Score of the Week! (#8)

I have a couple of non-traditional scores– for me, anyway– for you this week.  The first is a thrifty score, but not one that I purchased, and oddly, it wasn’t even purchased for me.  My inclination for decorating the living room in this new place is vintage Asian kitsch, and boy howdy, this fits!

Lemme back up….  My aunt Lola, my mother’s only sister, has decorated her home for as long as I remember in Oriental antiques.  Like, the real, elegant kind, all lacquer and silk and Ming-y and stuff.  My Mother is in the habit of picking up things for her– for all of us really– and usually she doesn’t pick up the kitschy stuff for Lola, but for whatever reason, this TV lamp was an exception.  Mom said that when she got the lamp, all of the black solid areas were already black, and her jacket was red, but the rest of it was white.  Mom is in the habit of ‘tweaking’ things, and the white parts were dirty, so she detailed it and fixed the damage.  She added the green, painted the fan, I’m not sure about the gold.  She didn’t mess with the face, that is original.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  Apparently Lola wasn’t interested in it anymore, so she gave it to Mom to pass to me.  Swoon!  It is so freaking perfect!  When she unwrapped it, I wanted to run around the room saying, “Eeeeeeeee!”  And it works!  And has a switch!  Helloooo, love!

Vintage Asian Kitsch TV Lamp

Vintage Asian Kitsch TV Lamp

Yay!  Washi Tape!

Yay! Washi Tape!

So yes, I will be setting that aside for use in my living room, when I tackle it.

The second is in completely the opposite direction.  I don’t know if ya’ll are as totally and utterly hooked on washi tape as I am, but I tell you, it can be hard to find.  And spendy.  I’d managed to order my first few rolls from Japan while purchasing other craft supplies or dolly parts, and that method is not cheap.  The fact that it was hard to come by made me kind of hoardey with it.  Not the point at all, of a craft supply is it?

A few other times I’ve found some in specialty and craft stores, usually in the area of five or six bucks a roll, which is crazybusiness, if you ask me.  I might as well order the cuter stuff from Japan and wait a month.

Well, imagine my glee when I was shopping for scrapbook paper at my local AC Moore lately, and I stumbled up on THIS!  Washi tape, made by Darice, in a *huge* variety of colors and patterns and all utterly sweet and wantable– and only two bucks a roll!  Thrilling, thrilling I say!  I bought these three on the spot, but I will go ahead and confess that it is quite likely I will go back and get the bulk of them, a few at a time.  Now that I have them home and I’ve opened and played with them, I know that they are really high-quality and quite sticky, and I’m a fan.  Washi tape collection, sign me up!  (Alright, truthfully, I already *had* a collection, but now I have no need to hoard it!)

Totes Adorbs Strawberry Bag

Totes Adorbs Strawberry Bag

Lastly are these FANTASTIC strawberries that I got at the Dollar Tree.  Yes, they are made in China, I am sorry, but think– they’re helping me save the environment.  One thing at a time, please, one thing at a time.  They are tote bags!  How awesome are they?!  So so cute, very small and compact, and the stuffing spills out and makes a brown slick tote bag with a tiny berry corner.  (Like the pic on the tag!)  The elastic cinches make them easy to transport and they are so tiny they will toss perfectly into the bottom of my purse.  Love, love love!  When I saw them, my Mother-in-law was all, “What ARE those?” but by the time I was done showing her, all the nearby ladies threw some into their cart!  How could they not?!  I totally want to have a bag filled with little berries….


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