deal! I now have the “replace every towel” bug. But seeing that it’s I 2am and I’m glued to the bed so I suppose I’ll have to online *window* shop. :-)

  2. Amber

    Funny how excited you can get over something so boring…. This must be part of being a grownup!!!

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